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How to Restore Deleted Submissions in JotForm Tables

How to Restore Deleted Submissions in JotForm Tables

Mistakes happen. If you accidentally delete a submission, don’t worry. JotForm Tables keeps deleted submissions on the Trash section. 

Follow these steps to restore deleted submissions:

1. In JotForm Tables, click on the three vertical dots icon on the main Submissions tab.

2. Click the Trashed entries option.

3. Select the submission you want to restore.

4. Click the Restore button.

5. The submission is now restored, and you should see the Restored notice on the table as shown below:

Entries in the Trash section are automatically deleted after 30 days. Trashed entries also count toward your submissions limit unless they are deleted forever. 

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  • josiestrange

    Is there any way that I can search all past orders from a particular jotform! Or a jotform order history?

  • transformwithjordfayefit

    Hi, I've accidentally deleted all my submissions and they're not in my trash. Please can you see if you can restore them for me? Thanks