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How to Integrate Forms with Google Sheets

How to Integrate Forms with Google Sheets

Google Docs is a freeware web-based office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. It also was a storage service but has since been replaced by Drive. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating with other users live. 

Setting up an integration with Google Docs for your forms is quick and easy.  Please follow the steps below!

1. Click SETTINGS at the top

2.  Click INTEGRATIONS on the left


4. Login to your Google Account and continue the steps to complete the integration.

When you receive submissions on your form, they will be instantly pushed to the provided folder path. Give it a try today and let us know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

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  • coinmo99d

    When I do this is creates a new Form to be sent to the Google Doc. I already have a Form that I would like to begin sending the incoming submissions to Google Doc. How do I do that?

  • Pawsibilities

    The integration included the most recent submissions 2017/2018. I'd like to know how to include all submissions I've received since I started.

    Thank you!
    Your pet's best friend next to you.

  • Burgmann

    Hi, I have set this up and it's great. My form requests documents (pdf) and they appear as a link in the spreadsheet cell in the drive account (wonderful). To open the document from the link you're asked to download the document. I'm wondering if there is a way to view the document in the browser (considering it has a pdf view url)?

    Many thanks.

  • bjohnson_connections

    Yes. I had and saw the information in Jotform but it is not pushing forward to the Google Sheet.

  • bjohnson_connections

    The data is not pushed to the google sheet. Yesterday it was fine. Today nothing. What is wrong?


  • Sergey Po

    Where are examples of how form code will be and
    where are results of my submited data
    How can i save those data on a file of table format?

  • kristinambs

    I have a JotForm that I already did a Google Sheets integration with. When I change the Header name, then do a report, the old Header is still there, the link did not pull-in the new name.

    Am I missing something?

  • Galiker

    I have a few forms but need to combine answers in one excel doc with separated it in list of the doc. So what i need to do? I don't see any information about that.

  • PeterNoblesse

    for an unknown reason, my spreadsheet only contains 21 entries now, instead of 340.
    All the others have disappeared.
    So my question is: when I unlink the Google spreadsheet, and re-link a new one, will all the former entries re-integrate in the new one? Or will only new entries appear?

  • jotnoah

    Can we connect (integrate) to existing spreadsheet I want to pick?

  • John Solomon

    I have created a form to collect data. I have set the 'Encrypt Form Data - Encrypt your form responses to store sensitive data securely' option in the settings. Also, I have linked the data to Google sheet. All the data stored in Google sheet are in encrypted format. How to get the decrypted data in Google sheet.

    John Solomon. J

  • Advking

    I had two users submit their forms to me, about 45 minutes apart. One integrated into my Google spreadsheet but the other didn't. Any thoughts on why? Also, for the form that didn't integrate (it was the first of the two to be received) is there a way I can integrate it after the fact without having to do it manually?

  • Advking

    Can I integrate only a few chosen fields into a google spreadsheet?

  • CPSM_CarSeatCheck

    Is it possible to do the integration with a readily available Google sheet instead of creating a new one? Because I have a template of Google Sheet with formulas in them and I just need the data from the form.

    Also, why isn't one of the question updating inside the integrated sheet?

  • Iz Flores


    I am no longer getting updates on my google sheet from the JotForm. How can I confirm if the integration is broken and how do I fix it if it is broken?

  • xad

    If I set up integration for Google Drive and Google Sheet under an account which is then removed from write access under Share settings, will that break the integration? I think that's happened to me. The idea was, I built a form for a team that used both a tracking sheet and submissions folder, but once the form was published I am not supposed to have access to the submissions data. How can I accomplish that? In this particular case I can see the folder link under integrations, but if I try to open the link it opens nothing.

  • OI_Forms

    Is it possible to have the spreadsheet identify when there has been an edit to an entry? As far as I see while testing, the information gets updated but there is no indication what/when/if it was changed. I would rather have the submission date change to the most recent edit date, or add an "edit date" column.

  • fausto

    Best excel table to integrate ever.

  • elgabriello

    Hi, my googlesheet is no longer updated,
    from where could this bug come from ?

  • FFPool

    Will each new submission be added as a new line in the worksheet, or as a new file?

  • EllsworthSales

    Is there any way to specify the folder on Google Drive that the form puts the Sheet? it seems to connect to a personal account but is the only way to share that in a folder is to change the shared settings? it would be great to have a navigation option to pick a folder on the same org's drive.

  • Yabi

    Hi! can I remove the options from the integrated spreadsheet? E.g. I don't want to receive IP address of the user and submission ID.

  • mjjmk

    After editing the spreadsheet (just changing the name for a column) it no longer updates with new submissions. Is there a way I can change column names/delete specific response data without it dying?

  • ArtHop

    Will it still work if I rearrange the columns on the Google sheet?
    Or if I hide any columns?

