How to Unrequire a Login to View Uploaded Files

December 6, 2023

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As part of Jotform’s commitment to handling your data with care, we added a privacy option in your account settings where you can only view or download the uploaded files in your form when you’re logged in to your Jotform account. When you attempt to download a file without logging in, our system will redirect you to a 404 error page.


HIPAA accounts can’t disable the privacy for file uploads. It is required, so you must log in to view and download uploaded files.

For non-HIPAA accounts, we understand that you may not prefer this control for file-sharing reasons, so here’s how to make the files immediately accessible without logging in to Jotform.

  1. Click your Profile Picture at the top-right of the navigation.
  2. Click your name to access your account’s profile page.
  1. Go to the Security tab.
  2. Uncheck the Require log-in to view uploaded files under the Privacy options, and that’s it!
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