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How to Prevent Emails from Landing in Gmail's Spam Folder

How to Prevent Emails from Landing in Gmail's Spam Folder

Emails that land in your spam folder are unpredictable. Sometimes they do get in there, sometimes they don't. One of the simple tricks to prevent emails from landing in your spam folder is to ensure that you have the email address ( added in your CONTACTS. But, sometimes that's not enough, especially with the email delivery of alerts coming from a website service.

With Gmail, you can prevent this from happening by adding EMAIL FILTERS. This will help you to explicitly make a sender, or even with the use of keywords, to put filtered emails to your INBOX.

Start by logging in to your GMAIL account > click the GEAR icon at the top right > then SETTINGS.

gmail spam settings


gmail create a new filter

Now, let's force GMAIL to not mark emails coming from as SPAM. Let's create a filter by setting in the FROM field then proceed by clicking the CREATE FILTER link.

create filter with search

Setup your filter upon your discretion but make sure to tick both the NEVER SEND IT TO SPAM and ALSO APPLY FILTER TO MATCHING MESSAGES checkboxes. Click the CREATE FILTER button once you're done.

avoid emails going to spam


Prevent Emails from Landing in Gmail Spam Folder

Related article from Gmail:

Now that you have created a filter, what should you do to apply this to a specific label that you defined in Gmail so that you can view all the filtered emails together? Please refer to our blog post to learn how to label emails in Gmail.

This should filter ALL emails coming from to your INBOX and never to your SPAM folder. It may help to add in your filter too.

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  • Dayna Baird

    Simplify how to stop Spam in my Gmail... I do NOT EVEN VISIT THOSE SITES!! NORE ANYTHING CLOSE TO THEM.. SO HOW DO THEY GET IN THERE WITH MY NAME AND EMAIL? Could a member of my family be using my email?!

  • Mike

    I have an issue where if customers contact customer service, their messages always get filtered as spam. How do i prevent this? they contact And it gets forwarded to the gmail account I am contacting you on now

  • Martin Michalko

    Thank you very much! Hope it works as expected.

  • Nicole

    Hi! Any advice on how to get off of my emails to the spam folder for my client prospect?

  • Gregory Holt

    Does this method keep unwanted spam from going to the spam folder and NOT go to the IN BOX?
    I want to keep filtered email from going to both the SPAM box and IN BOX. This was not clearly.

    Thanks GH

  • LindaShadows

    how do i stop my emails from going to spam with microsoft word.

  • welcomesibanda6

    my emails are lost to the spam filter. what might be the cause of this

  • Ekwueme opuoru

    Hi is it possible for me to only receive messages from my contacts alone? As I had rather I didn't receive messages from anybody that isn't on my list. . Thanks

  • Marvina Patterson

    Need an appointment.

    Thank you


    Form works for some on I phone and some not.
    Maybe older phones no. scroll doesn't work.
    Works fine on Computer.

    What's up?

    Mary Bridges

  • Adam Roe

    Thanks for posting this! Literally was killing me that all of my leads were going to the spam folder.

  • clyd7676

    Thanks for your help.

  • Rehan

    How do we do this w/o knowing the address? Like, just prevent a category of mails from coming in.

  • kaustubh.joshi

    if we sent message to number of users ,mail goint to their spam folder how we avoid it ?

  • Nazir Malik

    All you smart engineers please help to stop the junk and spam emails you people are better than this to allow all the nonsense garbage emails coming through your multi billion dollar system

  • Pissed Off

    I have tried EVRYTHING Google has recommend to BLOCK SPAM EMAILS (block sender, block subject and created various filters), but those SPAM EMAILs still getting through.

    The ONLY conclusion is that the SPAM EMAILS are coming DIRECTLY from GOOGLE's ADVERTISING/MARKETING.

  • PatrickSmithUS

    Good article. We've used quite a few in out time.

  • Guttorm Haaversen

    Roundabout august this started happening to some of my incoming emails. For instance, absolutely all emails with Innmeldinger as subject was sent to spam.

    Sometime in october almost all my incoming emails started landing in my spam folder.

    This is extremely inconvenient for me. I receive very many emails and it will be extremely much work to handle every single situation.

    I have tried, with no success, to find out what contents in my incoming emails cause this spam effect.

    There does not seem to be a pattern in this behaviour. It seems to be more of a "virus" introduced by the gmail email service agent.

  • Pinchas Halpern

    I'm surprised at how unwieldy is the simple procedure of marking an email as "spam". In this day and age, with so much spam, it should be one click and "enter" and that's it.
    Other browsers (e.g. Outlook) are so much more convenient and smart about this.

