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A Short History 

It was a dark and stormy day at the office. The year was 2006, and Aytekin Tank was working as a software consultant in New York City. He kept running into the same pain point at work. Coding online forms was such a time suck! Not only was it time-consuming to build online forms, but it was not the most enthralling of tasks.

Aytekin browsed online, trying to find an easier way to go about the task. He quickly realized that there was no great solution on the market to simplify the process. Web-based form builders were painful to use. You would add a question by going to an "Add Question" page. JotForm introduced the idea of building a web form on a WYSIWYG form editor using JavaScript drag and drop and AJAX. You can read more about how he came up with the first version on this blog post.

JotForm’s userbase was steadily increasing, and spreading the word about the product. Working during the day, and working on JotForm at night became unsustainable as a side project, and Aytekin decided to make the leap to working on JotForm full time. Building out the team slowly and deliberately, Aytekin decided to bootstrap his company. Now headquartered in San Francisco, JotForm has never received any outside funding and has experienced continued growth. We like keeping things independent, creative, and fun. Our team is global: we have another office in Ankara, Turkey. Our 20-strong support team works from various countries around the world. This allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support.

Today, JotForm has over 4 million users from over 177 countries. More than a thousand new users create accounts on JotForm every day. As a globally used tool, we’ve made JotForm available in over a dozen languages. Let’s walk down memory lane and take a look at the first version of JotForm, which was released in 2006:

JotForm 1.0

Here was an early growth chart.

JotForm First Ten Year

Here at JotForm, our mission is to make it easy for anyone to create online forms. We have a culture of listening to our users, and many new features have been prioritized and built due to user demand. We’re very excited about the future. If you love JotForm, please tell your friends and colleagues about us. Thank you for all of your support along our journey.

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  • Heather

    No matter what hoops I jumped, and even as I used my email to communicate with support, my email was always rejected as being invalid.

    My email is NOT invalid.

    JotForm is invalid, and I will never use it. Ever.

    Let's see if it works this time, when I used CAPS in front.

  • nationwiderealty2018


  • Tammy

    Having a HUGE issue with my account being suspended and now my form that I filled out for help is going ignored. Please email me ASAP. I need this account up and running again. Tammy

  • philliesbridge

    What happened to your outstanding customer service? We used to be able to call or chat. Please bring this support back lest you lose customers.

  • Elaine Smith

    Good Day

    I recently received an email from a client indicating that he had completed our Supplier Questionnaire on 8 March.

    To date I have not received a notification so I attempted to login to your website but I am unable to do so. I keep receiving a message stating that either the user name or password is incorrect.
    I attempted to use the “Forget Password” option both yesterday and today but have not received the automated email either, which would allow me access that way.

    The last notification that I received was on 6 Feb 2019 and nothing since then. I am aware of at least 2 forms which should now be on the website and I really need the information urgently.

    It would be appreciated if you could look into the reasons why I can no longer
    1. access the site
    2. receive notification

    Another problem encountered is that I am unable to find a place on your website where I can send a query. If I go to "Contact Us" - I am directed to FAQ's which is not what I need.

    Quality Specialist

  • Everton Soares de Oliveira

    Prezados boa tarde.

    Estamos querendo usar o software em nossa instituição e gostaria de entender como funciona a questão do licenciamento.
    Pois como disse vamos utilizar dentro da nossa instituição.

  • Steve Tocker

    I just signed up today but, when I try to login get "Login failed - AUTOSUSPENDED". I tried the 'Contact JotForm Support' page but it requires me to log in!!!

    Not a great start to my Jot Form experience. Please advise.

  • CastingBCMP

    I've been trying for the last few hours to get my username changed. I received a response quickly asking if I was sure about the change. I responded that I was and am now waiting for four hours to either have it changed or have someone respond. Is there a telephone number I can call to speak to someone who can assist?

  • SaintsWebmaster

    i can't get help page to work. is there a way to phone you?

  • Terps0422

    Assistance on adding email addresses..

  • Nadine Banks

    After multiple tries, I realized that I know my password but not my Login Name. Can you show me how to get information?


  • Geri Smith

    I am being double billed on my Amex card - who do I contact to get a credit.

  • Ebou Janha

    I changed my email on my profile and now I can't login to my account. I used the same email as my username.

