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How to Upgrade My Account

How to Upgrade My Account

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you are logged into your JotForm Account before proceeding. 

Also, please note that All Subscription Plans are Automatically Recurring meaning they will re-bill you in the future on the Date of Purchase unless you cancel prior.***


1. Click on your account image and then click your username text link. 

2. Go to Billing/Upgrade section. You should be able to see the details of each subscription plan. 


3. When you scroll down, you can see which plan you are currently on, you can see the "Current Plan" just below the subscription plan, just select the plan you wish to upgrade to and click on the "Upgrade" button.


4. From here, a window will show up where you can choose the payment schedule and payment method. You can choose either Monthly, Yearly or Bi-yearly plans. Make sure to select the check box that you agree to our terms. Click the "Upgrade" button.


 5. You will then be provided with additional instructions on how to make your payment, this depends on the payment method you have selected. 


At the Billing section you'll notice the account's current plan, simply click on the next one you wish to upgrade and follow the instructions in the payment gateway.

 Do you have questions? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Tai Tagung

    I like to upgrade my account(-SBI) what process should I take to upgrade it.will account upgrade do in Bank

  • houses4rent

    how can I upgrade for just one month

  • A Dennis Mead

    I want to give notice of a new credit card number on my account to pay for upgraded storage

  • ActsofHope

    it is not letting me upgrade

  • Idowu ayodeji atteh

    I want to upgrade my account

  • Ray

    Multi-page web form.
    If a customer visits the site and they start to enter their information and click next going to page 2 of 3.
    While on page 2 they fill out half of it and they accidentally close out of the form.
    What information will your form/system capture if I choose to go with the Silver package.
    I can not afford to have the information lost if they close the page after completing partial information on the mult-section/page form
    Please advise!

  • Lindy Sweeny

    I was following your instructions and the first test form after setting up the HIPAA did have a green lock at the bottom NOW the second form I set up does not.

    AND it never took me through the process to encrypt all of the forms I already have in my acct.

    I Need Help with this ASAP

  • friendsbeaufort


  • standrewsturi

    This guy had the ssame problem as me: When i click on monthly, there isn't an option to pay by card.

    Jjeffrey19 February 26, 2018 at 03:36 PM
    I paid for the full year, thinking I was only paying for a month. I would like to stay at the silver level, but only pay per month. Do I need to cancel everything and start over? Or can you refund me the difference between the $39 a month and the $390 I was charged?

  • KHB2018

    This is still not working for us, and we are now receiving another notice that it is going to cancel again tomorrow.
    I need a resolution to this problem please.

    Thank you,
    Amy Reed

  • GadorusMartinez

    The pay by check option appears on the first Upgrade screen but when you click next to enter your information the option to pay by check is not listed in the payment method drop down menu. The following are the only options; Secure online credit card, paypal, electronic check, wire transfer, phone, fax, purchase order, Skrill, local bank transfer. Please review.

    thank you

  • mynurzthailand

    Hi, if i would like to upgrade my plan from bronze to silver but I have been charge for monthly bronze plan on July 8th 2018. Do i need only to pay the difference between bronze & silver plan? or are you going to refund the bronze plan and start with the silver plan? or should i wait another month to upgrade my plan to silver? Thank you

  • kyikyiwin

    I do understand now.

  • LakeLearns

    I noticed on the pricing page that a 50% discount is given to educational institutions. I followed the directions to create a free account. It said there would be directions in the email I received after creating this account as to how to proceed to get the discount. I don't see anything in the email that tells me how to get this discount. Please help!

  • CrookCountyRodders

    When I upgrade will I get the 50% discount as I have now"

  • rrmsrecruitment

    i couldn't able to make payment to upgrade my account. always showing the massage
    - Upgrading to JotForm Silver Plan
    Unable to switch subscription. Your card does not support this type of purchase.
    To update your billing details please click the button below.

    need help!!!!

  • Jjeffrey19

    I paid for the full year, thinking I was only paying for a month. I would like to stay at the silver level, but only pay per month. Do I need to cancel everything and start over? Or can you refund me the difference between the $39 a month and the $390 I was charged?

