Finally Announcing Jotform Enterprise!

Finally Announcing Jotform Enterprise!

We’re excited to announce Jotform Enterprise is here! We’ve created a version of Jotform specifically for the needs of enterprise users and are excited to bring Jotform Enterprise to the market.

Millions of companies of all sizes collect data with JotForm. With Jotform Enterprise, companies with distinct needs can bring all that data under a single umbrella account, making it easy to access and act on. This type of data centralization is intended to help Fortune 500 organizations, universities, major nongovernmental organizations and large-scale agencies.

Jotform Enterprise is coming to change the productivity game for businesses with exclusive features!


To meet your needs, Jotform Enterprise provides two different types of formats: Jotform Cards and Jotform Classic. Jotform Cards asks questions one at a time, which makes for a crisp mobile viewing experience.  

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Jotform Classic, our traditional format, helps millions of global users build beautiful forms and collect data for a plethora of use cases.  

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Jotform’s customization options allow you to maintain your corporate branding whether that means displaying your logo or a video of your surf brand, as much of it as you need!

What is Jotform Enterprise?

The sky (and all the clouds) is the limit when it comes to storage with Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Enterprise will never run out of space. Enterprise accounts include UNLIMITED forms and submissions, along with reports, views, storage, and payments.  

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Features of Jotform Enterprise include:

– Custom domains for forms

– Unlimited forms and submissions

– User management tools

– Ability to white label forms for branding

– Single sign-on capability

– Encrypted servers to protect data

– Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Business Associate Agreement (BAA)


It has never been this easy to integrate and use widgets!

As large organizations have tons of data collection needs, Jotform empowers users to receive and deliver data in the easiest and most productive way with 150+ integrations and 400 widgets.

From department to department, our forms speak directly to your teams and their toolset from marketers’ MailChimp and Asana accounts to salespeople’s CRM and VoIP accounts, Jotform is there to automate the delivery of data within your existing workflow.

Whether you are collecting order payments linked to your payment processor and sent directly to finance, conducting customer surveys for your Q&A teams or funneling job applications directly to your HR department, Jotform gets the right information to the right people instantly.  

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We don’t check passports for migration , start migrating your existing data to Jotform Enterprise without any hassle!

There’s no need to start from scratch with Jotform as you can easily migrate your existing forms and submission data right into Jotform and get started immediately. Jotform makes your existing processes easier and faster and fits directly into your workflow for a smooth transition.  Simply use Jotform’s migration tool to import your forms from your old format to your new, faster and smarter Jotform platform.


Take full control of your operations with the maximum-security Jotform Servers!

We don’t take handling your data lightly. Security has always been top priority for Jotform. Included as part of Jotform Enterprise, the new admin features give you control over who can access, edit or collaborate on forms. For example, if the marketing department created forms, they can’t view forms and form submissions owned by the operations department, and vice versa.

As always, all form data is stored on local data residency center, encrypted by 256-bit SSL, PCI DSS Level I and HIPAA certified. You also have the option of storing data within the EU.

We’ve also given the Enterprise version the ability to work with popular Single Sign On softwares for enterprise administrators.  


 24/7 First-Class Support is just a phone call away

Enterprise users receive premium support from Jotform with assistance available by phone or email from our global support team, as well as a dedicated Account Manager from our team of experts.  


 Make Jotform yours by customizing with your brand!

Users of Jotform Enterprise have access to a custom branded domain and interface.  Customize the look and feel of all your forms and create a branded and unified form building platform for your organization today!


Come on and jump on the train of productivity with Jotform Enterprise!

Here are some of our passengers have already boarded our train of Jotform Enterprise:

  • Facebook
  • BBC
  • Williams Sonoma California
  • RedBull

Have you signed up for Jotform Enterprise? Let us know in the comments!

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Steve is Chief Revenue Officer at Jotform and is a prolific writer and presenter about marketing. Raised in Southern California, he earned a MBA in marketing and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area. You can reach Steve through his contact form.

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