Top 5 medical survey portals to earn extra money

Medical survey portals that target physicians, specialists, and other healthcare professionals sometimes pay their respondents as much as $500 per survey. Doctors who participate in a paid medical survey also have the opportunity to both provide their opinions on the future of medicine and learn about developing drugs and new medical devices.

Pharmaceutical companies that distribute paid medical surveys receive value, too. They gain insightful medical feedback from a large pool of credible doctors and healthcare professionals, enabling them to tweak their product line or marketing efforts to boost profits.

But with so many medical survey portals available online, how do you know which is best for you? Which sites are legitimate and worth your time?

Here are the top five medical survey portals to help healthcare professionals earn extra money while sharing their expertise.

1. InCrowd

User Interface of Incrowd

Offering access to over 2 million healthcare professionals and patients, market intelligence platform InCrowd knows a thing or two about proper medical survey development and execution. InCrowd’s short surveys keep doctors engaged, prioritize confidentiality, and serve as an excellent source of supplemental income for medical professionals. Doctors cite InCrowd as a way to participate in short, focused surveys on a wide range of compelling healthcare topics.

2. ZoomRx

User Interface of Zoomrx

Consulting partner ZoomRx prides itself on asking healthcare professionals the right questions to deliver pharmaceutical companies helpful, actionable data. This platform creates quick, easy surveys for physicians to complete on the go on any mobile device. (In fact, if you’re especially pressed for time, you can record voice responses instead of typing out your answers.)

Best of all, you get paid instantly via PayPal. You can also keep track of all your earnings in ZoomRx’s user-friendly mobile app and even contribute a portion of them to patients receiving medical treatment in developing countries.

3. FocusGroup

Screenshot of the landing page of Focus Group

With survey site FocusGroup, you can share your expertise online, over the phone, or in person at one of 14 offices across the United States. FocusGroup is a part of the Schlesinger Group, which has helped companies gather medical and technical market research for over 40 years. Doctors find FocusGroup pays well for their medical surveys, especially for studies related to home exercise and family activities, as well as surveys conducted by medical device and biotech companies.

4. MedSurvey

User Interface of MedSurvey

Medical market research company MedSurvey helps pharmaceutical companies make professional, engaging surveys and find reliable physicians, chiropractors, therapists, and other healthcare providers to take them. Their medical research surveys are mobile- friendly, easy to complete, and critical to the ever-evolving world of healthcare. Once you’re a member with MedSurvey (membership is free, with no fees), you’ll receive survey notifications, the chance to win monthly prizes on top of your survey completion payments, and access to your survey participation history.

5. M3 Global Research

User Interface of M3 Global Research

As one of the most prolific market research firms in the healthcare industry, M3 Global Research includes a network of over 2 million healthcare professionals who participate in paid online surveys, forums, and interviews to provide their medical opinion. You can learn about new medications and treatments on the horizon and take part in paid medical surveys on your own schedule. Participants typically receive compensation two business days after survey completion.

A medical survey platform alternative: Jotform

While online form builder Jotform isn’t a medical survey portal, it is a helpful survey resource for healthcare professionals and companies alike. Pharmaceutical companies and physicians can use Jotform to create HIPAA-friendly forms and surveys for their respective businesses and trust that all collected data is encrypted and stored across a secure connection. They can even add legally binding e-signature and payment processing capabilities to survey forms if they want to provide incentives for survey respondents like the above medical survey portals do.

Jotform is a fully customizable and completely code-free software, ensuring medical professionals of all programming backgrounds can create stunning, branded healthcare forms — including patient intake, telehealth, and appointment forms, as well as Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys.

For many healthcare professionals, taking a paid medical survey is a bit of a no-brainer. You’re able to simultaneously learn more about your profession, provide valuable insight to the medical community, and be paid for your time — all from the palm of your hand. So, whether you work with any of these five medical survey portals to provide your feedback or look elsewhere, taking a few minutes a week to participate in surveys could be worth it.

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