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Which Form Embed Code Should I Use

Which Form Embed Code Should I Use

JotForm’s Publish wizard has many options. Which one is best for you? This simple guide will help you find the right solution for your needs.

To access the publish wizard, click the Publish tab at the top of the Form Builder.

Platforms: 3rd Party Publish Options

Do you use one of the following platforms?

  • Adobe Muse
  • BigCommerce
  • Blogger
  • Cargo
  • Dreamweaver
  • Drupal
  • Duda
  • Expression
  • Facebook
  • Frontpage
  • Ghost
  • GoDaddy
  • Google Sites
  • IMCreator
  • iWeb
  • Jigsy
  • Jimdo
  • Joomla
  • LiveJournal
  • Magento
  • Ning
  • Piwigo
  • PrestaShop
  • Sandvox
  • SharePoint
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Tiger Commerce
  • Tumblr
  • TypePad
  • Unbounce
  • Web Page Maker
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Xara
  • Yahoo! SiteBuilder
  • Yola
  • Zenfolio
  • Zoey

If you use one of these platforms, you should use the specific code provided for each of them. These are the tried and well-tested methods for those formats.

Embed: Various Webpage Embed Options

On the Embed tab, you can see the available embed codes that you can use.


The default embed option is a simple one-line JavaScript code. It is designed to work on any web page.


The JavaScript version dynamically loads the form in an iframe. This means the width and height of the form are automatically generated. You do not need to update the code on your website every time you change something on your Form Builder.

Source Code

Use your inner coding skills and get the full source code of the form.

If you need to edit the form code to fit specific requirements, then you should use the full source code. To learn more about the form's full source code, you can check this guide: How to get the Full Source Code of your Form.



The full proof iFrame embed method.

If none of the other options work properly use the iFrame embed code: How to Get the iFrame Code.

If you copy the iFrame code correctly, almost nothing can break the form on your page! Since the form is displayed inside an iFrame, it will not conflict with anything on your page.


Any questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know in the comment field below!

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  • Florian

    Nothing is working..
    I'm using unbounce, tried script, tried Iframe, the form keeps poping and disappear like this
    It's been 24h i've signed up and had already 10 bugs... it's a shame.
    Bye bye !

  • Samantha Caldwell

    Hello! I am trying to use the contact form that I created, I know the embed code was given to me. But I'm not quite sure where to put it. I use 22slides as my website host, and they do have an area for css.


    I can assume I should put it in body, but I'm looking for some guidance as my understanding of code is little. I just do as I'm told by website prompts or tutorials haha.

  • clyd7676

    I also want to know which form embed code should I use.

  • malipah.intl

    can you teach me how to embed my code into my wix website?

  • akiligloballimited

    Do I have to pay first before I am able to embed a form? I want to know I can embed a form from here to godaddy before I pay for your service.

  • mariskim2020

    thank you very much for this

  • James

    Thank you very much for this.

    Much love

  • ObservatorioGPS

    Your help I already have the form registered on the website, but I need to be able to also see the status of all submissions

  • Sachin Chauhan

    I want to know how can i make my own online form which has all the features which a jotform form has..i dont want the customer to see the jot form title which beneath the form..I hope you got what I said me please

  • Rachel Allanach

    I re embedded the short code.

    I didn’t use the iframe - can you tell me how this looks on the website ?

  • marianicusanti

    HI , how can I provide access to a professional developer , so they can embed code for me ?

  • stilwellkiwanis

    See my post below. I tried to follow the instructions on the help pages for GoDaddy but all that ended up on GoDaddy was the first page of a multiple page form. What can I do to get the whole form on GoDaddy?

  • stilwellkiwanis

    I have developed my jotform form and am ready to embed it on our website which is on the GoDaddy platform. I am confused on how to do this as I don't see GoDaddy listed. So I have the form, what do I do next?

  • Brian Hoh

    Hi! Is it possible for users to submit image files through jotform forms?

  • Bloomappeal

    How do I add this to my Mobirise site. I am struggling as to where I am meant to put the code in Mobirise. I have made a page for my form in Mobirise, and have added a block on that page and then pasted the code in. When I do this I just see the code and no form. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

  • ngozikanwiro

    Form not working on Facebook, anybody know how to embed this form on facebook page?

  • shakoure

    Can we get the same capabilities for designing/embedding the resulting PDF presentation? The PDF editor, although new, is very limited and in some cases not ideal at all. I'm currently forced to look for other solutions that will allow me to design and publish my form's resulting data.

  • Nurcahyo Nugroho

    keren jugaaaaa

  • BlueTails

    What works best for Godaddy Website Builder??? Having issues with user having access on different platforms. I am losing business over this.

