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Whitelisting JotForm IP Addresses and Domains

Whitelisting JotForm IP Addresses and Domains

Please contact your email service provider and request them to add JotForm's IP addresses to their whitelist.

It is also a good idea to add and to your contacts lists and whitelist our common domain names below.

JotForm IP List

  • 2001:4860:4000::/36
  • 2404:6800:4000::/36
  • 2607:f8b0:4000::/36
  • 2800:3f0:4000::/36
  • 2a00:1450:4000::/36
  • 2c0f:fb50:4000::/36

JotForm Default Email List


JotForm Sender Domains List

  • *

If you're still having problems with emails, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • tmawebsiteforms2019

    We are not getting the verification code when adding a replacement email into sender email so it will be from our google apps g-suite account - This is confusing for us. Can you guide us please.

    This is a non profit account and the board members change every 2 years so we prefer not to do the smtp with a user name and password as that will change every 2 years.


    Customize the content of the email and the address of the sender.

    Sender Email
    Users can receive emails using your own SMTP server instead of JotForm's servers.
    Email Type

  • Michele Engber

    Was told by Westhost that your IP address ( is on blacklist for
    which is preventing us from consistently receiving submitted forms.

    Our username is MEngPEB. How do we address this issue?

  • dylanuam


    I have had my network admin whitelist everything in this list however Outlook is still placing jotform submission emails into quarantine...

    Can you please assist?

  • sophiamanley

    I am having emails being rejected from sending on gmail coming from IP addresses other than these.

    Are there any additional IP addresses that are not listed?

    I am going through them all and so far am seeing two that are being rejected and that are not listed on this list.

  • agmark

    The largest subnet Exchange Online will allow whitelisted in the connection filter is /24. This is a huge list. What are other options? Can our emails be narrowed down to a specific range?

  • BrightstarTelecom


    I've added 3 of the JotFrom emails to my Gmail contact.

    But I can't find where I can add the whitelist of domains list and IP.

    Can you please provide guidance to me?

    Thanks - Billy

  • ccaorg

    We use Rackspace web mail and when trying to add IP addresses above, the window says that the IP address is not valid.

    Please assist further. I am not a technician and I do not understand what I am doing incorrectly.

    Dr. Brons

  • versatiledjent

    This does not work. Foix this asap. I'm so tempted to cancel.

  • jniewenhuis

    Which one of these can I use for FTP? At least a FQDN. Please help...
    Thank you.

  • Russell Durtschi

    How about getting yourselves off of blacklists so we don't have to whitelist a bunch of stuff.

  • Dion Hardin

    I am attempting to access this link and it times out every time. I can whitelist my client and it works. I have added the whitelist information above and that does not work either. Any extra advise or is there possibly a redirect somewhere that is causing this timeout?

    Thank you
    Dion Hardin

  • Richard

    Hola, me acaban de bloquear mi cuenta y deseo suscribirme al pago de un año para poder usar mi cuenta.
    Es posible?
    Por favor con urgencia volver a activar mi cuenta rchunil
    Saludos cordiales.

  • musmuliadi

    how to know email what using in jotform?

  • XUXorg

    The ranges listed are not valid. Useless list.

  • ModernDayAgent

    Well, I got yours but why did I not get my clients reports?

  • kumc

    Would it be possible to notify your customers when this list is updated?
    It would allow us to better serve our customers. Please and thank you.

  • Luis Roldan

    Hello are these two CIDR correct i have never seen them any higher than 32 ?? ??

  • gcpower05

    Thank You

  • Aseza

    I want the confirmation email that tells me that the imail I send is submitted or not submitted

  • Richard Winblad

    Added whitelist, only "Test form" seems to work.

  • Judy Boles

    I am not getting JotForm notifications on my Comcast email. How can this be fixed?

  • netcent

    Huh? No one in their right mind would whitelist this list!

    Whitelist all of amazonaws as a sender? Really?

    Class Bs and Cs you don't even own or control?

    Do you have any idea how many attacks and how much spam comes from some of these ranges?

    I don't know who came up with this but you've just made the decision of renewing very easy.

  • stonehillcollege


    Is this the most recent IP Address list?

    Thank you very much.

  • wasim sikder

    Good way

  • PacificOffice

    Please update this list. It is not accurate and causing bounces which sucks when combined with your "bounce list"

  • 3050forms

    What is the latest list? Is there a dedicated support article for office 365?

  • Eric Williams

    This list is no longer current. Please update with a current list of IP addresses that we need to add to the white list:

    Recently I had to add:

    This was not part of any of your lists.

  • Wiltrina

    I have no clue as to what I'm supposed to be doing to fix the issue. Please help

  • dstart

    I need all of the IP addresses attributed to these addresses:


    Please help!!! My IT team can't help us get our emails through if we do not get these IP addresses.

  • murphy36


    Please help me asap. My Client is in the taxi business, people are booking from their mobile web on which i put the jot form. they are not recieving the booking notifications but I am . They have a different email service provider , I have given them all th IP addresses on this page to be white listed and tried to make the booking they still did not get the booking . The email provider is afraid that they might be blacklisted if this continues to happen. What is your advice , how can I get around this problem? I need help ASAP.

  • marcusantebi


    This happened with one of my email accounts and there was something you were able to do on your end to get them not to bounce.

    Can you please do that again for the email address:

    Thank you!

  • earthdaysf

    Add us to your Contacts List:

    These cannot be added to the contact list, because they are not email addresses.

    What should i do?


  • guest_30023187866051

    Due to terms of use violation, your account has been suspended.
    It was suspected to be used for phishing. If you think this is a mistake please contact us to resolve this issue.

    why ?

  • AnfitrionasPeru

  • HydeParkArtForms

    I have not been receiving forms that are filled out, and just now forwarded them through jot form, but they have not arrived either. what the heck is going on, I've received close to 100 forms already, this is really annoying that it would stop now.

  • Book of Charms

    I found it :)
    My apologies for the inconvenient :)

  • Book of Charms

    Hello, I have a question :)
    When i first made the form i didn't put "email alerts" but now i did.
    My question is : how can I retrieve the already sent form that I didn't receive?
    Thank u very much.
    Good Day :)

  • medoghuneim

    haloo ... dear friend .. i am not receiving any things on my email .... no notifications .. why?????

  • maria -mierlea

    tengo muchas amigas y me gusta ablar con ellas

  • kpanish1

    I am not receiving my email notifications. And I do not understand the instructions about white listing. My provider is and