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Restaurant Mobile App

You’ve got your hands full trying to run a busy restaurant — so the last thing you want to learn is how to sell food online. Make it easier on yourself with Jotform's free Restaurant Mobile App. With this ready-to-use template, customers can reserve a table, place orders for pick-up or delivery, pay ahead with credit card or through PayPal, and leave reviews for your restaurant. You can upload images to use for the online menu, and even showcase signature dishes on your splash page! Just share a link to your app on your website or social media, and customers can access and download it on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.Want to customize your Restaurant Mobile App to match your restaurant’s branding? Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, update the app name or text, and more — all with zero coding. Take your restaurant digital to sell food online and make reservations and orders a breeze with this Restaurant Mobile App.

Booking Apps

Food Delivery App

A food delivery app is used by food delivery services to communicate with customers, and drivers, while also providing an enhanced customer experience. This template is ideal for restaurants, food trucks, or anyone who may deliver the food ordered by their customers. Wondering how to sell food deliveries online? Whether you've got a restaurant, diner, or small cafe, our Food Delivery App is the perfect way to take online delivery orders and payments. This app template comes readymade with a product list where customers can view your menu and input their delivery address and payment information. You can even showcase signature and seasonal dishes, run promotional campaigns, and gather feedback. Customers can open and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.Want to make this Food Delivery App your own? Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to add forms, change fonts and colors, upload your logo and thumbnail images for menu items, and completely customize the look of your app icon — with no coding necessary. After that, simply share the link on your website or social media and you’re off and running. Start taking online delivery orders today to sell food deliveries online with this free Food Delivery App!Please refer to our article for further tips on creating a food ordering and delivery app.

Delivery Apps

Restaurant Menu App

Need to know how to sell restaurant food online? A restaurant menu app is used by restaurants, cafes, and diners for managing table reservations and taking food and drink orders. This Restaurant Menu App contains three forms which allow customers to reserve tables and order from separate food and drink menus. Customers can place orders before they get to the restaurant, or specify orders for pick-up or delivery. Submissions are instantly synced to your Jotform account, which you and your staff can access from any device.Customize this app template to match your restaurant’s branding using Jotform’s no-code form builder. Just drag and drop to add or change form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, create a custom app icon, and more. You can also include thumbnail images for menu items and showcase popular dishes on your app’s splash screen. After you’re done, simply share a link on your website or social media, and customers can access and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, desktop. Manage reservations and sell restaurant food online from one convenient app with this Restaurant Menu App.

Food & Beverage Apps

Table Booking App

A table booking app is a great way to build a micro-website for your restaurant. This free and mobile-ready app template allows diners to make table reservations days ahead of time, view photos of the dining area and menu items, and contact your restaurant via email or phone. You can also create additional pages and add them to your app’s topbar with the click of a button. Reservations are instantly stored and synced to your secure Jotform account, and can be accessed by restaurant staff from any device.Making changes to this Table Booking App template is a cinch with Jotform’s intuitive no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to customize your table reservation page, upload images of your restaurant and entrées to the main page image carousel, add social media widgets, choose fonts and colors, and add your own branding with just a few clicks. Embed a link to your app in your website or share it on social media — diners can then make table reservations from their favorite device. Create a fully customizable mobile-ready app for your restaurant in minutes with this Table Booking App from Jotform.

Booking Apps

Kitchen Inventory App

Tracking inventory in your kitchen is the key to success for your restaurant. Make inventory a breeze with our free, customizable Kitchen Inventory App! It lets you bundle multiple forms in one app, so you can access our Restaurant Inventory Template and other kitchen forms from anywhere. Supervisors or employees can open the app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer to record stock inventory, report on kitchen operations, and track daily cleaning.This Kitchen Inventory App is ready to use as is, but feel free to make any modifications if necessary. Without any coding, you can add forms, text, images, links, and more. You can even change the name, icon, and splash page for your app for a fully-custom design! Monitor food usage and keep track of your inventory more efficiently with a custom Kitchen Inventory App for your restaurant.

Inventory Apps

Food Waste App

Run a nonprofit organization that deals with food waste? Take action to prevent food waste and donate food to charitable organizations with this free Food Waste App from Jotform. Send food requests and schedule pickup times and locations with restaurants, airports, and catering companies by filling out online forms. Responses are stored in your secure Jotform account to be viewed and shared within your organization.Make this Food Waste App your own without any coding knowledge. Drag and drop to add or change form fields and checklist items, create new pages, choose fonts and colors, upload your organization’s unique branding, install helpful widgets and integrations, and much more. After you’re finished, share your app by sending email invites or the app link to businesses. Prevent food waste and help those in need with a fully-customizable Food Waste App that works on any device.

Booking Apps

Restaurant Management App

A restaurant management app for internal use makes it easier to track inventory, manage staff, and keep your restaurant running smoothly. No matter what type of cuisine your restaurant serves, build your own app with our free Restaurant Management App template. This pre-made template keeps opening and closing checklists and manager review forms in one place. Members of your staff will be able to open and download the app onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.Customize this Restaurant Management App for your restaurant in just a few clicks. No coding necessary — simply drag and drop to add or delete forms, text, images, links, and much more. When it’s ready, you can download the app onto any device or share it with members of your staff to save onto their own devices. You’ll receive form entries instantly in your secure Jotform account. Manage all restaurant operations from one place with a fully-custom Restaurant Management App.

