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How to Automatically Pass Form Data to Another Form

How to Automatically Pass Form Data to Another Form

We know how to prepopulate a JotForm Form via URL parameters as mentioned in this guide. Now how do we prepopulate another form from another form's data?

Here's a guide on how to redirect the user to another form and prepopulate the second form with the previous form's data. You can follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Setup two forms, namely "Form 1" and "Form 2".

Form 1:

Form 2:

Step 2 - The two forms are identical and we are showing different input fields, this is to demonstrate how each field can be populated.

Step 3 - The idea is that we want to have Form 1's data to be prepopulated to Form 2 after clicking the submit button.

We will add the prepopulated URL of Form 2 in an email alert and in the "Thank You" page for you to see how it works. You can try filling out my Form 1 and see how it looks like.

Here's the final prepopulated Form 2 URL that I have:[first]={fullName:first}&fullName1[last]={fullName:last}&email2={email}&textBox8={textBox}&textArea7={textArea}&dropDown4={dropDown}&radioButton5={radioButton}&checkBox6={checkBox:0},{checkBox:1},{checkBox:2}

This is how Form 2 URL is structured:

Blue highlight: Form 2's direct link

Magenta highlight:

"?" - We will start the prepopulation by adding first this symbol

"=" - To assign a value on a form field

"&" - To  add more than one form field to be prepopulated

Yellow highlight: This is the field name from Form 2. You can get the field name by following these guides:

a.) Step 3 on this link Prepopulating fields to your JotForm via URL parameters

b.) How to find field IDs and Names

Green highlight: This is the field name from Form 1 but wrapped in {}.

Step 4 - To be more specific, here's how each part of the URL works:

For form fields with single input or single text box, let's say email field, text box, text area, radio button, drop down, this is how they are structured:

Email field:


This states that you want the email field in Form 2 (left side) to be filled out using the email input from Form 1 (right side).

Radio button field:


This states that you want to select the radio button in Form 2 (left side) to be filled out using the selected radio button in Form 1 (right side). Noticed that after the "=" sign, field names are wrapped in {}, this means we are getting the field value from Form 1. 

This is quite different for form fields with multiple text boxes or options, e.g. Full Name field and for Check boxes.

Full Name field having two text boxes, text box 1 is for the First name and text box 2 is for the Last name. If you check the field name in the HTML, you will see how the name attribute is structured.

In our prepopulated Form 2 URL, this is how it looks like when prepopulating the first and last names:

First Name:


Last Name:


Noticed that the right side part of the parameter is using ":" (colon), this is to specify which text box we want to get the value from the full name field, for first name use ":first", for last name use ":last".

For Checkboxes, this is how we get the value from Form 1:


The right side shows using ":" (colon) again, but we will use numbers after it, these are indexes to identify the check boxes. I have 3 check box in my form which means I need to have indexes "0", "1" and "2". You can find this under the Properties window of the check box field. Separate each of them using a comma. Here's how to find them:

1. Click the GEAR icon to open the Properties Wizard

2. Go to the ADVANCED tab

3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom


Here you can see the field unique name and field IDs:

Related guide: How to find field IDs and names

Step 5 - Now I will add our custom prepopulated Form 2 URL in our email template (either on your email notification or autoresponder email) to have a copy of it in the emails, and in the "Thank You" page so that user will be redirected.

Here's a screenshot to where I am adding it to my autoresponder.

In the insert/edit link window, paste the prepopulated URL here:

I will also add it in my "Thank You" URL to automatically redirect the user to Form 2.

1. Click SETTINGS at the top

2. THANK YOU PAGE on the left


4. Then paste the PREPOPULATED URL

Related guide: Redirecting Users to a Different Page

You now have an automated way to pass Form 1's data to Form 2 directly using its URL, you also have that saved in your email notification/autoresponder.

For questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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  • OCyT

    HOla, he intentado hacerlo, de un formulario 1 a un formulario 2, la URL del formulario 2 sería{nombresform1}&emailUsuarioform2={emailUsuarioform1}

    PEro, al abrirlo en algún nuevo navegador, la URL cambia por defecto a

    ¿qué puedo hacer?

