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Barber Shop App

As a barber, you want to focus on your clients’ hair, not on booking appointments — so simplify the process for everyone with this Barbershop App! This free app template is ready to use and includes forms so you can schedule appointments and sell barber shop products online directly from your store. Customers can also fill out and update their profile, as well as write testimonials that you can display on your splash page. Your app can be easily accessed and downloaded to any smartphone, tablet, or computer for future use.This Barbershop App can be fully customized to match the branding of your barbershop. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to add forms, upload logos and images, change fonts and colors, and more — no coding required. Once you’re satisfied with the look and have set the app up to sell your barbershop products online, simply share the link to your website or social media and start booking hair appointments today with this free and fully customizable Barbershop App!

Appointment & Booking Apps

Touring App

Wondering how to sell tour packages online? A touring app is used by travel agencies to facilitate bookings and reservations for travelers. With this Touring App, customers can book hotel rooms using a Book a Room Form, make flight reservations with a Flight Reservation Form, and request car service pickup with an Online Booking Form — all from one convenient app. Submissions are instantly synced to your secure Jotform account, where they can be accessed from any device.Need to customize this app template to match your travel agency’s branding? No coding required — just use our drag-and-drop form builder to add or swap out form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, and more. You can also enrich your splash screen and individual form pages with photos of hotel rooms and travel destinations. After you’re done, share your app with a link or embed it in your website, and customers can download it on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make planning a trip a breeze and sell tour packages online with this readymade Touring App from Jotform.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Catering App

Need to find out how to sell catering items online? A catering app allows customers to quickly and easily hire caterers and order food for their events. Get a headstart creating an app for your own catering company with our free Catering App. This pre-made template includes a menu and order form for customers to access from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Customers can easily place their orders from any device, and you’ll receive submissions instantly in your secure Jotform account.Customize your Catering App in just a couple of clicks with our no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add more forms, update text, upload images, embed links, and change app settings. When it’s ready, embed the app link in your website or share it on social media to start receiving orders from customers. Take your catering business to the next level and sell catering items online with a professional Catering App.

Delivery Apps

Social Media Marketing App

A social media marketing app is used by social media managers or marketing agencies to list their services, accept proposal requests, and list their contact information. With this ready-made Social Media Marketing App, your business can provide clients with a convenient mobile app — which they can instantly download onto their smartphone for easy access.Need to make design changes? Add your company logo and branding, update the listed services, and change the app background, colors, and icon for a personal touch. No coding knowledge is required with our drag-and-drop builder! Give your customers a quicker way to contact you and book your services with a custom Social Media Marketing App.

Consulting Apps

Food Delivery App

A food delivery app is used by food delivery services to communicate with customers, and drivers, while also providing an enhanced customer experience. This template is ideal for restaurants, food trucks, or anyone who may deliver the food ordered by their customers. Wondering how to sell food deliveries online? Whether you've got a restaurant, diner, or small cafe, our Food Delivery App is the perfect way to take online delivery orders and payments. This app template comes readymade with a product list where customers can view your menu and input their delivery address and payment information. You can even showcase signature and seasonal dishes, run promotional campaigns, and gather feedback. Customers can open and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.Want to make this Food Delivery App your own? Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to add forms, change fonts and colors, upload your logo and thumbnail images for menu items, and completely customize the look of your app icon — with no coding necessary. After that, simply share the link on your website or social media and you’re off and running. Start taking online delivery orders today to sell food deliveries online with this free Food Delivery App!Please refer to our article for further tips on creating a food ordering and delivery app.

Delivery Apps

Massage Therapist Booking App

A massage therapist booking app is used by massage therapy businesses and freelance massage therapists for scheduling appointments. Want to know how to sell massage therapy appointments online? With Jotform’s free Massage Therapist Booking App, clients can access and download your custom app on their favorite device and book massage services by choosing a date from an interactive calendar and entering their general contact information. Appointments and confidential client information are stored in your secure Jotform account, so you can keep track of everything from one convenient location.Make this Massage Therapist Book App your own with Jotform’s intuitive app builder. No coding knowledge necessary — simply drag and drop to add or edit form elements and text fields, choose fonts and colors, upload your own branding, and install widgets and payment integrations. You can also create an image carousel on your app’s main page and showcase images of your business and services offered. Once you’re done customizing, share your app with clients by sending email invites, embedding the app link in your website or social media, or by generating a QR code to print on business cards. Create a one-stop-shop for clients to book massage services with this Massage Therapist Booking App that works on any device.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Burger Restaurant App

A burger restaurant app makes it easy for customers to place orders, make reservations, and submit feedback from any device. Whether you cook classic burgers, specialty burgers, or veggie burgers, take your restaurant to the next level with Jotform’s free and customizable Burger Restaurant App. Customers can download your app onto their computer or any iOS or Android device and fill out your online forms from anywhere. You’ll receive form submissions instantly, ready to view in your secure Jotform account.Customize this Burger Restaurant App without any coding. Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can upload your logos and branding, add or remove forms, and include other app elements such as documents, links, buttons, images, and much more. When it’s ready, your app can be shared on your website and social media accounts via the app link — sell burgers online faster than ever. Make it easier for customers to quickly and easily order your tasty burgers with a fully-custom Burger Restaurant App!

