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How to Prepopulate the Same Form with Data from a Previous Submission?

How to Prepopulate the Same Form with Data from a Previous Submission?

Sometimes, there are cases when multiple submissions are made to a form, one after the other, and the same data (for some fields) is repeatedly typed for each submission.

You can set up the form to copy the data from the previous submission and prepopulate the fields with that data in the new submission. This way, the fields that will have the same data as the previous submission don't need to be filled again.

The way that this work is:

  • A user opens the form, fills the data, and submits the form.
  • The user gets redirected to the same form but this time the fields are pre-filled with the data entered previously.

You can achieve this by redirecting the users to the same form after submit and prepopulate the form via URL parameters.

Redirect to an external link

Redirect to an external link

Redirect to External Link[first]={name:first}&name[last]={name:last}&email={email}

In the demo form, the fields that will be prepopulated after submission are First Name, Last Name, and Email.

Adjust the redirection with the URL of your form and the field names of your form and you should be good to go. The Unique Name of the fields can be found in the advanced properties of the field.

Unique Name

Unique Name

The users can also be redirected conditionally.

Change “Thank You” Page

Change “Thank You” Page

Demo form:

Note: File Upload fields and some widgets cannot be prepopulated via URL parameters.

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  • ERTHcovid19

    Is it possible to automatically populate the First and Last Name fields using your user profile name if using the mobile app OR have the first and last name already loaded in the URL so that I don't have to type that each time?


    Looking for ways to automate filling out the forms if possible.


  • muf_design

    Is it possible to pull data from other form's submissions into my current form to populate a certain field?

  • gcamfla

    How can I do these steps in Jotform Mobile Forms?

  • adminmx5

    I have been able to pre-populate text fields but can't get the date or dropdown fields to work.
    What do I need to add in to the URL to get these?{date}&event={event}&days={days}

  • TGGeotechnics

    Is there a way of having previously given answers form part of a dropdown? i.e if you have a dropdown with an 'other' option which requires you to fill in a textbox, can the answer given in the textbox be added to the dropdown for future submissions?

  • mahmutasimonat

    Demo form has exceeded its allocated quota.

  • kywebmaster

    In fields like phone number and address, how do I separate out the information when transcibed to the new form? Right now, the whole phone number is getting copied into the area code box and the entire address is getting copied over to the street address field.