  • LWAG

    If I have a bronze account and I payed for a year, but then realized that I still need more space and want to upgrade to silver, how does the payment work with that? Do I simply pay the difference between the two plans until the end of the year, or do I lose all the money I payed for the bronze plan and I still have to pay the full price for silver plan?


  • avsmith24

    I upgraded my account to Silver and it is still now showing up, please help.

  • sh_kwes

    Dear Jotform,

    We have paid for one year on this day, is it already received? whether it can be discounted? (Biggest Savings of 2017! SAVE 50%)

    How we know the payment has been received or not?
    reference number : 60711693

    (Kami sudah bayar untuk satu tahun pada hari ini, apakah sudah di terima ? apakah dapat potongan harga ? (Biggest Savings of 2017! SAVE 50%)

    Bagaimana kami tahu pembayaran sudah di terima atau belum ?)



  • ofchq

    Hi, I just upgraded our account and everything seemed to go through just fine. However, I have not received a confirmation email with instructions and our account still says it needs to be upgraded. Can you please check to see if everything worked correctly? Thank you.

  • animalquest

    this was not my question. I know how to upgrade. However I was trying to get the sale price and it is not showing up.

  • Ezeokobe ekene

    Comment they has been low quality picture on my mobile phone

  • bobkayaraya

    I've been trying to upgrade for 2 days and it won't let me. i clicked UPGRADE from Bronze ro Sliver, it said 'succesfully"..but nothing happen in my jotform

    My account is now disabled and my clients are upset. My Fortune 500 client is upset. i love your website. Please help!!!

    bob kayaraya

  • uae0786

    I doing Upgrade but I think same problem or maybe I know understand how to Upgrade.

  • Florentina

    How do I upgrade my acount.

  • psychedelichana

    how to upgrade to platinum?

  • smunyan

    We went over our submissions limit and have been trying to upgrade for the last hour. It still isn't working and our clients cannot access the forms. Please help! I sent an email requesting a phone call because I have a new credit card to use for purchase. Thank you!

  • moeitani

    I'm having the same issue and would like to upgrade my account to Silver. Using my username moeitani

  • hepl_ill


    I upgraded my account today to a Gold 2 year plan with a credit card. At that time, our submissions for the month were over the limit - but our forms still appeared to be active. Later on in the day, we noticed that the forms have gone down and are giving users the "over quota" message. How soon can I expect our account to be upgraded and forms to be active again?

  • da_account

    Hi, i'm planning to upgrade my account from starter to bronze but worries that if i upgraded account will effect all current data? how fast is the services to upgrade account?Will the URL also change it?

  • 100blackmen

    I recently upgraded my account from bronze to Silver. The paymemt has posted from my Paypal account, but my forms are still being blocked. How can I correct this quickly? I have multiple forms that are used everyday by my client.


  • gramedia

    i try to upgrade but is stuck in payment box.
    Why? and how to solve it?

  • sbleby

    URGENT - My forms for an international event will close in 2 hours due to an account error - I am already a sub-user of another account which we are paying for - so not sure why I'm listed as a free account with limited space. Can you please correct ASAP?

  • facturamelo

    No me aparece la opción de pago PayPal

  • smrsch

    I want to use the Bronze service for Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 only. What steps to stop the recurring service?

  • jphughes21

    I upgraded a few days ago to stop my link from being disabled - i received the payment verification and the funds have been deducted from my account - now today I receive another email advising the link is going to be disabled because I haven't upgraded. Please look into this and update my account accordingly ASAP.

  • guest_50395844274058

    I've been trying to upgrade for 2 days and it won't let me. I've sent multiple messages to support and have had no answers. My account is now disabled and my clients are upset. I love your site but the customer service response is terrible. Your website states that it is 24/7 but I haven't had any assistance at all. My Fortune 500 client is upset. Please help!!!
    Renee Schwendimann

  • Karl

    Hi there,
    If I choose to pay for the Premium account and then more than 1000 submissions are sent in a month. What will happen to those which are in excess? Do I have to upgrade to Economy to receive them? Please explain.
    Thank you!

  • fartar

    I try to pay A plan PREMIUM but it's do not work
    How I can do?