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How to Clone an Existing Form from a URL

How to Clone an Existing Form from a URL

So, you want to clone a form? This article will guide you on how to do it. First, you need to copy the URL of the form that needs to be cloned, then proceed with the steps below:

1. Go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Click the CREATE FORM button.

3. On the IMPORT FORM section, click IMPORT.

4. Select FROM A WEB PAGE then paste the Form URL.

5. Click CONTINUE and the form should be cloned.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to the Form Builder where you can start working on your newly cloned form.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • noorimages

    hey, i was redirected to cloning. im not interested in cloning, as i need to keep the same url link. how can i move a form to my current account?

  • JimMcCool

    I have followed the instructions to clone this form from one of my accounts to another account but it is not working.

    The URL is

    It keeps responding "Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular"

  • rphsroyals

    Someone recently cloned one of my forms. Does it copy my paypal account into their form?

  • LFOVDL45


    I have created my account with a different login. I would like to clone my old forms into my new account.

    I have tried to clone this form with your procedure :

    The error message is : Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular

    Thank you for your help,
    Mélanie Joubert

  • SCint I can not clone from this Url

  • imoade

    Thank you so much Jotform GENIUS I look forward to this.

  • barneywray

    I cloned a jotform at that is in use on a site, where it appears to work OK. The imported form is largely blank (white-on-rice). When I hover over a field, I do see text, but... What is up with this?

  • fasterforward

    It doesn't work for me.

    I tried to clone this form:

    to another account because it has to be on the workaccount.

    I tried everything but ist's still not working.

  • kn2011

    When I try to clone from my own Jotform version 3.0 to my premium account my layout and images is not included.

  • Maurone

    I'm trying to clone a form:

    but this is the anwer;

    Unauthorized request. You do not have access to this form

    Can you explain me why?


  • mishlohof

    Hello and thank a lot for your answer, but still i didn't understand how can i change the text in the section?
    for instence the "Ultra divided cleaning..."


  • Ed

    very useful and concise info, thank you.

  • Đinh Văn Huy

    I made as that but my ex form is blocked. Why?

  • photoguy123

    is it possible to block the import function for my forms? i don't necessarily want anyone to easily replicate something complex that i created. if i embed a form, can anybody still do this?

  • yorchbrand

    I want to copy a form with these instructions, but when I put the form URL I got this message: "Unauthorized request. You do not have access to this form"

  • rssllrich

    I am trying to import a form into my account from a URL using the above instructions and I keep receiving an error message:

    "Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular"

    Other answers here say that one must use the actual url, not a custom one. But, this appears to be the actual url:

    This the one in the direct link box.

  • Tim Tyler

    I am trying to clone the following form
    But every time I do I get the following message.

    Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular

    Please advise

  • Athena61

    Hi. I followed your instructions to clone an existing form. After entering the url I click on continue and it says, "generating form" but it never completes the generation. What must I do to get the final form? Thanks in advance.

  • Connections14

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to clone a new JotForm from this page?

    When I try it, I get the "Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular" message.


  • Jim

    I get a message saying
    Unauthorized request. You do not have access to this form

    Have I missed a step? Please advise.

  • TamikaC

    When cloning a form it is not coming over across the same way



  • Bill Burress

    I am trying to import a form into my account from a URL using the above instructions and I keep receiving an error message:

    "Form not found: Form Id is missing or irregular"

    The URL:

  • silconvalleyhealingrooms

    I was able to clone the form and rename it. But no changes have been allowed. I can double click and get the text box to allow me to change but it won't save.
    Then it allowed me to delete a text box and now I can't replace it. And it certainly won't let me change my paymet type today. Not good. It's been hours and hours of trying and hitting my head against the wall.

  • dbkeohane


    I'm trying to import this form to a new account I've created (so a different department can manage it). I tried to use the import option, but it won't let me import. Is this only applicable for those who are not using the free version? Please advise.


  • BenCroft

    Hi, Need some help if possible.
    Currently use to capture data and it is integrated with Jotform. 3 Forms are used from this & & When I try to import these forms I am given the error message: "No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided". What am I doing wrong? Many Thanks

  • Melissa

    Hi there,

    can I clone a form from Adobe Forms as they are closing down their form product. Formstack allows you to do thi.



    i want to create a an appointment form with an auto responder which reply to the clients automatically that they have successfully requested for the appointment.

    can anyone help me plz ?


  • fondovintage

    It even imports Google Drive forms.

    Jot form is extremely powerful!

  • BOCOFloodRecovery

    Just tried this message, not working.

    Got this error: No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided

  • ElstonConsulting

    I want to clone an existing form to a new account,
    (as a workaround for changing my username).
    However, when I copy and paste the URL, the following error message appears:
    No form found on the page. Please check the source code you provided.
    Please can you explain this?
    Many thanks

  • Aly

    I also have the problem where I import the form, and the submission is recieved by bith me and the original owner of the form. Is there a way to prevent the submission from going to the original owner as well?

  • MikePreston

    The "View Answer" link, above:

    results in my browser recursively accessing the page without displaying anything. Can it be fixed?

  • miraclebabies

    After following the above 1-6 instructions, the page that is displayed isn't my form of the copied URL. The form that is displayed has fields that ask for Username, Password, Sign in box, Remember me with 3 options, forgot password and send Rest Instructions.
    I am signed into JotFrom and just refreshed my page before copying the URL. I don't know what else to do?

  • niki

    If i have created a form...can it be edited or viewed by others on this site?

  • jacquesbrand

    Please help us!

  • aquaticapools

    I have followed these directions and it is still not working on mine either.

  • guest_23242959866063


  • paernst

    I cloned aa existing form for a survey, that worked great. But now I am receiving the survey results by both the original and the cloned version. So 2 of each results. WHat can I do to fix this problem?

  • gop

    Thank you for this information.

    I wish to copy a form from one Jotform account to another also and it is not published. I wish to copy it directly.

    Can I do this and do I need then to customise email address of received forms to a required new address and obliterate the original?

    Thanks for any reply?


  • lvekemans

    Thank you for this answer! It worked perfect for me.

  • woyoso

    I have tried to clone a form from this link.

    I think it is not possible to clone the form. I have a heavy respect for Jotform. I wish if you include some features like instant result or online instant scores functionality. I can opt for a small donation if you consider this. Please help...

  • LDMedia

    As long as you're fighting pishing attempts using jotform, how about an option to block my forms from being cloned by their URl?

    I don't want the conditions, field names, post data collection page or hidden fields known to random jotform users.

  • avtoskolazebra

    I did

  • wsjunior

    I've created this form as guest user but now I can't import it using these steps, why?

  • pisto5000

    Your system keep saying it cant be found but its working...I just check again*FJOW3eX*9ADACtneg

  • davetheman

    I have five forms that I want to clone from a website. The first two clone OK then, after that, any form that I try to clone comes up identical to the second form that I successfully cloned. I am inputting the URL. I clear the browser cache before trying to clone. Is there a limit of two forms that you can clone with the free version?