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How to Hide Form Fields

How to Hide Form Fields

This guide will help you enable the "Hide" option in your form fields. You can follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Opening the Properties window.

Each form field has their properties option. Select a field and click the gear icon at the right side. 


Step 2: "Hide" option.

Scroll in the "Advanced" tab window and you should be able to see the "Hide Field" button.


Step 3: How the hidden field looks like.

In the form builder, when the field is not selected, you should see that it is grayed out. When you select the field, you can see the message that says that the field is hidden.


Step 4: How it looks like in the live preview.

When you publish the form and use the direct link, you can see that the "Text Box" field that is hidden is not anymore visible. 


You can now hide different form fields, this depend on your use case. Some users setup hidden fields when calculating total scores, some do that to set a hidden status text box. This really depends on how you want to use it. 

There are also ways on how to show/hide fields using some of our features like conditional logic, below are some related guides: 

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