Nonprofit Sheet Templates

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Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Keep track of grant applications online with Jotform’s free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet. Available in spreadsheet or calendar view. Easy to customize and share.


Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Manage volunteer details in an online table with Jotform’s free Volunteer Sign Up Sheet. Great for nonprofits and charities. Easy to customize and share.


Donation Tracker

Track donor information online for your charity or nonprofit. Available in spreadsheet, card, or calendar view. Easy to customize, download, and share.


Fundraising Calendar Template

Schedule and manage fundraising events online. Free online calendar template. Switch to spreadsheet, and report view. Easy to customize and share. No coding.


Volunteer Hours Log Sheet

Keep track of volunteer hours for your nonprofit with a free Volunteer Hours Log Sheet. View in spreadsheet, card, or calendar format. Easy to customize and share.


Donation List Template

Streamline your online donation process with an all-in-one donation management solution. Collect and store donations, donor info, and leads online. Easy to customize.


Food Waste Log Sheet

Food Waste Log Sheet is a sheet used by restaurants, catering companies, schools, cafeterias and all other businesses to control food waste. Feel free to fully customize this template. No coding.


Prayer Log Template

Record prayer requests from congregation members online. Perfect for any church. Easy to fill out, customize, and share. Works on all devices. No coding.


Prayer Journal Template

Manage prayer requests and organize prayer schedules for your church in a free online table. Fully customizable with no coding required. Share to collaborate.


About Nonprofit Sheet Templates

Keep all of your nonprofit or charity’s data organized in an all-in-one online workspace with Jotform’s Nonprofit Sheet Templates! Whether you’re tracking donations, grants, or volunteer hours, Jotform Tables makes it easy to keep your information organized and work on tasks remotely with teammates. To get started with your chosen nonprofit table template, collect data via Jotform’s online forms, upload existing data from a CSV or Excel file, or enter data manually. You can then share your custom template to collaborate with team members from any device.

Customizing your Nonprofit Sheet Template is simple. With preset column types, ready-to-use formulas for calculating totals, and options to filter and search through data, you can build a template that works for your organization’s specific needs in just a couple of clicks. And if you connect an online donation form to your chosen Nonprofit Sheet Template, you can collect new donations and donor information and sync them to your template automatically! Speed up your workflow and reduce the number of apps you use by managing your nonprofit’s data with Jotform Tables.