  • Ramon L Rodriguez

    Please, I have to tell you that I lopve your product, but there are two things:

    I would love to have an app that I can open and bring a particular form for people to handle in my office ina tablet.

    second, make it easier to log in. I mean, stop the ads, and put a big LOG IN icon to make it easier and more convenient.

  • S. Nightwing

    I've been supporting JotForm since 2012 when it was just starting to get popular & the yearly subscription was cheap! Now I'm so glad JF let me be grandfathered in with my initial cost. I don't do a lot of forms since I'm not doing as much web design nowadays, but I'm sure gonna keep that cheap price & probably never cancel my account unless I die, which hopefully, will be a long time from now!

    Best Regards, & I love the orange cat!
    S. Nightwing

  • Honeybeeangel

    Thank you , & Merry Christmas .
    I not sure what this .i will figure it out though.i suppose this a blog that I can not down my thoughts ..rest Azure I be asking question..thank you sencerly

  • Smile7

    Whoa. I'm excited to start making forms when I need them. Gracias 🤗❤️

  • gailhillis

    The person who set up our Jot Form is not longer working with us. We want the ability to archive old forms but I am not the owner so I cannot do that. Any suggestions?

  • Jane Nordberg

    I can't seem to login to our account -- we recently upgraded to JotForm Gold. Is there an issue with the upgrade?

    Jane Nordberg
    Jewish Historical Society of Michigan

  • Carrie Lynn Marquez

    Our school district is wanting to order some subscriptions from you. We need to add you to our vendor database. Can you please send me your W9 so we can add you to the data base, so we can process an order to you.

    Carrie Marquez
    Senior Buyer
    Pajaro Valley USD

  • Donna Schweitzer

    I am trying to renew out subscription. I need an invoice which was sent to HR but it is cut off on the document that I have. I am the card holder so I do not have a log in. My number is 405-419-8215 my e-mail is donna.schweitzer@ohfa.org

  • Katie Fisher

    Question: If I am to use your product, can I track responses? Also, can I track who the respondents are? OR are the respondents anonymous?

    Thanks you for any assistance!

  • Martin Solé

    Easy and useful. We replace paper with jotform.

  • cesar

    Hi, we are going to Silicon Valley for two weeks. Is it possible to have a meeting with you?
    We will like to show you what we do.
    Thank you.

  • SharonSmethurst

    Love stories like this. I'm a little in-love with JotForm at the moment.


    Great work!!

  • Jeanne-Catherine Ellis

    Aytekin bey: I am impressed with your blog and would like to share it with a friend of mine. However, the friend has done some hurtful things to me recently, and I am not ready to re-initiate contact. If you are willing to do so, I would ask you to contact him directly. I would very much like to help him with his own blog and website, but I have no particular expertise in either area... and I see that you do. Furthermore, I believe you are both from the same city, and might benefit from sharing each other's experiences.
    I would be grateful for a response of any kind - even a simple acknowledgement of this message, with nothing more.
    If you are interested, however, I would be delighted to know this. I think there is good to be done here. Inshallah.

  • Tayyab786g


  • Barbaros Cem Erbaşlı

    Kendileri ile 8 yıldır çalışıyoruz. Tek bir problem dahi yaşamadık. Başarılarının devamını dilerim.

  • Nazar

    Is it true that ExxonMobil is using your service?

  • Berik

    Please can you response me..., sure ExxonMobil to use your service?

    It's official?


  • CastingBCMP

    Who is Vanessa Trapero and why is this person showing up as a collaborator when I'm viewing my form? I do not have any collaborators.


    You are not responding to my requests and I will be lodging a complaint with my credit card company. You are unauthorized to charge my card and it is now illegal!

  • esayas

    Comment Than you for wonderful vision

  • Steven Guine

    Good day to you:
    I have tried using your password reset function and never received an e-mail. I tried to send you a support request, but the message hangs. I need to reset my password. Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance,
    Steven Guine

  • Tom Bardessono


    Thomas Bardessono
    Street Address: 2021 Frst St #5
    City: Napa
    State / Province: Ca
    Postal / Zip Code: 94559
    Phone Number
    (707) 5960268

    Now create your own JotForm - It’s free!
    Create a JotForm

  • anilduhanharyana

    please respond and refund the payment done wrongly for 1 year subscription instead of one month

  • Melinda Nikolas

    Can you use jotform as a registration tool and have it send a text message to the Registrant if the text message is set up prior. Do we have to already have the data for registration such as name and mobile number to begin with?

