CareCloud in 2024: Pricing, features, and alternatives

Healthcare organizations have many complex moving parts. Providers face the challenge of managing patient data, providing telehealth services, and streamlining medical billing processes — a masterful juggling act.

CareCloud offers an integrated suite of solutions that address the multifaceted needs of a healthcare organization — including operational, financial, and clinical needs. In this article, take a closer look at CareCloud, its features and pricing models, a comparative analysis with its competitors, and user feedback on its pricing structure.

An overview of CareCloud

CareCloud is a cloud-based healthcare management platform that offers a range of solutions, including revenue cycle management, digital health capabilities, and therapy solutions. With CareCloud, healthcare providers can streamline their workflows, improve patient care, and increase revenue.

User Interface of CareCloud

Key features and benefits

  • Electronic health records (EHR): CareCloud’s EHR system provides a centralized platform for managing patient data, including medical history, medications, allergies, and test results. It also offers features such as e-prescribing, patient portals, and secure messaging.
  • Telehealth: CareCloud’s telehealth solution enables healthcare providers to offer virtual consultations to patients. It includes features such as video conferencing and secure messaging.
  • Medical billing: CareCloud’s medical billing solution helps healthcare providers streamline their billing processes. It includes features such as claims management, patient statements, and electronic remittances.
  • Patient experience management: Most modern patients feel more comfortable interacting digitally. CareCloud offers mobile and web-ready solutions that cover everything from appointment check-in to payment collection.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Providers improve patient follow-through and outcomes with a high-touch approach. CareCloud combines technology with this engagement-driven approach to reframe care delivery.

CareCloud pricing

CareCloud doesn’t currently provide pricing on its website. However, some sources indicate that pricing starts at $349 per month per provider. Additionally, there appear to be two pricing strategies. The first is a standard cost per provider each month. The alternative is a percentage of practice collections.

While CareCloud offers standard pricing models, you can customize its pricing and features to fit your practice’s needs. Contact its sales team directly for the most accurate pricing.

An overview of CareCloud’s competitors

CareCloud is a comprehensive solution that covers the needs of most healthcare organizations. So why might someone be interested in alternatives? It’s possible that the solution doesn’t fit your precise needs, such as budget, UI preferences, etc. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at three of CareCloud’s main competitors:

  • eClinicalWorks: Known for its comprehensive EHR system, eClinicalWorks also offers telehealth solutions integrated with clinical workflows. It provides unique selling points like AI-powered EHR and disaster recovery. This full-featured platform starts at $449 per month per provider.
    User Interface of eClinicalWorks on Different Devices
  • athenahealth: With robust cloud-based services, streamlined billing and practice management, patient communication tools, and EHR systems, athenahealth is a direct alternative. As with CareCloud, you’ll need to contact sales for a quote on pricing.
    AthenaHealth Landing Page
  • Healthie: Healthie is an all-in-one platform designed for wellness and health professionals. It’s built as a virtual-first solution and offers tools for telehealth, client engagement, and practice management. There’s a free starter plan, and paid plans start at $49 per month.
    Healthie Landing Page

User feedback on pricing

CareCloud reviews tend to be positive. They focus on the value it delivers as well as its ease of use and customization. Negative reviews tend to focus on billing and customer support. Overall, CareCloud has received positive reviews from users for its pricing.

The data proves CareCloud is a comprehensive healthcare management solution that streamlines healthcare operations, improves patient care, and increases revenue. With its flexible pricing models and full feature set, CareCloud is a great choice for healthcare providers of all sizes.

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