  • AsiaSociety

    I can't seem to be able to do it in my 2 forms. Does this affect the process if you have 2 pages?

  • Gretchen_Falk

    Is there a way to do this without it coming from either email or the thank you page? For example by typing a URL that recalls the submission ID from "Form 1"? I am setting up two forms and would like a few variables from Form 1 to pass to Form 2, but the forms will be completed ~1 month apart, not one right after the other, so it would be ideal if we could access them a way other than email/the thank you page of Form 1. Thank you!

  • Evandro

    I just need that whenever form 1 is completed and sent, the data on the first page of form 2, which has already been pre-filled in form 1, is automatically filled out and sent to another person who will continue form 2 and complete the data .
    It works exactly like this:
    The dental patient fills out all form 1 and sends it to our clinic.
    As soon as it is received, an automatic e-mail containing a link to Form 2 is sent to the dentist, already with the data on the first page (registration), pre-filled. The dentist then continues editing and filling in the other fields throughout the treatment.

  • scholaschools

    Is this possible without submitting?

    For example, I have Form 1 with a hidden field named 'source' and then many links around the web with

    So when they go to Form 1, that source field is now populated with WHATEVER

    Without submitting, we offer the option to actually go to a different form (in case they were on the wrong one, or need another option, etc.) but want to carry over the same source.

    So I need{source} ... and for that {source} to be WHATEVER (in this case) despite not having actually submit the form.

    Will it work that way or am I missing something?

  • dkelley926

    I have gone through the comments below and didn't see my particular question...perhaps I missed it. We have 2 forms in series. I need certain fields pre-populated on the 2nd form from form 1. BUT, my submit button on form 1 is a redirect to form 2. I don't want to have to go through the email process. In fact, we are running an API on form 1 and don't care anything about an email autoresponder. The only reason we are "submitting" form 1 is because that is the only way to initiate the API. Is this doable at all? I sure hope so because we have already started API development on our third party software.

  • Kraemer_Stephan

    Your form seems not to work. At least the outoresponder link I receive will open the form 2 but not pre populate anything

  • ACSIntake


    I have gotten my link to work, however, I am having trouble with a drop down menu.

    First Form:
    - When selecting "I am interested in applying to become an ACS registered rescue so that I can pull this pet". Then, then filling in the remaining info, then click next. At the bottom there is a question "Have you interacted with the pet that you are inquiring about?" with selections. I want the selection to go over to the second form that the user is directed to upon submission.

    Directed to from is below, but the selections for that question are not going over to the second form:[first]={name:first}&name3[last]={name:last}&address5[addr_line1]={address:addr_line1}&address5[addr_line2]={address:addr_line2}&address5[city]={address:city}&address5[state]={address:state}&address5[postal]={address:postal}&phoneNumber6[area]={phoneNumber:area}&phoneNumber6[phone]={phoneNumber:phone}&email9={emailAddress}&doYou340={pleaseList}&haveYou[Yes,No,N/A%20%20I%20do%20not%20have%20a%20particular%20pet%20chosen.]={haveYou119:Yes,No,N/A%20%20I%20do%20not%20have%20a%20particular%20pet%20chosen.}

    Thank you!

  • Show_Danmark

    Two questions:

    Do the forms have to be identical?

    ...or can I just prepopulate parts of my Form 1 into my Form 2?

    Does this only function when forms are in Classic Layout?

    ...or does it also function when forms are in Card Layout?

    I'm asking because I spend half the day on having parts of my Form 1 in Card Layout to be prepopulated into my Form 2 in Classic Layout whith no positive result :(

  • rha_marelli


    I want to trigger the 2nd form by information in the 1st form 1st, but I want to prepopulate the dynamic dropdown automatically.

    I tried the solution by putting the characters %0A between fields, nut how can I do that automatically ??

  • ACSIntake


    I have tried a variety of ways to get this to work, but the condition keeps telling me to "add in a valid link".

