Jotform vs FastField

Looking for a robust form-building solution that streamlines data collection? Meet Jotform, the ultimate alternative to FastField. With Jotform’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create custom forms and surveys in minutes — no coding required.


Explore Form Templates

Jotform has 10,000+ free templates to help you get started. Just pick one of our ready-made inspection form templates or explore our other form template categories. Customize every detail of your form with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Add images, upload branding assets, change fonts and colors, integrate useful tools, and so much more.

Weekly Vehicle Inspection Form

Template weekly-vehicle-inspection-form
Template weekly-vehicle-inspection-form

Equipment Inspection Form

Template equipment-inspection-form
Template equipment-inspection-form

Roofing Inspection Form

Template roofing-inspection-form
Template roofing-inspection-form


Explore App Templates

Jotform’s versatile app templates are designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Use one of our ready-made inspection app templates, explore other app categories, or build your own app without any coding. Add essential resources and create tailored solutions you can easily access from any device.

Work Zone Safety App

Template work-zone-safety-app
Template work-zone-safety-app

Property Inspection App

Template property-inspection-app
Template property-inspection-app

Vehicle Inspection Checklist App

Template vehicle-inspection-checklist-app
Template vehicle-inspection-checklist-app


Build forms without coding

Create custom forms in minutes with Jotform — no coding experience necessary! Choose from hundreds of form fields, widgets, and integrations, and customize your forms to meet your exact needs. Drag and drop elements to design the perfect form with Jotform.

Access mobile forms anywhere

Take your data collection on the go with Jotform Mobile Forms. Seamlessly capture information, even offline, and sync data automatically when you’re back online. Built for convenience and flexibility, Jotform’s mobile app makes it easy to create, edit, and manage forms from any device.

Seamlessly collect field data

Simplify field data collection with Jotform Apps. Conduct inspections, gather registrations, take applications, log front desk sign-ins, and more. Add a single form or bundle multiple forms into a custom, user-friendly app that’s convenient for users to access. Easily share custom apps with customers or limit access to internal use, and streamline your data-collection processes.

Do more with powerful integrations

Jotform enables you to integrate with a wide range of third-party apps and services, from payment gateways to project management tools. Boost productivity with flexible forms that fit into your existing workflows.

Manage workflows with ease

Streamline your approval processes using Jotform Approvals. From automated notifications to customizable workflows, Jotform empowers you to work more efficiently and improve team collaboration. Review and approve submissions instantly, and enjoy smooth workflows that speed up the decision-making process.

Discover powerful insights

Harness the power of data visualization with Jotform’s versatile Report Builder. Create helpful, customizable reports that showcase your data in a visually compelling way. No more manual report generation. From charts and graphs to tables and summaries, Jotform provides unparalleled flexibility in presenting your data.

Creating forms with Jotform

Discover how easy it is to create and customize forms with Jotform



What our users say about Jotform

Jotform is a powerful and simple to use product that offers an incredible array of native features we use to automate typically inefficient and labor intensive tasks, which improves the experience for staff and customers alike.

, Founder, OffMarketPro

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Jotform — answered. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact our support team for further information.

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What are the main differences between Jotform and FastField?

Jotform and FastField are both powerful tools for form creation and data collection, but they cater to different needs. FastField is tailored to field service operations, while Jotform is useful for a broad range of applications — including mobile data collection. Jotform’s flexibility and ease of use make it the go-to choice for users seeking versatile form solutions for a variety of business needs.

Jotform’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create custom forms without any previous experience. FastField’s interface may have a steeper learning curve for less experienced users. While both platforms allow for customization, FastField’s forms have fewer design options. Jotform’s advanced customization features give you the freedom to modify every detail. Plus, more than 10,000 fully customizable templates for various industries help speed up the form creation process.

Forms made with FastField are built to be filled out via the FastField app, which limits your ability to share forms with respondents who don’t have a FastField account. Jotform gives you the freedom to gather data anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Jotform also provides more flexible pricing by offering several options to accommodate various needs and budgets. FastField offers just one plan, which charges for each user and assesses an additional fee for each anonymous form submission. With Jotform, respondents don’t need an account to submit a form, so you can collect data from a wide audience without worrying about paying additional fees.

How does Jotform improve field data collection compared to FastField?

While FastField emphasizes its mobile and offline data capture capabilities, Jotform’s advanced features and user-friendly design make it great for streamlining field data collection. Every form is automatically accessible from your desktop or mobile device without any additional setup, so you can always access your forms no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Streamline your data-collection process with conditional logic that adjusts your forms based on previous answers. Include useful tools like a barcode/QR code scanner, a photo upload field, e-signatures, geolocation services, and more. Jotform’s library of widgets and third-party app integrations will automatically sync data across multiple systems, saving you time on data entry and reducing the risk of manual input errors.

