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Create online tests for your organization with Jotform — it’s free! Use our drag-and-drop test builder to create tests for recruitment, employee assessment training, customer service, and safety procedures. Once your test participants have responded, you can track, export, and manage their results from your Jotform account and turn them into insightful reports. Ditch the messy paper test and go digital with Jotform.


Explore Free Online Test Templates

Don’t want to build your online tests from scratch? No problem! Simply select one of our ready-made test templates to get started. Then all you have to do is add your own details, make any design changes you need, and send it off to your test takers to start collecting answers.

Employee Assessment Form

Template employee-assessment-form
Template employee-assessment-form

Student Test Result Submission Form

Template student-test-result-submission-form
Template student-test-result-submission-form


Template online-quiz
Template online-quiz


Build Professional Online Tests with Jotform

Create Tests for Any Occasion

Whether you’re creating a test for employee evaluations, student exams, or otherwise, Jotform can help streamline your testing process. Create professional tests with our easy-to-use builder in just a few clicks.

Manage Results in Jotform Tables

Once your test takers submit their responses, you and your team will be able to track and manage your test results in Jotform Tables. Organize and analyze results to gain a better understanding of practices that are working and things that may need some work.

Conditional Logic and Widgets

Upgrade your form to match your needs by including conditional logic and advanced widgets. Conditional logic helps you determine which questions a participant should be answering based on their responses or knowledge. While helpful test widgets, like our Timer and Passage Test, create a more immersive and organized test taking experience.


Want to share your test results with board members or other staff? With Jotform Report Builder, you can generate professional visual reports to share your findings. Easily create and present these reports to collaborate with others on your results.


Keep everyone in the loop by enabling email notifications for both test makers and test takers. When a test is submitted, you or your participants will automatically receive an email notification. This feature is beneficial for following up on test results and letting participants know what’s required of them next.

Take Tests Offline

With Jotform, your students or participants can even take your tests offline — meaning less chance of them looking things up online and swaying the test results. Select the test you’d like to access offline in Jotform Mobile Forms, then have your participants either download Jotform or use your own device in kiosk mode to fill it out.



Jotform has been a surprisingly versatile tool for our Agency. Initially we used the form just for survey collection but now have integrated it into testing, e-learning courses, citizen facing program applications, state wide surveys, and even a check in kiosk for our clinic. The platform has become a catchall for initial testing and design of all new programs due to it's incredibly customization and flexibility.

Nick Lippincott, Program Coordinator, Orange County Animal Services

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Which is the best platform for online tests?

While there are many platforms out there to create online tests, Jotform is one of the easiest and most reliable ones. Our drag-and-drop builder and wide variety of online test widgets make test creation fun and seamless.

How can I conduct online tests?

To conduct online tests, consider using Jotform as your test building platform. It’s easy to build your own tests, input questions, and customize the design of your test to match your vision. Once you’re finished designing your quizzes and tests, all you have to do is share them with your students via link, QR code, or by embedding them directly into your online assignment portal.

How do I make an interactive test online?

To create your own interactive test online, consider using Jotform as your platform of choice. Sign up for a Jotform account, open our easy-to-use Form Builder, and start building! Drag and drop to add test questions, add useful test and quiz widgets, upload images and videos, and more. Then send your interactive tests to your participants via link, QR code, or by embedding directly into your personal website or online portal.


Yes, Jotform is free to use. For those interested in collecting a larger volume of responses and making forms on a larger scale, consider upgrading to one of our paid plans.

How effective are online tests?

Online tests are very effective for both participants and test makers. For participants, online tests offer a fast and neat way to take tests. Participants can see how much time is left, get feedback faster, save and continue their exam later, and access their tests from any type of device. For test makers and instructors, online tests offer a cost-effective way to build long and short assessments, make it easier to give feedback, and automate grading.

Is online testing better than paper testing?

Online testing is better than paper testing when you consider the amount of paper you’re saving and the benefits of a digital, automated grading process. Not only are you creating less paper waste by switching to online tests, you’re also speeding up your own test grading workflow. Gift yourself more time to spend on more important things like lesson planning and less time grading paper tests by hand.