Delivery Apps

Mobile Car Wash App

Wondering how to sell car washes online? Create a downloadable app for your mobile car wash customers with a free Mobile Car Wash App from Jotform. This app includes a Car Wash Appointment Form so customers can select their preferred date from a calendar and provide other booking details like name, phone number, and their car’s make and model. Also it includes a product list that customers choose a car wash service and make payments. All submissions are sent to your company Jotform account, ready to view instantly on any device.Add your logo, include other forms to collect additional info like e-signatures or payments, and make other design changes by dragging and dropping elements in our intuitive no-code app builder. Once your app is ready to be shared, copy and paste the link or invite people via email so they can download it onto their devices. Stop spending time on phone or email bookings and enjoy a more efficient booking process with this Mobile Car Wash App.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Food Order App

Discover how to sell food orders online with Jotform. No matter what type of cuisine you serve, make online ordering easy for your customers and sell food orders online with Jotform’s free Food Order App! This customizable mobile app bundles together multiple order forms and contact forms. Once they’ve downloaded your app onto their favorite device, customers can easily place their orders and submit payments all in one go. You’ll receive form submissions instantly, so you can begin fulfilling orders without delay.Customize this Food Order App for your business in just a few clicks. Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create and attach forms, upload logos, add links, and include other elements in your mobile app. When you’re done customizing, share your app with customers by posting the link on your website, social accounts, or in newsletter emails. Customers can save your Food Order App onto their computer or any iOS or Android device, so they can order your food no matter where they are!

Delivery Apps

Medicine Delivery App

If your pharmacy offers medicine delivery services and is wondering how to sell medicine deliveries online, collect orders and payments from any device with Jotform’s free Medicine Delivery App. This customizable app includes a medicine order form as well as a feedback form that patients can fill out using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Submitted orders will be received instantly, so you and your pharmaceutical staff can begin filling prescriptions without any delay.Customize this Medicine Delivery App for your pharmacy without coding. Simply drag and drop to add forms, tables, links, documents, text, images, logos, and other app elements. Then share your app with patients by sending them email invites to download it onto their own devices, or by posting the app link on your website. With a fully-custom Medicine Delivery App that works anywhere, you can sell medicine deliveries online and ensure that patients can refill their prescriptions with ease.

Delivery Apps

Personal Trainer App

A personal trainer app is used by personal trainers to keep track of information about their trainees. With Jotform’s Personal Trainer App — which can be downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy access — trainees can record their workouts, keep a daily food log, and request appointments for training sessions. All form submissions are instantly stored in the personal trainer’s Jotform account, ready to view instantly on any device.Every trainer does things differently, so be sure to customize your app to add new forms, remove existing ones, include your logo, and add other helpful links, documents, and information. Once you’ve got your app working great for your needs, share the app link so trainees can start recording their workouts. Give clients an easier way to log their training details with this free Personal Trainer App!


Beauty Salon Appointment App

A beauty salon appointment app helps clients book appointments, order beauty products, and find professionals who can help them look and feel their best. Create a mobile app for your beauty salon without any coding using our free Beauty Salon Appointment App Template. This ready-made template bundles multiple forms — including a client information form, COVID-19 consent form and an appointment form — all in one place. Clients will be able to fill out your forms from their smartphone, tablet, or computer with ease.Customizing your Beauty Salon Appointment App won’t take up any time with our drag-and-drop builder. You can easily add new forms to sell beauty supplies online, as well as add surveys, links, text, images, and even your branding for a more professional and personalized look. Once it’s ready to use, share your app by embedding the link in your website or posting it on social media. Stop wondering how to sell beauty supplies online and gather appointment bookings — create a contactless way for clients to book services and pay for products at your beauty salon with a fully-custom Beauty Salon Appointment App that works on any device.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Bakery App

Need to sell pastries online, sell cakes online, or sell bread online? No matter what your bakery specializes in, create a custom online app for your business with our free Bakery App. This ready-to-use template makes it easy to share all your order forms, customer feedback surveys, and reviews in one place. All you have to do is customize the app template to match your bakery and share the link on your website or social media. Customers can then open and download your Bakery App on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.Want to decorate our Bakery App to match your bakery’s branding? Using our drag-and-drop interface, it only takes a few clicks to add forms, surveys, images, text, logos, links, and more. You’ll even be able to customize your app’s settings, icon, name, and splash screen. Sell bakery products online and make it more convenient for customers to place orders with a professional and fully-customized Bakery App!