You can easily edit, manage, and even create forms from your mobile device with the Jotform Mobile Forms app. This free mobile app also lets you complete forms while offline, empowering you to seamlessly collect data in areas with limited connectivity.

Can I use Jotform to create apps for field inspections?

Absolutely! Jotform allows you to create apps tailored to your needs, including field inspections. The user-friendly, drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create comprehensive field inspection apps without any coding knowledge. Build your app from the ground up or customize one of our free templates to fit your needs. Bundle your forms for quick access, link to additional resources, add your logo to the splash page, and much more. You can assemble everything you need, from audits and safety reports to checklists and order forms, into one convenient, downloadable app.

What customization options does Jotform offer that FastField doesn’t?

With Jotform, you can customize every aspect of the look, layout, and content of your forms in just a couple of clicks. Upload your company logo, add images to the background of your form, change the colors and fonts to match your branding, create custom automated email notifications, and much more. For those who want more control over the appearance of their forms, Jotform also offers advanced customization with CSS.

How do Jotform’s integration capabilities compare to FastField’s?

Jotform’s extensive integration options help streamline your workflows and ensure that data collected through forms can be used in different platforms. FastField offers integrations as well, but they are more focused on field-related systems and require more complicated initial setup.

Jotform integrates smoothly with third-party applications like CRM systems, cloud storage providers, payment gateways, and project management tools to enhance overall productivity and efficiency. Add integrations to your forms in a matter of seconds, and enjoy seamless connections with Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, and many others.

Is Jotform suitable for complex business needs and large-scale data collection?

Jotform is well equipped to handle complex business needs and large-scale data collection. In addition to managing a high volume of submissions, Jotform securely stores all your collected data in one convenient workspace.

Get more done with automated approval flows and gain actionable insights from the data you collect with Jotform’s advanced reporting features. A wide variety of integrations make it easier to manage complex workflows. Jotform’s impressive features provide the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to various business scenarios, ensuring that your data-collection processes are efficient, reliable, and secure.

What security features does Jotform offer to protect my data?

Jotform protects your data with a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection; PCI certification; and GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliance features. Easily encrypt your forms to control who has access to your data and add a CAPTCHA to prevent spam. These security features help ensure that your data remains safe and is accessible only to authorized users.

Can I collaborate with my team in real time using Jotform?

Jotform’s collaboration capabilities make it a great choice for teams looking to streamline their workflows and improve productivity. Easily share forms with team members via a link, email, or QR code; embed them into your website; or assign forms to specific individuals. You can set different permission levels and always maintain full control over who can view, edit, and manage your forms and submissions.

Receive instant email notifications about form activity and send automated reminder emails to ensure people fill out their assigned forms. Multiple members of your team can edit forms at the same time. Changes are saved automatically, so the forms you’re working on are always up to date.

How user-friendly is Jotform compared to FastField?

Jotform’s easy-to-use interface is intuitive and accessible to users of all skill levels. Create professional-quality forms, apps, and approval flows in a matter of seconds — no previous experience or coding knowledge required. Simply drag and drop elements to build the perfect tools for your data-collection needs. Add widgets and integrations at the touch of a button, set up conditional logic in seconds, and automate your processes without any complicated setup.

Does Jotform offer mobile responsiveness for forms and apps?

Yes, all forms and apps created with Jotform are mobile responsive by default so they look great and function well on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The free Jotform mobile app further enhances this experience by providing a dedicated platform to create and manage your forms when you’re on the go. This makes data collection convenient and efficient no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

How does Jotform handle offline data collection?

Jotform supports offline data collection via the free Mobile Forms app. This makes it an excellent choice for fieldwork, where internet access may be unreliable. Data is saved locally and automatically syncs with your Jotform account once you’re back online so you can continue collecting data uninterrupted.

Can I bundle multiple forms into a single app with Jotform?

Yes, you can bundle multiple forms into your own custom app. Streamline your workflow by compiling all your forms, links, and resources in one place — no coding required! Create your own dedicated app with Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder or choose from our library of templates to get started. You can customize everything about the look and content, then share your app with a link. Limit access to your app to people you’ve invited or people in your company, or make your app public. Users can even download your app for instant access anytime, anywhere, from any desktop or mobile device.

How do Jotform’s pricing plans compare to FastField’s?

FastField offers only one pricing plan, which is billed monthly or annually. Jotform offers five pricing plans to accommodate a broader range of needs and budgets, including a free Starter plan with all core features and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for large organizations.

Jotform’s diverse pricing options provide more flexibility for individuals, small teams, and large organizations to find the right plan for their data-collection needs.