How to Set Up PayPal along with Other Payment Options

July 12, 2024

It’s great having a PayPal payment integration built right into your form, but what if you want to give your customers other payment options such as paying by check?

Let’s start by building the form.

  1. Use the Single Choice element (radio button) to set up your payment options field. Then set this field as required.

Example: We added PayPal and Check as payment options.

  1. To set up the Check option, add a Paragraph element and add any relevant information the user needs to complete the payment.
  1. Use a Multiple Choice element to display your products that can be paid for by check.
  1. For the PayPal option, you can use PayPal Standard from the Payments tab.

After that, set up a Show/Hide Field condition to show the respective field based on whether or not your user selects pay via PayPal or Check. Here’s how:

  1. Click Settings at the top.
  2. Conditions on the left.
  3. Select the Show/Hide Field condition.

The general logic is to show the respective field, based on the user’s selection so you need to set up two conditions for each instance:

  • If the “Payment Options” field value is equal to “PayPal”, then show the “My Products (PayPal)” element.
  • If the “Payment Options” field value is equal to “Check”, then show the “Paragraph” and the “My Products (Check)” element.

You can also add more payment options, not just check, so long as it’s an offline payment. Please be informed that you can only use one payment gateway per form.

Demo Form:

Here’s how it works:

  • When you select Check on the payment option field and submit the form, it will be submitted right away.
  • When you select PayPal on the payment option field and submit the form, it would redirect to PayPal Checkout page where you need to complete the payment.

Another alternative option is to redirect users to a different form URL based on the selected payment method.

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