    Was talking to someone through the blog at one point and they told me it could and would cost about $1k.... please verify as we have an event coming up in March and really would like to use this technology.

  • deejazz

    Why can't I access my forms?

  • Scott Haydon

    Work for a state agency in U.S. We are looking at how to address 508 accessibility on our forms and publications.
    Are your forms 508 compliant? (https://www.section508.gov/content/learn). We are not a federal agency but the same requirements are slowly coming.

    Scott Haydon
    Web Admininstrator
    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

  • Jerrydon

    I dont have a clue what to do. I thought it was kust aboit numbers

  • Maria Clancy

    Congratulations on your success!!

    Thought you'd like to know there is a small typo on this webpage : https://www.jotform.com/story/

    Perhaps 'loot' should be 'look' in this sentence:
    "Let’s walk down memory lane and take a loot at the first version of JotForm, which was released in 2006:"

    Trust this feedback helps :)

  • Malissa

    I would like to know if your forms will work to take paid membership for an online course site. So only members can access course. Something where login to access after registration, or login as a member to access. Is this possible to set up with jotforms?

  • Somerled

    Well done. I congratulate you. Lovely product.

  • Janet Kinney

    I need someone from your accounting to contact me about charges hitting our bank account.

  • HoopsCRM

    Such an awesome product. Thank you very much. So easy to use to create powerful forms and surveys. Great that these can be restyled so easily to look cool. Very cool to hear your story, your success is well deserved.

  • Michael Long

    Please delete my account @mclong. Thanks

  • Keith Brunson

    I would like a phone call, because we are having trouble with getting the platform to work as intended.
    I'm President of Cannabis Clinics of America.
    Call me on my cell at 850 209 8695

  • Ben

    I love the jotfom product!!! It would be really if Our jotform submit option has an option to export to a text file or .csv that we could save anywhere. Thank you!

  • 3Carnorton

    This website is used to scam people off of eBay and eBay Motors I can skin myself and I do not like it I will get this link website URL whatever you want to f****** call it shut down she's my language please read my comment and have a nice day

  • alka17690

    Compliments to you. I have worked with Jotform for a couple of years. Your team always finds a way to say yes for a solution. They always are very helpful. Love your product.

  • taotai

    I do online business, which I sell yeezy on Instagram:safarishoes, I use this app for expanded my business, it's very helpful that I have morn than 20K$ per month.

  • tracyalexander

    Great website, my forms look great. Your support team area brilliant, always quick to help me with my problems. Thank you

  • christinebishop

    So glad I stumbled across JotForms. I will be recommending to as many people as I can. Currently using the Free version but you never know!

  • sumberrizki

    We hope there is live chat to help us solve the problem. I use forum to solve my problem, but it takes a time around 5-7 hours...

  • TCuric

    This form builder is great.

    The user guide articles have proved particularly useful when building forms. One frustration I come across often is trying to find answers/solutions to questions, however all queries I've had I've been able to allocate across your platform and in such an easy to understand manner.

  • Louisaz

    JotForm is simply BRILLIANT! I'm the (unpaid, volunteer) admin for a small group of retired military veterans. JotForm is perfect for what we need. We cannot thank you enough. Keep it simple, elegant, flexible, and fun to use. In other words, don't make significant changes. Make your refinements incrementally -- after much beta testing by users. Thanks!

  • safedentalmorley

    To the Jotform team, you make our work easier. thank you!

  • Amrita

    For the past 3-4 hrs JotForms is down and the embed/ iFrame and popup methods are giving this error: https://form.jotform.me/60912282940454
    Please get this resolved at the earliest as we have many sites using JotForms and the forms are not displaying on the sites, see for example on these pages:

    Inline image 1

    Request you to please let us know what is going on and resolve this at the earliest, Please reply by when this will be resolved??

    Thank you
    Amrita Sethi


  • DiegoMarafon

    What companies are using jotForm?

  • kingsart

    To the team at Jotform
    Your product is amazing. May you have many years of great success. Thanks for all the support.