    My form 1 is:

    If you go to form 1 and and if you select the 4th option that reads "I am interested in applying to be an ACS Foster for this pet or would like more information about the ACS Foster program.", and input your name, address, phone number, email, the AID, then click next, scroll down and select the drop down, and then at submission you will be directed to (my form 2).

    I have tried to write the link so that the name, address, phone number, email, the AID, and the selection on the next page are prefilled but I keep getting a "Please insert a valid link" on the condition settings. I have a condition set up to where you are redirected to a link. I couldnt even get passed the name portion:[first]={name:first}&name3[last]={name:last}

    I did try this and it worked but the whole name went into the "first" field on form 2:{name}

    Thank you!

  • Robert Eyre

    I would like to create a 4 stage form.
    i.e. 4 web pages, 4 forms, which are all really one form and will be RECEIVED by me together as a single form or as 4 forms each containing the same unique i.d. so that they can be matched.
    Is this the only way to do that?

  • Chris_Harris

    I'm trying to pass the date, time and AM/PM information from one field to another. The following string will pass the date, but not the time and AM/PM:[first]={fullName:first}&fullName[last]={fullName:last}&contentType={contentType}&liftSpecific={liftSpecific}&eventName={eventName}&startDate[day]={startDate:day}&startDate[month]={startDate:month}&startDate[year]={startDate:year}&startDate[litemode]={startDate:litemode}&startDate[inputtimeInput]={startDate:inputtimeInput}&startDate[inputampm}={startDate:inputampm}

    Form 1:
    Form 2 (receives data from Form 1 via an email):

    I saw in another post that I have to remove the underscores (_) and hashtags (#) in order to receive data, hence why you don't see any in the script above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • ActionOneMedia

    Hello and Good Morning/Evening.

    I do not understand anything in this form. Is there another way to pass applicant data?

    Best Regards,

    Action Jackson

  • Ruz_John

    How do I do this:

    For example:

    Dropdown Menu:
    - Model Homes
    - Inventory
    - Land
    - Etc

    I have created a separate " Checkbox " item for each dropdown menu. How can I redirect the client when they choose ( Model Homes ) to its desired Checkbox item?


  • fred_Jay

    I was reading this article and not sure if it's want I need. I'm trying to have 2 or more embed forms on a webpage and once one of them is filled out with the user email it will be prepopulate in the email field for the other forms

  • lrosenberg

    This is so protracted and difficult. I've been looking at this thread and it's the most popular feature people want/need, so why isn't JF making it happen??

  • Jenny

    How do I populate data from fields in my form into another (non-jot form) form?

  • Print_Actuate

    I am trying to prepopulate a form based on a trigger from an answer in the previous form.
    Will this same method work? Can I use the unique URL in an auto responder email and have it populate the previous forms data?

    Also I can't find the id's

  • VictorHugozr

    Hola quiero prellenar un formulario, pero no en la página de agradecimientos, si no en un punto del formulario en el cual pueda insertar un link y desde ese link se abra el segundo formulario ya prellenado ¿como puedo hacer esto?

  • forumfitness

    What happens if there are two text entries in first name? For example fullName[first]=Mary Ann? I am trying to have it generate a link that will be included in an email, but the link breaks if there is a space.

  • Bencivenga

    My previous comment unfortunately had a bit of HTML code and it converted my URL to the text "complete your application below". The URL in question, that we have in our email template for form 1, is:{businessName6}&contactName[first]={contactInformation.first}&contactName[last]={contactInformation.last}&email={emailAddress}&mobilePhone182={phoneNumber}&selectYour={businessType11}&;howDid={howDid}

  • Bencivenga


    Is there a reason that brackets don't seem to pass through properly? I have two forms setup:

    Form 1:
    Form 2:

    When form 1 completes, we have an email sent to the user that allows them to continue with Form 2. We have a link created that is designed to move pertinent data from form 1, to form 2. This is what the link looks like in the email builder within JotForm:

    complete your Application here

    Yet, when a user actually clicks on the link, they don't see the "brackets" that indicate first/last name in the contact field. It shows like this when clicked:;howDid=Customer%20Referral

    How can I address this? Thank you in advance!