Delivery Apps

Local Food App

Whether you’re in charge of the local farmer’s market or run a local food business, you may be wondering how to sell local food online. Use this free Local Foods App to sell local food online with ease! The app includes a product list for ordering local foods, Farm Business Registration Form, Product Feedback Survey, and Contact Form so you can collect all the information you need. Once you receive responses, you’ll be able to view them in your secure Jotform account instantly.Need to make changes to this Local Foods App template? Change the background image or app icon, integrate your form with your preferred payment processor, and make other changes with no coding. Your app can then be shared with a link or via email to be downloaded onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Sell local food products online with a free Local Foods App from Jotform.

Delivery Apps

Veterinarian App

A veterinarian app is used by veterinary hospitals and clinics for scheduling appointments and services. This free Veterinarian App from Jotform allows pet owners to schedule appointments for general care and checkups with a Veterinarian Appointment Form, pet grooming with a Pet Grooming Registration Form, and dog daycare with a Dog Daycare Reservation Form. There is a separate Pet Vaccination Consent Form for collecting consent, which includes a digital signature box. Appointments are compiled in an easy-to-read table in your account, and can be sorted, filtered, and exported from any device. You can also convert consent forms into professional-looking PDFs with just a few clicks.With our drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to create an app to suit your individual needs. You can add or change form elements and text, choose fonts and colors, customize your splash page and app icon, and more — no coding required. After you’re done, simply share a link to your app via email or embed it in your website and your clients can use it right away. Make scheduling vet appointments quick and easy with this customizable Veterinarian App from Jotform.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Cleaning Service App

A cleaning service app is used by cleaning service businesses to allow clients to request and schedule a cleaning service for their home or office. This app comes bundled with three forms for clients to fill out from their favorite device: a cleaning service request form, a feedback form, and a COVID-19 sanitization and disinfection form. Once a request is submitted, it is instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account, so it’s easy to keep track of client names, addresses, dates, and any other custom fields you want to include.This app template is fully customizable and can be tailored to fit your needs with Jotform’s drag-and-drop App Builder. No coding required — with just a few clicks you can add or edit form elements and text fields, choose custom color schemes and fonts, upload your business’ logo and a custom background, attach an interactive scheduling calendar, and more. You can even add a payment integration and allow clients to put down a deposit or pay ahead of time. Share your fully-customized app via email or by embedding it in your website and start booking cleaning services right away with our free Cleaning Service App

Customer Portal Apps

Telehealth App

Gather appointment bookings and patient information with ease using this Telehealth App from Jotform. Simple customize the app to match your needs, share it with patients using a link, and have them download it onto their computer, tablet, or smartphone for easy access. The app includes a Zoom Scheduler that lets patients select a time slot that works for them and generates a new Zoom meeting for each new booking.Need to customize this Telehealth App template? Drag and drop to rearrange the design, add your logo and branding, update existing forms, or connect them to 100+ popular app integrations. Jotform protects form data with a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and CCPA friendly features, but you can also optionally upgrade your forms to be HIPAA friendly. Save time with a free Telehealth App that your patients can use on any device.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Cake Ordering App

Need an easy way to sell your gourmet cakes online? Try Jotform’s easily customizable Cake Ordering App today. Customers can download your app from any iOS or Android device and purchase or favorite products they’re interested in. All cake ordering data will be stored in your centralized Jotform account for easy reference and access.Decorate your Cake Ordering App to your liking with our easy drag-and-drop feature. Our no-code builder makes app store design intuitive — no previous experience in app design is needed. You can add your cake company’s logo, list all your cake flavors, and integrate with 25 payment integrations to receive payments quickly while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform. Share your app with your customers directly or embed a link in your website for easy access. Treat yourself and take your Cake Ordering App to the next level with Jotform.

