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How to integrate 2Checkout with your form?

How to integrate 2Checkout with your form?

Since JotForm is now integrated with 2Checkout, it can serve as a portal from which you can conduct transactions through 2Checkout. Submission data is conveniently stored in your JotForm dashboard and can also be emailed to you directly, as well. 

2Checkout enables merchants to accept mobile and online payments from buyers worldwide. Their payment processing is seamless, safe reliable, no matter where you are on the map. 


What can you do with JotForm's 2Checkout Integration?

  • - Sell online products
  • - Sell subscriptions
  • - Sell merchandize
  • - Collect donations online
  • - Let users make a custom payment 

How to integrate your forms with 2Checkout?

Create a JotForm form and open form builder.

1- Click “Build”.

2- Click “Add Form Element”.

3- Open Payments Tab and find the 2Checkout in the list.

You can drag and drop the 2Checkout into the form page.

4- In the Payment Wizard, please fill the textboxes with your 2Checkout credentials. You just need Vendor Number to integrate JotForm with 2Checkout.

Please don't forget to tick the "
I have added the "Global Settings URL" as stated above." checkbox in the Integration Wizard.

5- Select your payment type.

You actually have two options: Sell products/subscriptions and let the user to define the amount with "User Defined Amount"  or "Collect Donations" options.

- If you select "Sell Products" or "Sell Subscriptions", you will continue with creating your products in the next step. You can see the next step in the image below.

- If you select "User Defined Amount" or "Collect Donations", your integration will be completed when you click Save button at the bottom.

6- Additional Gateway Settings

You can make more optimization in your payment gateway. You need to use "Additional Gateway Settings" in the Payment Wizard. 

SandBox Mode: One of the most useful setting is to SandBox mode for the payment gateways. If you need to test your integration, please enable SandBox Mode. 

Note: If you use 2Checkout, the submitters will fill their credit card numbers in the 2Checkout website. In other words, submitters will redirected to the 2Checkout website when they submit the form. It doesn't matter whether the mode is SandBox or not. 

After you Continue in the SandBox mode and test your form, you will direct to the 2Checkout website to process payment. 

Please follow the video below:

Test Credit Card Numbers

As you see in the video above, you need credit card information in the payment processing step. You can use below test credit card numbers.

Credit Card Information

ResultCard NumberExpiration DateCVV Code
Success4000000000000002Any Valid123
Success4222222222222220Any Valid123
Decline4333433343334333Any Valid123


Buyer Information

card_holder_nameJoe Flagster
street_address123 Main Street

For more information about the 2Checkout test data, please see the 2Checkout website.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about JotForm’s Worldpay US integration? Please post them in the comments below.

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