  • Steve Sisak

    This actually happens because JotForm's email servers aren't configured properly and trip GMail's spam filter. This URL provides instructions on fixing the error(s), but it must be done by the owner of the mail server (JotForm),

  • Sally C Rychert

    You gotta be kidding. I have hundreds of emails. Just give me a simple way to delete them.

  • Ed Hassenrik

    Hello! Hope you can help. I have not been receiving emails on my gmail account from 3 senders. These emails are not ending up in my spam or junk files. I have no idea what to do. This has been going on for months. Hope you can help. I can share the email addresses of the senders if you eed these.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • Maurice

    Very very good. Very helpful. The steps are easy to understand. Thank you :)

  • John Nagy

    I am not able to stop needed emails from ending up in the spam folder. I can click "not spam" but that appears to be "this one time only".

  • Phil w Bristol

    Messages are still showing up in SPAM.... even after following these steps... Now What do I do?

    1. Log in to your Gmail account.
    2. Click the GEAR icon at the top right and then click SETTINGS.
    4. In the FROM section, type the email address of the sender that you want to keep out of your Spam Folder.
    5. Click CREATE FILTER.
    7. Click CREATE FILTER again.

  • Greg Goodale

    Thank you!!

  • Alvin

    Big Help .. thank you for this idea. So much!


    Many thanks for solving a problem with this excellent guide. Much appreciated.

  • Francine Caissie

    Why is it so complicated to stop blocked unwanted emails?

  • d Lancaster

    my filter says: Apply filter to matching conversations!

  • Karen Baker

    Hello, I am having problems with emails i am receiving going into the spam. Even emails I open that go into my inbox after i have opened them they are going into spam.

  • Ruhit Kumar Kotoki

    I'm not able to do so

  • P N L

    Thank you so much! Why Google can't provide help like this is a mystery.

  • Michael E Wright

    I've done all those steps and email from certain clients ALWAYS ends up in the SPAM folder. Seems like GMAIL filters work well except for the "NEVER SEND IT TO SPAM" filter...that just doesn't seem to work.
    Also, if I mark the wrongly classed emails as "NOT SPAM", they do go back into the inbox but then shortly afterward revert to the SPAM folder. Is anyone else having this same issue?

  • Makhayla Sallis

    I found a way to fix it!
    1. Go to your “Junk” mailbox
    2. Select “Edit”
    3. Select “Select All”
    4. Select “Mark as Not Junk”
    Then, it should send all emails to your Gmail inbox.

  • AnilKumar

    sir i received and sending mail in spam plz resolve this

  • DAMA


  • Jim

    It STILL goes to spam

  • Frances Rouse

    I've started checking the inbox, then sending it all to trash unfortunately it doesn't control or stop spam, it just makes me feel better.

  • Johann Blahuta

    Google sucks. Since about 3 months I get about 200 spam and 50 "regular" mail pieces, of which 98% are spam as well.

  • Jennie


    Gmail send emails from my own domain to people's spam folder and I lose a lot of business because of this. How can I stop this from happening? And please don't say to ask the recipients to add me to their contacts because I can't ask them if a can't get an email to them.

    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Jennifer Hanning

  • William Pilacinski

    Why can't WE determine what goes into OUR Spam folder? Why not allow all emails to come to my Inbox and let me click the "Report SPAM" icon?

  • Peter Stokes

    I had been receiving emails from VA scheduling and prescription pickup. As of october 8 2019 They started to show up in my spam folder. I have not found any changes in my options that would account for this. There is nothing like " as spam" in my filters associated with the VA.

    If you have time, please

  • boys backpack

    Great article for gmail spam folder solution i have a store lots of backpack email going automatic in my spam folder i dont remember to read the email Thank for guiding

  • Carl

    I'm experiencing the same issue all of my emails are now automatically going into spam without me changing anything in my settings

  • Kevin

    ALL emails from Inbox on Gmail have automatically moved into the spam folder. Moving them 50 at a time back into the inbox will take forever. Any way to move all of them at one time?

    Nothing has changed in my email settings to move all past and current incoming emails into spam.

    I seem to have the same problem as others below.

  • Jane Pellicciotto

    This is crazy. You know how many emails I get running two businesses? I shouldn't have to set up filters for this. All of a sudden, gmail is dumping known contacts, people I email with all the time, into the spam folder. I never look in spam. I have never needed to. I keep clicking "add to contacts" and it is still putting those peoples' emails into the spam folder!

  • enigma

    Nicely done article. I wish it could've helped me. My gmails are going to spam. The problem is that when I click on settings what I get looks nothing like what you get and there is nothing anywhere about "filters". I'm so bummed!

  • Useful Article.

    It is a nice information.

  • christerline

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