Learn How an Organic Farm Uses Jotform for Customer Orders

John Costanzo never planned on being a meat farmer. The honest truth is he just wanted to eat and raise better food. But in pursuit of that, he’s improved food choices for scores of others.

Located in the heart of California’s wine country, Napa Grass Farmers is on a quest to change the meat industry, offering customers EMS verified beyond organic and non-GMO pig, lamb, chicken, and water buffalo meat — all raised on their land. They also offer honey from their farm’s bees, and fresh eggs with rich, orange yolks. What’s great is that NGF offers sampler club boxes, where customers can choose a variety of options.

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Not long ago, John and his fiancée and co-farmer, Gabriela, decided to sell their meats and club boxes online as community supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions. But in order to do that, they needed a way to collect customer information while simultaneously letting the customer choose exactly what they wanted to buy and at what frequency they wished to pay. After a drawn-out process where they experimented with nearly half a dozen online form solutions, they discovered JotForm.

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Napa Grass Farmers uses a Jotform that’s embedded straight onto their website. A customer begins by selecting a box option, and then they’re seamlessly led through a multi-page form where they provide the rest of their information and order preferences. Whenever a new customer submits an order, they get a call right away from John or Gabriela letting them know the order’s been received.

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Neither John nor Gabriella have a technical background, so it was critical that they could create and manage their forms without knowing how to code — and that’s why Jotform’s been so great for them. Without any headaches, they were able to drag-and-drop all the fields they needed on the form, and then quickly embed it onto their site.

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While Napa Grass Farmers continues to bring responsibility and flavor back to the meat industry, Jotform is proud to help them succeed. To get a head start with your own subscription form template, or order form template today.

Have you tried collecting orders or subscriptions using Jotform? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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