BlueSnap FAQs

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  • What is BlueSnap?

    BlueSnap is simple and powerful online payment tool. It is an all-in-one payment solution that removes the hassle from getting paid digitally. Get paid once, or get paid every month through its recurring payment capabilities. And best of all, they offer new merchants one of the easiest onboarding experiences you’ll see anywhere.

    If you are interested in building a BlueSnap payment form and start to collect payments, please have a look at the referred page.

  • What can you do with Jotform’s BlueSnap Integration?

    1. Sell online products
    2. Sell your subscriptions or recurring payments
    3. Collect donations online
    4. Let users make a custom payment
  • Do I need to have an account with BlueSnap?

    Yes, you must have an account on both Jotform and BlueSnap to proceed. If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

  • Do I need to have a paid Jotform account to use BlueSnap?

    No, BlueSnap is available to all Jotform users. However, payment submission limit applies. Learn more about your account’s usage and limit by clicking on the link.

  • Does Jotform charge additional fees when using BlueSnap?

    No. Jotform does not collect additional fees in order to use BlueSnap. You only pay the standard BlueSnap processing rate.

  • How to integrate BlueSnap with my form?

    You can check out our guide on how to integrate BlueSnap with your form for detailed information.

  • How to get BlueSnap API credentials?

    You can follow the guide about how to get API credentials from BlueSnap for more detailed information.

  • How can I make test payments?

    You would need to enable Sandbox Mode to make test payments. While it is enabled, it does not charge real cards. You can use BlueSnap’s test credit card details to make test payments.

  • Is BlueSnap PCI Compliant?

    Yes. BlueSnap complies with Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Securities Standards (PCI-DSS), which is the highest standard of PCI compliance.

  • How will I get paid?

    To get paid, you’ll need to configure your payout settings in BlueSnap. See BlueSnap’s Payout for instructions.