  • MatthiasGeiken

    Is there a way to append a drop down list with names from several forms submitted over time? I need to populate a list of people that have complete a form using the first and last name element and signed the submission but then I want the first and last name from those forms to popular the array from the drop down menu.

  • bbyoinsider


    I'm not interested in having my users fill out form 1, and the be automatically directed to form 2. I need them to be able to fill out form 1, and then pick whatever next form they want to fill out (forms 2-10) and the information from form 1 carry over to whichever next form they want to fill out. How do I go about doing this, without an automatic redirect?

  • russeliason

    I have been searching for the answer to this but cannot locate it. When passing data from one form to another I have been able to successfully pass fields with only ONE unique name and ONE field ID, the question is, on fields with multiple field ID's do you have to put the # and do you use a comma?

    Example: ?propertyAddress=#input_18_addr_line1,#input_18_addr_line2,#input_18_city,#input_18_state,#input_18_postal,#input_18_country


    ?propertyAddress=#input_18_addr_line1&propertyAddress=#input_18_addr_line2 etc, etc.


    Thank you

  • elektrahealth

    What happens if there are two text entries in first name? For example fullName[first]=Mary Beth? Right now it's throwing an error if someone has two first names.

  • elektrahealth

    Is it possible to connect two HIPAA compliant forms? i.e. user completes short 2-3 form with name & email, and is automatically directed to the second form with either their name & email autopopulated OR a way for us to know on the backend that the two forms are connected?

  • sara_chejanovich

    sorry I complete the information.
    Form 1 is
    Form 2 is

    I check in windows the URL that is passed and looks like this[month]=03&date23[day]=29&%20date23[year]=2020&date26[month]=03&date26[day]=29&%20date26[year]=2020&titleOf7=29&%20date[month]=01&date[day]=01&%20date[year]=1919

    All field except dates are passed correctly.
    Hope you can help me

  • sara_chejanovich

    I am having a really hard time trying to pass date from one form to another. I tried the solution of using month, day and year separately but It didnt work,{:1Nombre}&titleOf={1Nombre}& date23[month]={datemmddyyyy:month}&date23[day]={datemmddyyyy:day}& date23[year]={datemmddyyyy:year}&date26[month]={datemmddyyyy:month}&date26[day]={datemmddyyyy:day}& date26[year]={datemmddyyyy:year}&titleOf7={datemmddyyyy:day}& date[month]={8Fecha:month}&date[day]={8Fecha:day}& date[year]={8Fecha:year}

  • sbanawan

    I should not be having such a hard time with this but I can't figure out something so basic it's driving me crazy.

    I've got a series of 4 forms I need filled out. I'd like to pass the full name from one to the next. Form 1 should receive input from the user and pass it to form 2, etc. To test this out, I'm just trying to pass the values directly through the URL.[first_17]="name" just to test. It will not work no matter what I've tried.

    I've looked at the source code and for some reason that name field is called q17_name[first_17]. I've tried that in the URL and still no dice. I'm out of ideas.

  • ncgforms

    I am having issues passing long text entries from one form to another. The entry will be truncated to one sentence in the second form. Is there a way to work around this?

  • COLV17

    Is there any way of providing a demo for this? I'm struggling with this one. The forms I have prepared on Jotform would benefit from this so my customers (submitters) aren't having to type some information twice, such as their name, address etc. but other variable information could be changed accordingly. Is there not just a simplier way to do this? Could my customers (submitters) not just copy a form they have filled in, either prior to, or after submission, in order to only change the relevant information needed?

  • OceanBuilders

    Does this redirect work offline????

  • ingindustrial87

    I'm trying to do this, but have several fields multiline type and also addresses, so I wonder what's the URL name or tag I should use.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Rockstar063011

    Hi, how can I get the answer they submit from form1 and just display the answer in form2 before the follow-up question?

    For Example:
    Question: What is your favorite food?
    Answer: Apple

    Question: Why Apple?