  • carobnjaktimi

    Hi Guys and Girls at Jotform,

    I just want to express my gratitude for being such an amazing service.
    Being just opened business, your free plan is extremely valuable to me. I wish Ill grow fast enough receiving more than 100 submission and start my paid plan without any second thoughts.

    Thank you one more time!

    With love,

  • jorgegallardo

    Exellent visual tool for quick forms even if u r or not a TI expert.

  • amaciel81


    Impressive work! Good things happens to whom work hard, keep rocking!

    Alexandre (Montreal, Canada)

  • j3lomahan

    Your product is awesome, I love it and have been using it for 2+ years. Just awesome like a cool breeze in summertime.

  • pauleliteseo

    we're a web marketing agency. can we create forms for multiple clients with jotform and if so, how many can we create with a professional account?


  • Busy Bee

    Thank You! You guys are the BEST ...Thank God for you, your products and all the work that you do to make life easy for so many. We need you and again thank you.

  • ultimate2015

    I have been using your forms for years now, i simply love, them,keep up the good work, i wish you all the very best and success ahead,
    you guys are the only company whos giving this much features free,
    from Sri Lanka

  • Jason Ojukwu

    You guys Rock! Stay independent! :)

  • willerby

    Congratulations on a truly impressive site, a great product and superb support via your forum. It is a joy to see a site where you start with the tool/app and play and within 10 minutes can create a good form that works, within 30 minutes a form that interacts and within 2 hours a combination of forms/pages that interactively appear/disappear depending on the user input. Having been tasked with creating some complex online forms for H&S risk assessments (even the paper versions looked scarey) within 24 hours you had revolutionised the way we do these. Great great product. And free? I'm so impressed...

  • syucom

    Great job!
    Thank you so much.

  • Мария

    Вы молодцы!!!! Большое спасибо :)

  • tobiz

    I am trying to locate where I can sell designs. Thanks

  • trickypup

    Loving the new Form Designer, made it so easy to integrate the look of the form into my existing site's CSS. Great job! Will be using this again, and recommending it to other developers.

  • bigbudgie

    Despite numerous attempts to contact somebody over the last few days I have still not received the courtesy of a reply. i have paid to upgrade my account to premium but now cannot access my account. when I try and reset the password it says no account exists! I have a receipt for the payment, please contact me!!! user name is bigbudgie, you can email me directly on the above email, in the past you have allways offered a first class service and support, I cannot understand why I have not been contacted or received any reply.

  • PanicLifeAssist

    hi there. Can the security check be disabled so that the send location function can be straight forward. as this comes up- One more step
    Please complete the security check to access widgets.jotform.io

  • runevik

    I love Your site and i have used many features in my work already, with sucsess !

    You rock !

    Keep up the good work you guys !

  • Bob YI

    i've used jot form to build a online quotation , that's great, i love you. jot form team.

    keep moving on!

  • gen2advisors

    For what we need can something be hacked out on my own for free? Yes. But it wouldn't be as nice, or as smooth, or as simple. For $20, just isn't worth the annoyance of rolling my own for something adhoc.

  • Tony

    Its a neat little system that you guys have! It takes a little to get it all figured out. Works great for what we need. Thanks alot guys!

  • Tim

    Why have the homepage open to a product that can't be saved unless you create an account first? I just wasted 3 hours building work that was completely lost. There needs to be a warning for people that their work cannot be saved unless they are logged in.

  • coompanion

    Great work! Best form-tool out there

  • blueyuiou

    Why"Chichi: Form over quota
    This form has passed it's allocated quota
    and cannot be used at the moment.

    Try contacting the owner of this form."??????

  • madhuscafe

    If there is an Internet Nobel prize, is should go to you guys..seriously... thank you thank you thank you. Great product.

  • Smartnation

    Thank you guys, really useful and nice plataform.

    Keep going.

  • Maynard

    Thank you Interlogy,LLC for helping make life easier. Rock-on!

  • covalagroup

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Y'all are amazing.

