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How to integrate Moneris with JotForm?

How to integrate Moneris with JotForm?

Moneris is #1 in Canada and leading payment provider in North America. They are secure, comprehensive and scaleable. They provides getting paid online easily. Moneris processes 3 billion transactions every year.


What can you do with JotForm's Moneris Integration?

  • - Sell online products
  1. - Sell merchandise
  2. - Collect donations online
  3. - Let users make a custom payment

How to integrate your forms with Moneris?

Log into your JotForm account and open Form Builder. After that, please follow the instruction below about how to integrate your forms with Moneris.

1- Click “Build”. Click “Add Form Element” at the left side of the form.

2- Click “Payments” tab.

3- Select “Moneris” in the Payments list. You can drag&drop it into the form, too.

Add Form Element

4- Integration wizard will be opened automatically. On the integration wizard, fill the textboxes with your Moneris credentials.payjunction-payment-jotform-integration

5- You can select different payment types according to your needs in the “Payment Type” drop-down menu.


6- You can click on Additional Gateway Settings to customize the integration even better.

7- Click on “Continue”.

How to Test Moneris

SandBox Mode

SandBox Mode is a mode that provides testing the Payment Gateway. It does not charge real cards. 

Moneris has a wide range of testing opportunities. Penny value simulator testing is available in Moneris and this provides to work on all case studies in testing environment and to experience all errors before going live. 

Please have a look at Moneris Testing Solutions page.

Test Cards

Track 25258968987035454=06061015454001060101?
UnionPay6250944000000771       Expiry date: 12/49 (MM/YY), CVN2 value '371'

For example, you can use above test VISA credit card number in your Moneris integrated form. If you try to pay below amounts, you will get specific errors according to amounts you entered.

  • Transactions values between $11.00 to $ 49.99, $60.01 to $119.99 and $130.01 to $150.00 will always be approved.
  • Transactions values between $50.00 to $60.00 will always be declined with ISO/RESP code 41/478
  • Transactions values between $120.00 to $130.00 will always be declined with ISO/RESP Code 54/482 

 In the next step, you will see the Payment Settings. You can create Products, Coupons, Shipping and Tax amount/rate according to your needs.

When you select User Defined Amount or Collect Donations options, this means that you allow people to enter a custom amount and pay it. 

You can have a look at the Moneris blog post: New Integration Power Your Payment Forms with Moneris.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about JotForm’s Moneris integration? Please post them in the comments below.

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  • Philip

    I need to pass an invoiceCode, and a predefined transaction amount along with the default fields. How do I pass that to Moneris using JotForm?

  • MCCToronto

    Can I set up a recurring donation with Moneris? I know Moneris has it available on their end so unsure why it isn't working for us on this end?

  • LinksatBrunello

    With the above test card numbers, what do you enter for expiry date and security code?

  • LinksatBrunello

    Getting this error when testing a sale while in sandbox mode:
    PCI :: Moneris Payment Error
    Cancelled: Transaction not allowed.No permission for:'cvd_info'
    Please advise