How to Integrate Pagseguro with Jotform?

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PagSeguro is a disruptive provider of financial technology solutions focused primarily on Micro-Merchants, Small Companies, and Medium-Sized Companies, or SMEs, in Brazil. With a 100% online onboarding process, without paperwork, quick turnaround, and a high acceptance rate, PagSeguro offers access to their advanced digital payment processing and early payment of merchants’ installment receivables. They accept merchants who are either individuals or companies. Data protection and confidentiality for consumers, with merchant verification and transaction protection mechanisms, including escrow periods and claim mediation services. 

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What Can You Do With Jotform’s Pagseguro Integration? 

  • Sell online products 
  • Sell merchandise 
  • Collect donations online
  • Let users make a custom payment

Adding PagSeguro Element in the Form

1. In the form builder, click the Add Form Elements button on the right side of the form builder.

2. Go to the Payments tab.

3. Search or find PagSeguro, and click or drag/drop it to your form to add.

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Setting up PagSeguro Integration

When you add PagSeguro, the Payment Settings will automatically open. Otherwise, click the Wand icon to open it.

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You need to provide your PagSeguro Email and Token for the integration. You should go into the PagSeguro dashboard to find your credentials. If you don’t know how to find PagSeguro Email and Token, please have a look at the short GIF below:

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  • Currency – Brazilian Real (BRL) is locked as the only currency for the PagSeguro Integration.
  • Payment Type – specify whether to process payments for products, user-defined amounts, or donations.

Additional Gateway Settings

Additional integration options can be found in the Additional Gateway Settings section. The Customer Email is required, and you should have an Email element in the form to select.

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Once everything is set up from the Payment Settings, click the Continue button at the bottom to add your products. If you have chosen User Defined Amount or Collect Donation options, click the Save button, and you’re done.

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If you want to test the integration, you have to enable Sandbox Mode from the Additional Gateway Settings. For Sandbox, please note the following:

  • You need to use your registered PagSeguro Email, and a Sandbox Token which you can get from PagSeguro’s Sandbox page at
  • Use the Test Cards provided by PagSeguro from the following link: Test Cards.

You can also have a look at our blog post: New Integration: Collect PagSeguro Payments Through Jotform.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about Jotform’s PagSeguro integration? Please post them in the comments below.

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Jotform for Beginners

Get more done with powerful, easy-to-use online forms.

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