Learn How a San Diego Marketing Agency Adds Clients and Employees with Jotform

Jaime Nacach’s family comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, and he definitely shares the self-starter bug. A few years back, when he found himself with an MBA and practical experience designing and growing websites, he knew he wanted to start his own business. So in 2014, he founded his company Bloominari, a full-service marketing agency in sunny San Diego. The company provides a number of different digital marketing services, including automation, website design, SEO, and overall strategy.

Whether Jaime’s managing his eight-person team, making sales calls, or preparing proposals, he has what you might call a pretty full schedule. But there’s no time to rest for the busy entrepreneur.


And when time is precious, it’s helpful to have time-saving tools at your disposal.

In the early days, Jaime used to manually copy and paste the lead information he’d receive through his old website into his CRM. But as he became busier, he recognized the waste of time and the need to find a more efficient system that automated that process. That’s when he stumbled upon Jotform, which integrates with Zapier to neatly transport all of his lead collection data directly into Agile CRM. Since automation implementation is such a big part of how he helps his clients, it only makes sense that he’d have his own streamlined way to collect and manage his leads and requests.

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Lead Capture Forms

It’s not hard to see how Jotform’s being used all over the Bloominari website. Whether you have a general question, are looking to request a quote for services, or need to book a session, you’ll funnel your inquiry through one of the many Jotform forms embedded on the site.

The forms are kept simple, but include fields for all the information Bloominari needs, including dropdowns for budget and which services they’re interested in, as well as a file upload option.

Job Application Forms

Eventually, the workload at Bloominari became too much for Jaime to manage all by himself. But without an HR department to help screen qualified job applicants, he started using Jotform to create branded application forms for interested candidates to fill out.

apply to bloominari

Any info he could possibly need to ask from an interested applicant is right there on the form. He uses a date selector for applicants to select an ideal start date, radio buttons for selecting employment status, a dropdown for choosing which position they’re applying to, and a file upload option so applicants could submit their resumes right through the form.

Jaime has some developer skills — he even built his high school’s website when he was still in school in the early oughts. But even though he could build his own system for online forms, it made more sense to go with Jotform’s easy-to-use online form builder to speed up the process.

Today, Bloominari helps organizations in San Diego, Mexico, and all around the world grow their businesses. And as his company continues to grow, Jotform will help make the expansion easier.

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Chad is a former VP of Marketing and Communications at Jotform. He’s also a frequent contributor to various tech and business publications, and an absolute wizard with a Vitamix. He holds a master’s degree in communication and resides with his wife and cats in Oakland, California.

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