Management Apps

Restaurant Checklist App

A restaurant checklist app is used by restaurant owners and managers to document the condition of a restaurant by filling out inspection forms. This Restaurant Checklist App includes two forms: a food safety and hospitality inspection checklist for recording the cleanliness of the restaurant interior, and a site inspection checklist for recording the safety and cleanliness of the kitchen and service areas. Both checklists allow restaurant inspectors to date and sign inspections using an e-signature field. Reports are instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account for ease of access.Customize this app template to match your restaurant’s branding with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add form elements, edit checklist items, personalize your app icon and splash screen, and more. After you’re done, you can share your app by sending a link in an email invite, and employees can then download it onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Ensure your restaurant is compliant with health and safety standards by creating your own fully-customizable Restaurant Checklist App.

Checklist Apps

Restaurant Review App

A restaurant review app is used to gather reviews from a restaurant’s customers. With Jotform’s free Restaurant Review App, you can gather customer feedback for your restaurant seamlessly on any device! This app already comes with a review submission form, but you can add new forms and other information with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.Feel free to add more forms to your app, update the splash screen, upload your logo, and customize other elements with no coding knowledge required. Once you’ve got it looking exactly how you like, share your app with your customers to either download on their mobile device or fill out on kiosk, embed the app in your website, or share it directly with customers to collect responses. Receive customer reviews fast with a free Restaurant Review App!

Customer Portal Apps

Restaurant Employee Screening App

A restaurant employee screening app is used by restaurant managers to screen employees for COVID-19 before shifts. With Jotform’s Restaurant Employee Screening App — which includes a COVID-19 Self Isolation Form, Staff Shift Questionnaire, and Precautionary Measures Checklist — you can collect all the information and e-signatures you need to ensure a safe environment for both your employees and your customers.Need to make changes to this free app? Add or remove forms, include your branding, and personalize other design elements to make this app work better for you. Employees can then download your app onto any device in a few quick clicks! All form responses are stored securely in your Jotform account and can be protected with HIPAA friendly features. Ditch messy paper forms and get organized with this Restaurant Employee Screening App.


Tip Calculator App

Help your customers checkout and calculate the right tip with Jotform’s free Tip Calculator App. No matter what type of business you run, it’s always a nice touch to add a tip calculator at checkout. Customers can easily download your business’ custom app on any Android or iOS device. All receipts and payments will be automatically saved to your Jotform account — making for a convenient and secure way to store records.Match your app to your business’ branding and customize to your heart’s content. Change up how your app looks with Jotform’s no-code drag-and-drop app builder by uploading your restaurant or cafe’s logo, integrating with your payment collector of choice, and more. You can share your app by embedding it in your website, linking it in direct messages, or by generating a scannable QR code. Go contactless and paperless with Jotform’s free Tip Calculator App.


Restaurant Waitlist App

No matter what cuisine your restaurant serves, our free Restaurant Wailist App makes scheduling reservations easy for your customers. This ready-to-use app includes a Restaurant Reservation Form that can be filled out from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Customers can enter the amount of guests, select an occasion, and add special requests to place their reservation requests. You can then view entries in your Restaurant Reservation Sheet and even set up an automated approval flow with our Restaurant Reservation Approval Process Template.Need more from this Restaurant Waitlist App? No problem — simply use our drag-and-drop builder to make any changes you’d like to this app template. You can add a dropdown calendar to the reservation form, create more forms or surveys, embed links to your menu, upload your logo, and include your branding with ease. When your app is ready to use, display the app link on your website for customers to download onto their own device. Make the reservation process easier than ever with a custom Restaurant Waitlist App!

Booking Apps

Restaurant Health Inspection App

A restaurant health inspection app is used by restaurant owners and managers to record the overall condition of a restaurant. This Restaurant Health Inspection App includes two forms for conducting inspections. The restaurant inspection checklist is for documenting food and safety compliance, while the restaurant condition report is for documenting the condition of the interior and exterior of the building. Both forms include a digital signature box for managers to sign upon completing the inspection. Form data is compiled in an easy-to-read table in your account, and can be viewed and managed from any device. You can also share and export reports with just a few clicks.Customizing your app is easy. No coding necessary — just use our drag-and-drop form builder to add form elements, edit checklists, choose fonts and colors, and upload your own logo. When you’re finished, you can share your app via link, where it can be downloaded on any smartphone, table, or desktop. Keep detailed inspection reports of your restaurant in one convenient location with this free Restaurant Health Inspection App.

Inspection Apps

About Restaurant Management Apps

Manage your restaurant easily with Jotform’s ready-made Restaurant Management Apps. Upload your menu, create a delivery order form, build a checklist for staff members, add a tip calculator, and so much more. Running your restaurant is a breeze with Jotform — simply pick one of our templates to get started.

All of your Restaurant Management Apps are fully customizable, so you can add your own branding assets, pick a custom icon, add or remove forms, and make any other changes you see fit. And if you need to send your restaurant data to another platform, make it easy by integrating with one of our 250+ available platform integrations.