How to Integrate PayPal Checkout with Jotform

January 25, 2023

PayPal Checkout provides users with a simple and secure checkout experience that doesn’t require them to navigate away from a website or mobile app to make a payment.

New features like Smart Payment Buttons automatically display payment methods, such as PayPal Credit, making it easier for users to complete payments.

What Can You Do With Jotform’s PayPal Checkout Integration?

  • Sell products.
  • Collect donations.
  • Accept custom payments.


How Do You Integrate Your Forms with PayPal Checkout?

  1. Click the Add Form Element button in the top-left part of the Form Builder.
  2. Open the Payments tab.
  3. Search and click on PayPal Checkout to add it to your form.
  1. Open the PayPal Checkout Integration panel by clicking the Payment Settings icon.
  2. Click the Connect button in the payment settings on the right side of the page.

Below is a short GIF on how you can connect your PayPal account through the PayPal Checkout integration:



If PayPal detects you have not completed your Business Application with them, they’ll prompt you to go through the same process again when you click the Connect button in the integration panel. It is recommended to contact PayPal first regarding the status of your application before setting up the PayPal Checkout integration.

  1. Set up the following options:
    • Environment – choose between Test Mode and Live Mode.
    • Currency – prices and amounts displayed on the form are based on the selected currency.
    • Payment Type – specify whether to process payments for products, user-defined amounts, or custom donations.
    • Replace Submit Button With PayPal – toggle to display the submit button for manual form submission.
    • Enable PayPal Credit – toggle to enable PayPal Credit for US-based customers.
    • Enable Card Payments – toggle to enable card-based payments instead of just PayPal.
    • Additional Gateway Settings – here you can find the toggle to enable/disable the Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren and set up the PayPal Smart Buttons Styles.

If you have selected Sell Products from the Payment Type and clicked the Continue button, you will be prompted to create your products in the next step. If you have chosen User Defined Amount or Collect Donation options, click the Save button, and you’re done.

See also:


  • Funding sources, such as PayPal Credit and Card Payments, are dynamically displayed for users based on their location and cookies.
  • Venmo will be displayed automatically to eligible consumers and cannot be enabled/disabled.

The Payment Process

The payment is authorized and executed only when the form is submitted. Below are demos of payment flow when paying through Paypal Credit or Debit/Credit Card.

Paypal Checkout

You will see from this demo that PayPal Credit is available on the checkout page. For eligible users, PayPal Credit is also displayed in the form.


Debit/Credit Card

For Debit or Credit Card payments, it is important to remember that cards attached to a PayPal account cannot be used for this type of payment.


The payment information will include Transaction ID, Transaction Fee, Payer Email, and Payer Name on the form submission page and in notification emails.


If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, let us know in the comment box below or contact us by creating a support ticket.

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