  • John Bates

    Jotform is an amazing company. I'm really impressed by how they have made it so easy to set up very smart forms, without any need to understand coding. Technical support is excellent too! Thanks. John, Biopharm Reports

  • nancytorrison

    I have a really big medical research grant application set up on one of your forms. Each university that is trying to fill it out is having issues - not all the same. One of the main issues is that they can't save the form once they start working on it. Most need to send it to a supervisor before submitting. Is there any chance I can talk by phone to a real person?

  • Bree McNaught

    Jot Form helped make my life so much easier! I was able to fill out and send a credit score application in a matter of two minutes! I will defenitally be using this website again!
    Thank you!!!

  • NicholaB13

    Hi There,
    I am experiencing problems with creating a new form. When I click new it comes up as normal but wont let me click and drag any of the fields in the left hand side tool bar. I have tried several times and the issue still exists. If possible can someone please contact me during office hours to discuss over the phone. It's becoming very frustrating as I need to create a new form ASAP.

    Many thanks.

  • ccdslu

    We have not been receiving email notification of forms completed, what do we need to do to resume receiving notification?

    Gretchen Woods
    Lincoln University
    Jefferson City, MO

  • Gretchen Woods

    We use forms and need to make language changes to some of our forms. Is there someone to help with this process?

  • jezerferris

    Thank you for this amazing "Form Builder"! Even a person with no programing skills (like me) can build an outstanding Form for their websites.
    Keep up the good work! Best wishes from Brazil!!!

  • Kristian Gundersen

    I'm really curious about how well the "instantly in editor" front page is working for you. It's such an innovative approach that you don't see anywhere else. Can you share any numbers on how many of your visitors end up returning/signing up, etc.
    I personally like the approach but it could obviously be scary for some.

  • brickmovers

    I've been using JotForm for a few years and you keep on keeping up with the times. You make form building so effortless that I can't justify passing on the cost of development hours to my customers. Consequently...they save money when I use you guys. Everybody wins!

  • Josefali

    muito obg

  • mhdknight

    well done (y)
    Keep it up :)

  • monie2

    Great form builder. Keep it up

  • earthdaysf

    Hi Interology

    Just wanted to share that JotForm is my top recommendation, for affordable form services which include payment integration. My feature-by-feature comparison with about 20 form services is here:

    Note, this is just my own personal comparison, based on my own needs. This is not a blog or public site.

    Thanks for the best form service!

  • ECCF1989

    Amazing. Working with a company for our internal online application process and they had a progress reporting system that just did not function well. I found your website, creating a form, linked to our website in one day and it was SO EASY!!! I hope you never go away. I already have forms and links attached through next year!!!!!

  • carlosgis

    You Rock!

  • union21

    cavoli non funziona una madonna. come mai non si entra + a vedere le email arrivate?

  • PhilOfPerth

    Just in case you think you've had all the praise you can get, I wanna say "I've tried lots of Contact Forms, including my own products, but none came even close to this for easy installation, customization and use, as well as great support. Well done Team. And thanks for making a free version available."

  • adam_kret

    All what I can say: Great !

  • maqbool

    Your just awesum men! you are providing facility !!!

  • converzo

    We love your product. But we noticed you have a lot of downtime with your server. Since we use these forms for our customers this is a major hickup. Could you please inform us about downtime of your server? Can we trust you will have 99%+ uptime?

  • mfigueroa

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for your amazing work!

  • Consorzio3i

    Thank you so much

  • alexalive1

    Amazing job guys!!! Thanks a ton from India!


    Dear Folks at JotForm,

    You are my heroes! We are a very small nonprofit, serving up mathematics to highly gifted students (top 2%) in St. Louis. We don't have much staff, and I'm not much of a techie, but when I found JotForm, I went wild.

    We now handle online course registrations (and payment through PayPal!), emergency forms, nominations, newsletter opt ins, etc. with JotForm and integrate with MailChimp. We are looking to use some of your other integrations as well. High on our wish list is an integration with Box.com, CiviCRM and perhaps Survey Monkey

    Great job!

    Cynthia, Executive Director

  • governoRPC

    Thanks for Jotform, great job in this tool!

  • plugyou

    you're the best! thank you! keep it up!

  • Krisna Prayoga

    I had been looking for a form that can be put on the blogger finally I found jotform.jotform is the best of all is a form builder

  • Lilli

    I am looking for a simple yet mighty software that will allow a online questionaire to be completed. A sample has been started in my account. I would then like that form to be emailed to me as well as printable for a hard copy file. 1and1 websites suggested your form software and stated you have the dynamics to combine the services so I can get the net effect I am looking for.
    Please advise. I thank you for your assistance.

