How to Include a Download Link of the PDF Submission in Email Notifications

March 28, 2023

The easiest way to include the PDF submissions document in an email is to enable the PDF Attachment option in the Email Notification or Autoresponder. This guide shows an alternative way to achieve it through a download link, not the file attachment feature.

Some mail clients have limitations on the maximum attachment size. This applies to both: the sender (Jotform’s maximum file attachment limit is 5MB) and the recipient. Sharing a download link instead of attaching the actual file is one way to overcome the limit and avoid attachment issues.

To include a download link of the PDF submissions document in email, simply add the PDF Link tag {pdf_link} anywhere in the content of your email notification or autoresponder. The PDF Document can be customized in the PDF Editor.

Here are the steps:

  1. In the Form Builder, go to Settings and select the Emails tab from the left menu. After that, edit Notification or Autoresponder, whichever you want to include the PDF Link.
  1. Click anywhere in the email content where you want to place the PDF Link; then click Form Fields in the formatting toolbar. After that, select PDF Link to add the {pdf_link} tag in the content. This tag will be replaced with an actual PDF Link when you receive the email.


If you are redirected to a 404 error page after clicking the download link, this is due to restrictions enabled in your Privacy settings. You have to be logged in to your Jotform account before you can download the file. If you want to disable the login requirement and download the file immediately, follow this guide: How to Unrequire Log-in to View Uploaded Files.

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