Zoom FAQ

Have a question about how to use our Zoom integration? Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

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  • Why should I use Jotform Zoom Scheduler?

    Jotform Zoom Scheduler is a free online tool that lets you schedule new Zoom meetings, collect new participants for existing meetings, and receive webinar registrations via custom online forms. Submissions will automatically be synced to Zoom, meaning you can add new meetings or registrants instantly — without manual data entry! You can boost webinar registrations and schedule meetings more efficiently directly through your website.

  • How do I integrate my Jotform form with Zoom?

    To start using our Zoom integration, create your meeting request or webinar registration form with our Form Builder. From the Settings tab, search for Zoom and enter your Zoom account credentials. Then select whether you’d like to schedule meetings or register participants, match the form fields to Zoom’s, and you’re good to go! Once you embed the form in your website or share the form link with coworkers or clients, you’ll see new meetings and attendees appear in your Zoom account automatically.

  • Does this integration work on mobile devices?

    Yes. All of Jotform’s form fields, widgets, and integrations are mobile-friendly — which means your online forms will seamlessly adapt to computers, tablets, and smartphones, and can easily be filled out and submitted from any device.

  • Can I create Zoom meetings with Jotform?

    Yes! To automatically create new Zoom meetings with Jotform, start by customizing the meeting time slots in your online meeting request form. Then integrate your form with Zoom, embed it in your website or share it with coworkers and clients, and watch as each submission generates a brand new meeting in Zoom. For more information on how to create Zoom meetings with Jotform, please visit our blog.

  • Can I start a Zoom webinar with Jotform?

    Learn how to start a recorded or on-demand webinar on Zoom here. If your webinar requires registration, Jotform will automatically register attendees to your webinars ahead of time, so you’ll have more time to prepare your presentation. Just make sure your webinar registration form collects names and email addresses to successfully add registrants to the webinar. You can even set up an autoresponder to instantly send attendees a confirmation email once they’ve signed up for your webinar.

  • Can I schedule Zoom meetings with Jotform’s appointment calendar feature?

    Yes. Our free appointment calendar feature lets you create time slots for appointments or meetings, which your clients or coworkers can easily select from an online calendar. To get started, just drag and drop the appointment calendar form field onto your form, customize appointment durations and intervals, and indicate how many people can join a single meeting slot. Then integrate with Zoom and share the form or embed it in your website to start scheduling Zoom meetings instantly. Check out our video tutorial to learn more about how to use Jotform’s appointment calendar feature.

  • How do I automatically add registrants to an upcoming webinar?

    To add a registrant to your webinars automatically, you’ll need the webinar add-on for your Zoom account. When creating your webinar registration form in our Form Builder, set up the Zoom integration by authenticating your account, selecting the Create Registrant option, and matching the form fields. When users register for your webinar using your form, their name and email address will automatically be added to your scheduled Zoom webinar.

  • How do I collect payments through Jotform?

    To collect registration fees directly through your webinar registration form, simply integrate it with your preferred payment provider. Jotform offers more than 30 trusted payment gateways to choose from, including Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. All you need to do is authenticate your account, match the form fields, and publish the form to start collecting payments! You won’t have to pay any additional transaction fees to accept money through Jotform.