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How to integrate Paysafe to your form?

How to integrate Paysafe to your form?

From online to instore; from merchant acquiring to payment gateways; from alternative payments to omni-channel and secure cross-border e-commerce; from white-label credit solutions to mobile order and delivery platforms, Paysafe offers merchants every size and scale an unbeatable one stop payments solution.

Paysafe is part of the Paysafe Group – to learn more about the company, please click here.

JotForm's Paysafe integration allows you to collect payments from your customers via Card Payments.

You can find the flow diagram for our Paysafe integration in this link.

What can you do with JotForm's Paysafe Integration?
- Sell online products
- Sell merchandize
- Collect donations online
- Let users make a custom payment

How to integrate your forms with Paysafe?
Before you begin, you need to obtain your API credentials(Username, Password, Account Number) from Paysafe's interface as you see from the images below:

Username and Password

Account Number
Steps to integrate Paysafe to JotForm

1-) Create a new form and open the form builder.
2-) Click "Add Form Element" button from the left side.
Add Form Element
3-) Navigate to "Payments" tab, find Paysafe from the list then click on it or drag&drop it to your form.

4-) The payment integration wizard for Paysafe will show up on the right side. Enter the API credentials you previously obtained here.

Note: If you want to test the integration you need to login to and obtain the API credentials from there. (You can sign up for a test account here: if you don't have one already.) You must also enable the sandbox mode to enable testing as you see in the image below.

Paysafe Integration

5-) You need to select the currency associated with your merchant account. All currencies supported by Paysafe is listed here.

6-) You can select one of the Payment Types in payment type dropdown menu.

- If you select Sell Products and click Continue, you will create your products, coupons (optional), shipping (optional), tax (optional) in the next step.

You can also add image, quantity, options etc. to your products in this step.

- If you select Collect Donations or User Defined Amount, there is no next step. Your integration will be completed.

The Payment Process

As you see in the gif below, first the payer selects products and the total is calculated, then the card information is entered and the address field is filled. If the all the information is valid and the transaction is made successfully, thank you page is displayed. If there are any errors, an error message will be displayed instead.

Paysafe Demo

Displaying Payment Information

You can see the payment information for the related submissions in the submissions page along with other form data as you see in the image below.

Paysafe Submissions Page

You can also see the submission ID for the related payment in Paysafe's interface under "Merchant Trans. ID" column.

Paysafe Transactions
If you have any questions or suggestions about JotForm's Paysafe integration, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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