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Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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Share Your Form Responses with Others

One of the most popular features of JotForm is to be able to share form responses with others. Many JotFormmers use this feature to create online bookmarkable reports to share with their clients and colleagues. 

Embarrassingly we failed to understand how popular these features were. We introduced a new reporting tool which was good for one specific type of reports. Boy, were we wrong big time. We were blasted with many angry emails which brought us back to our senses. Although this new reporting tool was good for some minority of users this was a huge step backwards for most users. Our users wanted to simply create an online Excel spreadsheet and send the link to their client or bookmark it on their boss' computer.

I am happy to announce that shareable reports are back in business. To create a new sharable report, select one of your forms on "My Forms" page and then click on "Reports", and choose "Add New Report". You will get a screen like this:

Now, to create an Excel Report choose "Excel Report" option and then select spreadsheet columns on the next screen: 

Finally, you will be provided with a URL for the report. You can copy and send this URL to others:

Now that we know how much you love these features we will keep making them better. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them below on the comments!


  • David Falco

    I don't see the choice for Calendar Listing and Sharable Excel report is not working.

  • gwvanalstine

    The page will not let me select any of the reports.

  • AndrewN

    THank you Thank you Thank you...for listening. Great work - really appreciate it!

  • aytekin


    1. Calendar listing option is only shown if you have a DateTime picker on your form.

    2. Can you email us the URL of the shareable Excel report or the form URL?

  • aytekin

    gwvanalstine: Sorry about that. IE bug fixed now.

  • jotfalco


  • kardamjoshi

    its 2 good 4me, i m very happy with jotform utilities

  • kardamjoshi

    some printing problem, pls solve this

  • daglow

    Hi kardamjoshi,
    Exactly on which report do you have this printing problem?

  • calhouncollege

    I use this form to create a job application for our HR department. I also have a page of all the jobs with links to the excel spreadsheets so that when the application deadline has passed, our HR department uses that page to download the spreadsheet. The option to create forms is back, however, until we actually get a submission, it says there are no reports to create. I like to create the form and the link to the spreadsheets all at the same time without having to wait until I get a submission. I could do that before. Can that be changed? Thanks so much!

  • aytekin

    Yes, I agree with you. It should be possible to create feeds even when there are no submissions. I added this to our todo list. Thanks!

  • timon

    very good creativity software.....

  • naonaut

    how to erase reports ?
    since yesterday I can't see the online reports, i tried to make new one with the same problem.
    Now I have 4 reports, and I'd like to erase the inuseful ones.

  • MichaelPrenz

    I cant See the GRID Reports either till some hours!!!

    Whats wrong ? Hello ? Need help !

    Thank you !

  • derekmcampbell

    I have a form that has several check boxes for people to select if the data next to the check box is relevant to them (make sense?) When I create a report with data from the form, the information from the section with the check box answers is all bundled together with no spacing between each answer. Is this something that could be sorted?

  • alrahalm

    هااااي للجميع

  • aytekin

    naonaut: We will add deleting reports feature soon. We wanted to push this feature out of the door since so many people were waiting for it.

    MichaelPrenz: We had a bug yesterday and it was fixed late afternoon. The grids should be working properly now.

    Derek: We will look into that problem. Thanks for letting us know.

  • pkpkok


  • markashton

    When will you implement the delete report function as there is no way to remove a report just add one

  • aytekin

    Mark: We will add deleting reports feature soon. We wanted to push this feature out of the door since so many people were waiting for it.

  • sbrand

    When I create a sharable report, all of my fields are not included in the report. When I pull an excel sheet from the submissions page, I get all my fields, but I need ALL the fields to be in the report when I use the sharable excel report.

  • sneha100

    plx tel me after save......

  • reem12

    هااااااي شباب

  • emokan

  • Danzki

    Excellent. Been waiting for this :)

  • Danzki

    Will it be possible to also make a link to the visual reports?

    Would really like to link this to a webpage where my boss can get an overview on the submissions.

  • Professortim

    Parabenizo pelo grande utilidade os formulários gerados .
    Utilizo em meu site sem problemas

    Abraços a todos e parabéns.

  • ABOODY507


  • jim

    receiving paypal payment notifications, but no records are being reported in my reports...are reports down now? or does it take awhile for the report to show submittals? It's been about an hour since the form was filled out and the paypal notification sent to me.

  • billieonly

    this system is great, i love the upgrade, true bang for the buck!

  • Patti Kunz

    If I could just edit the "hidden fields" I have on my form, showing in the notifications I receive. If I could edit those fields with internal info so it was permanently added to the Excel Reports (and my submissions), that would be PERFECT!

  • RPCN

    I love the shareable reports feature. Is there any way to create an Excel spreadsheet without making it sharable? Perhaps emailing or simply downloading the report as needed instead of having to go public with answers? Many times forms have confidential information and making them shareable defeats that purpose.

    Thanks for considering!

  • vspcenter1

    buenas este creador esta muy bien eselente pero tengo un problema que tengo este creador como base de dato y no me quiere mostrar los reportes de un formulario y necesito saber eso por que es una informacion muy importante ahi esta regitrado el trabajo realizado de mi agentes de ventas

  • mix150


  • alkoore


  • chinlee68

    When I copy and past the link from Jotform to my website, then in the address bar, it will not got to my form, says it's a bad address. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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