  • Emma L

    Just testing t

  • Mobi


    I want to create a form with "Upload from Google Drive" feature wherein the user will attach a google spreadsheet / google presentation / google doc from his or her own drive. I know that this feature already exists
    in native google form and when the user submits the form, a copy of the google document uploaded by the user in the form gets created in the Google Drive of the google form owner. However, what is missing is that if the original file had comments then these comments are not copied to the file created in the google form owner's drive.

    Is this feature available here?


  • ashutoshjaihind

    Can I fetch data from Google spreadsheet based on a filter or condition , and display that data to the customer on the form.
    For example - when a customer enter his email , suppose xyz, then that particular email id will be checked in the spreadsheet and all the occurrence of that email id will be displayed to the customer on the form.

  • Creadores


    I just created an integration from a form with 1.800 records but I only got the first 500. After 501 only date appears.

  • cllana

    not working :( i cant see the data after i have set up the integration with google spreadsheet, Can someone help me.


    how can i put output data storage location to my google drive spreadsheet instead of as pdf in a folder of google drive

  • ElysiaT


    When I try to integrate an existing form with google spreadsheets, it results in an empty file. Could you please help with this!

  • john doe

    is it possible to delete rows from a google spreadsheet using data from a specific column response in google forms.
    Basically I have a google form which ask the question have you delivered from these places, the options are a list of address
    I want the responses to delete rows in a column called address in my google sheets.

  • NRS108


    Is there a way to connect a form to a private google sheet owned by the person filling in the form? Each time the form would be filled, another row would be added to the sheet.

    Then somebody else filling in the same form could connect the form answers to his private google sheet.

    etc., etc.


  • KemitGMan

    Is there a way to link a JotForm to update one or more column(s) in a pre-populated google sheet such that
    1) some fields on form are prepopulated from the sheet
    2) some fields can be updated by the user
    3) the user can click "next" to save their answers and pull up the next row of the sheet to edit

  • garyandbeth

    I have several forms for one project. I would like to keep all the data within one spreadsheet but on different sheets within that spreadsheet. Is this possible?

  • DormsDirect

    experiencing exact same problem as AnkitPatni, getting all data EXCEPT submission data. Was working fine and then broke about a week ago...

  • AnkitPatni


    We are getting all data in google sheet only submission date is not coming from last 7-8 days, when I look into the Jotform excel sheet , submission date is visible, but in google sheet it is not visible.
    Earlier it was coming fine.
    Could you pl guide us.

    Pl find google sheet link:-

  • AnkitPatni

    Pl find the google sheet path also:

  • AnkitPatni


    We are getting all data in google sheet only submission date is not coming from last 7-8 days, when I look into the Jotform excel sheet , submission date is visible, but in google sheet it is not visible.
    Earlier it was coming finr.
    Could you pl guide us.

  • WYAcademy

    I am using the spreadsheet created by jotform. Then I need another google form to the same spreadsheet BUT IN OTHER TAB. I HAVE THE PROBLEM THAT NOW THE ANSWERS FROM THE JOTFORM FORM AND FROM GOOGLE FORM GO TO THE SAME TAB MIXING EVERYTHING UP!!
    Anybody can help me on this????

  • XHD

    Is there any way I can have responses pushed onto the sheet without the responses sheet being the first one on the document?
    Everything worked fine for my spreadsheet until I moved the tab with the responses on to the 2nd. It begins working again every time it's in front, however this isn't optimal since the 'Main' page is now second and the responses are part of something larger.

  • danielmedeirosmoreira

    I am with the same problem: the integration just does not work after a few days.
    I tryed to do another integration, but the problem persists.

  • Ceh

    Is it possible to choose which fields are integrated into google sheets? Basically my form will have around 500 fields and when mapped to google sheets the submissions will quickly eat up their 2 million cell quota.

  • Vinicius

    Como conectar o formulário do jotform (conta gratuita) com planilha do GOOGLE

  • csquare

    I completed all the steps as indicated above and my google sheets receive NO DATA. I've spent over 3 hours on this.

    I am looking for another form solution. Anyone have one?

  • fwcontent

    Is it impossible to change the spreadsheet formatting/colors with this integration? Whenever a new report comes it it gets changed.

  • ehardman

    I'm also all of a sudden having trouble with Sheets integration. It's been reliable up to this point and that's definitely what we need it to be: reliable!

  • Unhappy previous Customer

    There has been a constant bug with their google sheets integration throughout years.

    Has flagged it, but after 8 months of waiting on a promised fix, nothing happened.

    So I quit using their service, since they don't seem to take it very serious that people, would like to get data out of the jotform DB

  • hydrastrail

    I am trying to execute my form submissions with the Google Spreadsheets Integration tool, but the result is an empty datasheet or a data sheet with not all the form submissions.

    Please can you take care of my problem. It is urgent.

    Thank you very much

  • ServiceCulturel_ParisSorbonne

    Hi! Every thing was fine, I had already modified the Google Sheet without trouble with the integration. But since I upgraded to JotForm Bronze, the integration with Google Sheet is not working anymore (no problem with the Google Drive integration). I need help! Thank you!

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