Delivery Apps

Pizza Delivery App

Need to know how to sell pizza online to take your business to next level? Give your customers an easier way to order pizzas for delivery with this free Pizza Delivery App from Jotform. Start by adding your pizza and topping options to the app using our drag-and-drop builder, then connect the app with your preferred payment gateway to gather payments online — all while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform! All orders are stored in your Jotform account, ready to be viewed, prepared, and delivered by you and your team.Need to make other changes to this Pizza Delivery App template? Drag and drop to add your company logo, change fonts and colors, and make other design updates with no coding. Not only does the app’s order form integrate with 30+ gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square, but it also connects with 100+ apps so you can track orders in other accounts too. Ditch time-consuming phone calls and enjoy a more efficient way to sell pizza online with a Pizza Delivery App.

Delivery Apps

Simple Accounting App

Looking for an easy and convenient way to manage your accounting clients? With Jotform’s Simple Accounting App, you can create a bookkeeping app that works seamlessly for both you and your clients. Build your app from scratch or pick one of our ready-made app templates to spark your creativity. Add pricing information, contact forms, showcase past client reviews, and more.Customize your Simple Account App with Jotform’s easy-to-use app builder. Use our drag-and-drop app builder to change up the look and feel of your app, add powerful app elements, install helpful app widgets, and integrate with one of our 30+ payment processors, including Stripe and Square to collect fees and payments. Share your customized app via email or embed it directly into your own website. Help your clients reach their finance goals with your very own Simple Accounting App.

Company Portal Apps

Supply Chain Management App

A supply chain management app is used by wholesale supplier companies for selling products to their customers. Want to learn how to sell your products online? This Supply Chain Management App allows customers to order supplies for offices, schools, labs, dental offices, and more with a simple ordering form. There is also a new customer signup form as well as a contact page. Once an order is placed, it will automatically be sent to your secure Jotform account, where you can see all of your orders at a glance.Making changes to this Supply Chain Management App is easy with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add form elements, create new pages, edit text files and radio buttons, choose fonts and colors, upload images, include your branding, and more. When you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your app, you can share it by embedding it on your website or by sharing email invites with your customers. They can then download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer and start placing orders right away. Create an all-in-one supply chain ordering form with this ready-to-use Supply Chain Management App from Jotform.

Online Service Apps

Career Coaching App

Need an easy way to schedule your career coaching sessions? Jotform has you covered with our Career Coaching App. It doesn’t matter if you already have a successful online career coaching business or if you’re just starting out — Jotform offers flexible app customization and templates to get you started. List your schedule for coaching appointments, add session descriptions, and integrate with 25+ easy-to-manage payment gateways to collect and manage appointment bookings.Use our drag-and-drop builder to customize your Career Coaching App! Add or swap out scheduling and payment forms, upload your coaching business logo, change colors and fonts, and integrate with hundreds of useful widgets to make your job easier. After you’re done designing your app to match your branding, share your app’s link via direct message, scannable QR code, or by embedding it directly into your website. You can also link your app on your social media pages to increase engagement and orders. Create your own Career Coaching App today with Jotform.


Alcohol Delivery App

Wondering how to sell alcohol online? With an Alcohol Delivery App from Jotform, your customers can submit delivery details and alcohol orders through a convenient mobile app they’ve downloaded onto their iOS or Android devices. All orders are sent straight to your Jotform account, which sends you automated email notifications — so you and your team can jump on new delivery orders instantly.Customize this Alcohol Delivery App in seconds with our drag-and-drop builder. No coding is required! You can add your products and pricing, including product descriptions or images, and even update the app’s icon, background, fonts, and more for a personalized touch. Sell alcohol online to take your business to the next level and reach a bigger audience with a free Alcohol Delivery App from Jotform.

Delivery Apps

Transportation Service App

A transportation service app is used by transportation companies — such as car services or taxi services — to list what services they offer and allow customers to book their services in a convenient way. With this free Transportation Service App from Jotform Apps, you can create a custom app that clients can download directly onto their smartphone!Customize the design with our drag-and-drop builder. You can add your company logo, include your contact information, show off photos of your vehicles, and personalize the app background and icon. Once your custom Transportation Service App is ready to go, publish it by sharing it via email or adding it to your social media bio — ready for your customers to download onto any device.

Booking Apps

About Service Apps

Whether you run a barbershop, a massage therapy studio, or a restaurant — create a streamlined online ordering process for your business with Jotform’s Service Apps. Start from scratch or choose one of our ready-made app templates — then get the look and feel you want with our no-code builder. Simply drag and drop to add forms, upload your menu or product lists, set up confirmation emails, install widgets, and much more. Collect payments directly from your app with one of our 25+ payment processors — including popular platforms like PayPal and Stripe — with no additional transaction fees from Jotform. Share your custom Service App by including a link in your social media bios, generating a scannable QR code, or seamlessly embedding it in your business’s website.