Top 7 Power Diary alternatives in 2024

Whether you’re a physician, a therapist, or another kind of healthcare professional, you need an effective team to run an efficient, organized practice. And employees need practice management solutions to accomplish tasks, remain compliant with regulations, and collaborate with one another.

Practice management solutions like Power Diary connect processes to help ensure operations run smoothly. This robust platform helps healthcare professionals manage client appointments, create and collect electronic patient intake forms, offer telehealth services, and store all client data in one secure location.

But as effective as Power Diary is for many healthcare practitioners, it’s not the only solution on the market. Here are seven Power Diary alternatives to consider for your organization.

1. Jotform

Online form builder Jotform offers many of the features of other Power Diary alternatives (like calendar management, automated invoicing, and digital patient intake forms), as well as help with HIPAA compliance, making it one of the most comprehensive systems on this list of Power Diary alternatives. Jotform is a user-friendly, fully customizable, secure, and completely code-free software, ensuring healthcare practitioners of all programming backgrounds can create and customize their own healthcare forms. Healthcare staff can create approval workflows for these forms and manage incoming patient data by using these forms with other Jotform products, like Jotform Approvals and Jotform Tables.

2. WebPT

Screenshot of WebPT

If you’re looking to engage more patients and deliver better outcomes, try the electronic medical record (EMR) system WebPT. Though it’s specifically designed for physical therapists, this platform works for any healthcare professionals who want to optimize patient care, streamline processes, and enable digital patient intake.

Plus, WebPT’s host of scheduling management features helps manage your practice’s calendar. For example, you can send automated reminders to patients to decrease your no-show rate, backfill canceled appointments using its waitlist functionality, and minimize wait times by sending intake forms before patients even show up to their first appointment.

3. Elation Health EHR

Screenshot of Elation Health EHR

Next on our list of Power Diary alternatives is Elation Health EHR, the electronic health record (EHR) solution that helps clinicians offer care before, during, and after appointments. With Elation Health EHR, you can allow patients to schedule appointments online, give them digital intake forms, take notes during their consultation, and automatically share treatment plans with them when they leave.

Additionally, because Elation Health EHR integrates with various clinical data partners, immunization registries, and lab companies, you can reduce manual work without compromising patient data security, accessibility, or patient care.

4. ChartLogic

Screenshot of Chartlogic

Using EHR software ChartLogic, you can improve patient care, simplify processes, and increase productivity — all from one powerful, centralized location. This comprehensive solution lets you schedule new or recurring appointments, reduce claims rejections, automate the collections process, and take advantage of its built-in analytics tools to track and manage all your finances. ChartLogic is intuitive, customizable, and fully equipped to help you effectively manage all aspects of your practice — whether you’re a clinician, office manager, or billing specialist.

5. Carepatron

Screenshot of Carepatron

From automated appointment reminders and clinical documentation to digital medical billing and patient portals, EHR platform Carepatron has all the tools you need to create a secure, efficient workspace. With Carepatron, you can reduce no-shows, access client notes and reports, encrypt your data, and process medical payments instantly. It also includes telehealth capabilities for video consultations at any time, from anywhere, and on any device.

Using Carepatron’s one-click healthcare invoicing feature, you can minimize human error, process claims more accurately, and get back some of your precious time.

6. Acuity Scheduling

Screenshot of Acuity Scheduling

With cloud-based appointment scheduling solution Acuity Scheduling, users can manage multiple practice locations and team members, auto-adjust for time zones, build online intake forms, and accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, or Square. You can even let clients schedule, cancel, and reschedule their own appointments.

More than 100,000 organizations use this versatile tool that provides a wide array of customer support options — including videos, webinars, a community forum, and blog — to make sure you’re never alone on your practice management journey.

7. SimplePractice

Screenshot of SimplePractice

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a large team, practice management software and EHR tool SimplePractice has plenty of dynamic features to help you head a successful practice. With this HIPAA-friendly platform, you can streamline and manage your scheduling, billing, and document processing all from one central location as well as from its top-rated mobile app. You can even use SimplePractice to offer secure telehealth appointments to patients and stay connected with them through an online client portal.

Operating a successful healthcare practice requires patience, a strong team, professionalism, and organization. It also requires the right practice management system — like Power Diary or any of these seven Power Diary alternatives — so you can provide the best possible patient care and experience.

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