  • kirstybates

    Hi none of these are working for my godaddy site

  • dinesh

    plz facce book page connect so problem do not connect in google addsence approve so help me

  • karimendoza


    All I get is the full code when I paste this in my WD site. I really need some help on this urgently and can't seem to get a response to the email chains I have been sending :(



  • TEAL2020

    I have some jot form that are a template card of jot form I dlike to place thrm on a web page can you do that or will you send me a link!

  • KETyree

    Cab jotform be used to take images from submitters via an email form, and have the images upload directly to a smugmug gallery?
    If it can, are you able to give some instruction how I might go about this.
    Thank you very much

  • HartzNHandz

    I have a multi-page form that I would love to embed on my site (Wix), but I can't figure out how to do it... I like the multi-page thing so it doesn't feel so long...


  • ksmack17

    Trouble with my form displaying in Firefox, but it's working PERFECTLY in Chrome and on my mobile (iPhone). Could it be my browser settings? In Firefox it simply is not showing up at all...

  • HarterEquip

    Regarding opt. 2, when you say : "You do not need to update the code on your website every time you change something in on your FORM BUILDER." What does that mean exactly? I need to change the reCAPTCHA version on my form. Don't I then need to remove the old form from my site and add the new one?

  • jeannemorel

    Hi there!
    I love your solution. The only thing is that it doesn't work well in responsive website.
    -Website is done with Adobe Muse
    -Hosted on Business Catalyst
    -There are for breakpoint at 1200, 960, 550, 480
    - While the form display correctly on computer 1200 display, it doesn't show on any other devices or screen size
    Please see example at

  • snmez

    yardım almak istiyor

  • gelicampbell

    I am trying to embed into a site page on Sharepoint using the iFrame code. It works fine on the Asset collection page, but when I attempt to insert it into the Site page, it accepts the code, but only displays a caption box. Please help. I am super frustrated.

  • christprisoner

    I tried to publish after creating the form but the could not, what shall I do?

  • Peter Whittle

    I am trying to use embed codes for displaying images on my website but they are not responsive when enlarging the page and making it smaller.

    I've tried adjusting the width to 100% in the code but the height never adjusts correctly.

    I am using wordpress, do I need to paste a code into my elated options in custom CSS

  • Chillibreeze

    When I use the embed source code option for a jotform and paste it in mailchimp template builder the radio buttons and submit button dissappears and all thats left are the text.
    What could be the cause of this and how can I resolve this?


  • perfectreliance

    Good day,
    After filling the form on website, it is not submitted and i don't know what happened.
    Please help me out.

  • TysonRoling

    I am able to get the form to upload to my website. however when i press submit at the end it doesn't take me to the 'Thank you' page and i don't receive an email for it. Do you know whats wrong with it?

  • Terrence Lester

    tried embedding a form into site but it won't show the Submit Button to send email!!!

  • marilouburleson

    Hi, I can't get my form to upload to Zenfolio. I have tried every type of code. Iframe seems to be the only one that works, but I don't get the theme and the form is very narrow.
    Thank you!!

  • cetot

    I use iframe and paste to my website, but when i view the form using my hp, (mobile), it did not display full form, no SUBMIT BUTTON . half form only. How?

  • Samir B.

    I am using iframe for my videos still i am not sure how can i make it loading faster? It often break up and take long time to load....p.s. i uploaded only HD 720p and 1020p videos. Can it be the size of the video reason for that or maybe is my browser?

  • mmrwa

    For Weebly?

  • Dyson

    Your embed code will look similar to the example below. Tells FormSite where to find your form.

  • econydre

    I tried to put it on a page, but because we have https enabled on the site and the code comes from a http site, the form doesn't show.
    Please help!

  • businessmondo

    i use your embedded code in the article but its not working its too heavy i use {{jotform}} this way i did it on separate article and i make it linked by another icon from another article cause it shown in same article to long

  • shellybookings

    email. it keeps saying its wrong ....

  • sammysimmons

    I've been using the embed code and its been working great until today and now nothing works. I'm using Volusion to build my site. The source code is the only one that will show up but it looks awful and adds a bunch of stuff to the form. Why wont the embed code show up anymore??

  • Adrian Riley

    Hi,great site,

    I have a 1 2 3 domain web site builder. Can I customize a blank form to my own design,say, using Google aps

  • allamericanaquatics

    My form should look like this:

    but when i embed it with the source code it shows up like this:§=29&man=0

    the embed code doesnt work, nothing shows up.
    the iframe code doesnt work, shows blank space where the form should be.

  • tmd0402

    I can't get any of the codes to work; anyone have any suggestions? I have tried everything including the iframe without success. Zenfolio's support says they aren't sure why it's not working. UGH

  • sarahpais

    Godaddy will not display the signature box. Everything else if fine but the signature box is missing. Do I need to try something else?