How to Add Your Form to Joomla

June 11, 2024

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Although scripts and iframes are not allowed in Joomla’s editor by default, you can embed your form into your website using the steps provided in this guide.

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Getting the Embed Code

To get your form’s embed code for Joomla

  1. In the Form Builder, go to Publish at the top.
  2. Select Platforms on the left.
  3. Search and select Joomla.
  4. Copy the code provided.
Steps to get the embed code for Joomla in Jotform Form Builder

Once you have the embed code, the next step is to add it to your Joomla website.

Embedding Your Form Into Joomla

You can add a form to Joomla by using an extension, configuring text filters, or disabling the editor temporarily.

Disabling the editor temporarily

The easiest way to embed the form into your Joomla website is by disabling the default editor temporarily:

  1. In your Joomla dashboard, go to Systems on the left, then select Global Configuration.
Steps to access global configurations in Joomla
  1. On the next page, set Default Editor to “Editor – None.”
Setting the default editor in Joomla to none
  1. Paste the embed code into your article and save the changes.
  2. Go back to Global Configuration and reenable the editor.

If you’re looking for something permanent, you can try using an extension or setting up text filters.

Using an extension

The Sourcerer extension enables you to use JavaScript or iframe codes in Joomla.

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To embed a form using an extension

  1. Install Sourcerer to your Joomla website.
  2. Create or edit an article.
  3. In the editor, open Content CMS on the left, then select Code from the menu.
  4. Paste your embed code in the dialog, then select Insert.
Steps to insert a code in Joomla
  1. Save the changes and preview your article.

See Getting Started With Sourcerer to learn more.

Setting up text filters

Embed your form without disabling editors or installing extensions by configuring Joomla text filters.


The following example is for setting up TinyMCE’s text filter option for Super Users. Adjust accordingly for other editors and user roles.

To set up the text filters

  1. In your Joomla dashboard, go to System on the left, then select Plugins.
Steps to access plugins in Joomla
  1. On the next page, search and select TinyMCE.
Steps to search and select TinyMCE in Joomla
  1. Select Set 0 (for Super Users).
The Set 0 Super User role in Joomla
  1. Scroll down and turn on Use Joomla Text Filter.
The Use Joomla Text Filter option for TinyMCE
  1. Return to the main dashboard.
  2. Go to System on the left, then select Text Filters.
Steps to access Text Filters in Joomla
  1. Ensure that Super Users is set to “No Filtering.”
The No Filtering Super Users permission in Joomla

You should now be able to use embed codes in the article editor.

Steps to insert codes in Joomla editor
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