Does Jotform Offer a Free Trial?

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Yes, Jotform is free. The Starter (Free) plan is basically a free trial that gives you access to most of the features that paid subscriptions have to offer. The main difference is the usage limits. For example, in the Free plan, your account can receive 100 total entries per month. You can use this for small-scale data gathering or testing purposes. For individuals and small businesses, that might be all you need. If the Starter plan’s usage limits are enough for you, then you can use the Jotform Free plan indefinitely.

Here’s a quick overview of what the Starter (Free) Plan has to offer:

Jotform Free Plan Limit Details
  • 5 Forms Limit — The number of active forms.
  • 100 Monthly Submissions — The total number of entries you can receive every month from all your forms.
  • 100MB Upload Space — The available storage space for file uploads.
  • 1,000 Monthly Form Views — The number of impressions or times your forms can be viewed.
  • 500 Total Submission Storage — The total number of form entries you can store in your account.
  • 100 Fields per Form — The maximum number of form elements for each form.
  • 10 Monthly Payment Submissions — The total number of completed payments from forms with payment processor integration.
  • HIPAA Compliance (Not Available) — Available only on Gold and Enterprise plans.
  • Jotform Branding — Appears at the bottom of the forms. The option to remove the branding is available once you have a paid subscription.

To learn more, visit the Jotform Features and Pricing page or check out the Understanding Your Account Usage and Limits guide.

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