  • Joe

    Hi guys, love the product. Have you thought about making a form theme that runs with Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework? Would be pretty cool.
    Keep up the good work.


  • SAMIRA64

    Спасибо, что вы есть, с вашей помощью сайт намного стал "легче",так как не нужно было устанавливать плагин)))

  • jasonpreece

    Do you have any plans in the future to be iPad friendly? I am trying to view a template that I have already created but cannot view it or anything else on my iPad.

  • shproperties

    Never thought I would be able to find a site that offered so much, for so little. All the little things that no one else could you, or I thought was no possible, Jotform was able to it with so much ease. Such a fine product, at incredible prices.

  • Mahipat Singh

    It's a great work, providing by "JotForm" in Web world as free and web form services to website owners or webmasters.


  • Lincoln

    You guys seriously are the best!!!!! what an awesome tool...keep it up! I am spreading the word here in Canada. Awesome!

  • Frank

    It,amazing job ... we need more programs like this ....Thanks

  • contato@unisolsistemas.com.br

    Prezado (a), Jotform

    A Unisol Sistemas é uma empresa de tecnologia focada na gestão empresarial das organizações, desenvolvendo soluções específicas para sua empresa, tais como criação websites, lojas virtuais, gestão do conhcimento, business intelligence, Inteligência estratégica, consultorias e muito mais.

    Ligue-nos, ou acesse nosso site para conhecer mais sobre nosso trabalho. A tecnologia pode potencializar seu negócio.

    Goiás: (62) 4053.7071
    São Paulo: (11) 4063.7152
    Rio de Janeiro: (21) 4063.7152
    Minas Gerais: (31) 4063.7152
    Rio Grande do Sul: (51) 4063.9151

  • danielbuilder

    Thank you for everything. Everything is fantastic! Good luck!

  • contato@eedconsult.com.br

    Prezado (a) Jotform,

    O Grupo E&D é uma holding integrada que tem como objetivo desenvolver e implantar soluções empresariais, aproveitando as oportunidades do mercado de forma sustentável, atendendo de maneira diferenciada, com foco na lucratividade.

    Formado por uma equipe de experientes profissionais, atua nas áreas de gerenciamento de educação corporativa, projetos, consultoria e assessoria, análise de viabilidade, planejamento e gerenciamento estratégico, desenvolvimento de projetos de investimentos, tecnologia da informação, comércio exterior, comércio eletrônico dentre outros.

    Acesse nosso site e conheça mais sobre nosso trabalho. www.eedconsult.com.br


    E&D Consult

  • Ziquia Andrews

    Wondering if possible you could ad yet another payment integration. It's called Stripe. I have been using Stripe for a while now. It's just like AuthorizeNet but free. They charge like paypal. It would be great for you guys to just take a look and see if its worth offering.

    JotForm Lover

  • gerrywiebe

    Does your company offer investment opportunities?

  • contato@googlefx.com.br

    Ola Jotform,

    Possuimos mais de 2.000.000 milhoes de emails validos

    Servidor dedicado para envio de email em massa com smtp UOL, versão ilimitada

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    Emails validos e segmentados

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    Mensagem enviada por : www.googlefx.com.br

  • Keck Yvonne

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ich habe bei Ihnen einen Vertrag zur Erhöhung der Einträge abgeschlossen. Hiermit möchte ich ihn kündigen.

    Bitte Sie um eine Bestätiung per E-Mail.

    Vielen Dank!
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    Yvonne Keck




  • resumeform

    I just have to say that this is an OUTSTANDING service you provide. I can't believe I actually found something so useful and was exactly what I needed. I'll be signing up for the middle plan even though I don't need it. It's inexpensive and money well spent.

  • gero135

    OMFG UR Service is just so amazing, its a great tool, also ur ui is amazing, i hope u have more projects like this one! maybe phto galleries creation or customized banners in html5 can be a great great idea, also a directory creation can be nice, there so many options that i can imagine and u for sure had tinked, sorry for my bad english, greetings from argentina

  • ajlst21

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