3 tech trends for educators: Back to school gets better with Jotform Enterprise

3 tech trends for educators: Back to school gets better with Jotform Enterprise

Back to school is a busy time for administrators, educators, and students alike. From prepping classrooms and lesson plans to finalizing orientation materials and systems, there’s a lot to manage. In fact, less than half of a teacher’s typical 54-hour workweek is spent teaching. Here are three education technology trends that will help educators foster success well beyond the back-to-school season.

1. Leveraging online forms to automate registration

Many educational institutions are replacing paper-based registration forms and processes with no-code online forms to improve the student experience and streamline manual work.

Shifting to online forms can have multiple benefits. First, digital information is easier to read and process than handwritten forms. Also, the information can be stored securely and integrated with other systems to tailor solutions and speed up processes.

We have seen how the templates and forms are a more cost-effective way to accomplish our goals. It’s been very easy to get on board.

Denicio Hilman, Program Manager and Team Lead, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

For example, career services staff can use data about the number of incoming freshmen and their declared majors to inform potential programs and internships.

Using a unique identifier, such as a student ID number, you can pull registration submission data into other campus forms. Prefilling data makes it faster and easier for students to sign in and receive care, such as health and wellness services.

With conditional logic, you can create powerful online forms that respond to data inputs by presenting custom class offerings, financial aid calculations, and more.

Finally, online forms can automate email confirmations and notifications, so students have a record of their requests and submissions, and administrators can share student data to support better outcomes.

2. Creating online portals to improve collaboration and outcomes

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) latest Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), teachers believe collaborative programs are among the most effective ways to improve professional development and instruction.

TALIS 2018 results tell us that teachers who participate in deeper forms of collaboration such as collaborative professional learning show high levels of self-efficacy.

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The multiuser structure and native collaboration features of Jotform Enterprise can make it easier for teachers and staff to collaborate by enabling them to

  • Create branded form templates that can be tailored for everyday needs, from field trips and volunteer signups to research applications 
  • Use Jotform Tables to share student data and assign tasks to different individuals working to support students 
  • Share calendars to plan and prepare for important deadlines and events
  • Build apps and online portals to share lesson plans, classroom notes, and more

There are many benefits to facilitating professional learning communities. Depending on your needs, you can create an online app with Jotform Apps or Jotform Enterprise Mobile to host classroom videos, feedback forms, rubrics, and more — enabling more productive meetings and easier access to professional development materials.

3. Automating administrative tasks to increase efficiency

Teacher burnout trends are alarmingly high, and educators are leaving the profession in droves. Eighty-five percent of U.S. principals surveyed are experiencing job-related stress, and one-third indicated that they would likely leave the profession.

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Source: RAND Corp. State of the American Teacher and State of the American Principal Surveys

Perhaps that’s why so many educators use Jotform Approvals, which can automate workflows throughout different departments, including

  • Denying or approving budget and reimbursement requests
  • Processing time-off requests and automatically notifying those scheduling substitutes
  • Routing financial aid or educational accommodation paperwork

Streamlining communications about student interventions and remediation

Save even more time with Jotform Enterprise by managing student signups for office hours, career counseling sessions, and more. Using an online form and the native Calendar view in Jotform Tables, you can receive, sort, and view appointment requests, as well as automate email confirmations to streamline the entire process.

Educators will continue to be a force for positive change in the lives of students. Technology can never replace the empathy and relationships educators bring to their classrooms, but it can reduce their workloads, freeing them to focus on their students, their passion, and their craft.

Learn how Jotform Enterprise can support your school. Contact our sales team today.

Lainie is the Enterprise marketing manager and team lead at Jotform. With a career spanning 20+ years, she’s written for global management consulting firms, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and nonprofits. A published author, her work has appeared in industry trades and educational guidebooks. Outside of work, Lainie enjoys live music, gardening, travel, volunteering, and the outdoors. You can reach Lainie through her contact form.

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