    Is this possible?

  • Gc159b

    Hi, What if I want to send the form data to a specific form that was embedded in my page instead of just the jotform url? Do I still need to put the form number and the question mark?


    instead of

  • BTM2020

    I only want to merge data from Form 1 to the 2nd PDF under the appropriate month.

    Don't want the submitter to have to do be redirected to the 2nd PDF. Just want it to appear on the 2nd PDF when they submit data on the first.

  • Schmicko

    Hi I am using your form builder where it's 'one question one step format: order form'. How do i edit the question so that if a certain answer is selected, it will lead to a different sequence of questions?

    eg. What is your favourite colour

    And if they selected REd they would get a different sequence of questions to that of the other options?


  • Gc159b

    Hello, I want to pass the clients first and last name to a payment form that is combined with credit number. etc. So I want to pass information to a specific field id- not just to the unique name. Can I do that?

  • Gc159b

    Thank you for your help on the last one! Next question- I want to pass the last 4 digits of my forms ID # to another form. How do I do that?

  • Gc159b

    Your method worked perfectly the first time, but the second time it remembered the info from my first test and populated the boxes with that. I tried the 2nd link again in an incogneto window and it worked fine. How does it work with caching and this method?

    Here is my link-[first]=test&clientsName[last]=testerson&enterAmount=$10.20&whoDid11=Geoff B

  • SBVA

    I would like to simulate the following scenario. I am hoping this feature of passing data from one form to another might help. Please advise..
    1. In a college, there are 5 different courses offered (let us say Class1, Class2, Class3, Class4 and Class5).
    2. Each class has different seating capacity. E.g. Class1-60 students(max), Class2-30 Students(max) and so on..
    3. A given student can pick only one class to attend. But while he is registering for himself as a primary student, he can also register secondary student for a different class or same class for his/her spouse. That means the Form can accept one student (primary) OR two different students (primary and spouse).
    4. So in order to maintain the Capacity of the class, the form should give an error message if the student has selected a class which is already full (based on capacity set).

    What I tried and failed:
    First, I checked if reading the "capacity" data from an external source such as Excel Sheet - but apparently this is not possible in Jotform.
    Then I tried using different widgets such as Gift Registry, Inventory etc. but they do not work for me because of the requirement #3 mentioned above. Because if the primary and secondary students select same class, I cannot decrement a single class inventory

    What I would like to explore"
    Maintain the Gift Registry in a different form (say CapacityForm);
    As soon as Registration Form opens it should get the data from CapacityForm
    Upon Submission of Registration Form, it should pass data to Capacity Form so that appropriate class inventory is decremented.

    Is this possible?

  • webguywill

    How do I pass the calendar date to a second form? I'm trying to input the fields into a database, but it's not passing to the next page.

  • nsparksbizservices

    Hi Jotform Team,
    Is it possible to pass data from Form 1 to Form 2 but then have Form 2 also automatically Submit?

  • chrismoixa

    Can I pass a signature from one form to another?
    I'm using the smooth signature widget on form one and I want it just displayed on form 2 without the option to fill it in. Is this possible?

  • williamhay

    is it possible to pass tha data inserted in an "Input table" from a form to another form
    I am actually encountering problems with this element.
    the "data passing" works properly with every element except with the "Input table".


  • gamesdayparties

    Is there a way to pass the calculated value of a check box to a dropdown value (1,2,3,4,etc) further down the form? Such as checkbox1 is $20/person and further down a dropdown asks how many guests are coming so it multiplies checkbox1 to dropdown value to determine cost? Thanks.

  • OldDomEMSAlliance

    Is it possible to pass a 'upload document' from one form to another? I need the customer to upload a document and then have that send to me in the second form to verify and then click approve (which I added to the second form).

  • specialorders

    i think i understand the logic , but will this work for me, a shop with multiple orders,
    i want the sales man to place the order then the buyer receives the repopulated form and updates it

    it looks like the second form will always link to the most recent first form.
    i need to be able to access the 2nd form from a link in the first form submission.

    thanks in advance