How to submit a form only with a key?

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    Asked on December 01, 2016 at 01:45 PM

    We are looking at using this form for our student to select classes for the next school year. Is there a way where we can limit the individuals that can select a class?

    For example, anybody would be able to select a History class via a dropdown menu. However - is there a way where I can have a dropdown menu for AP History classes, but only individual who have a special "Promo Code" would be able to select it? This way a student who is not eligible to take an AP History class won't be able to make the selection, but a student who is eligible and can select it then add the Code in there that would allow them to register for that class?

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    Answered on December 01, 2016 at 03:32 PM


    It is possible to do that by using conditions. Please follow the scenario below:

    There are two kinds of students, A and B. A has a "Promo Code", B has not a "Promo Code".

    #1- Add a dropdown menu. This menu consists "AP History" option.

    #2- Add a TextBox which is hided by default. If a student (from A or B) selects AP History option, this TextBox will be visible.

    Both of the students can select AP History option. If a student (from A or B) select AP History option, he needs to enter "Promo Code" to the TextBox.

    - If student is A, he can submit the form with his selection because he can enter a valid code to the TextBox.

    - If student's B, his "AP History" selection will be canceled. In other words, students who have not a "Promo Code" will not able to submit your form with AP History selection.

    Finally, set up your conditions according to this scenario. Please have a look at the following instruction:

    Let's say the Prome Code is "xyz".

    If class is selected "AP History", Promo Code textbox will be visible.

    If Promo Code is not equal to xyz, Submit Button will be hided.

    If class is not equal to "AP History", Submit Button will be visible.


    Please have a look at the following conditions:

    In addition, have a look at my demo:

    This is the guide about conditional logics. Please have a look at this if you have any questions: Smart-Forms-Using-Conditional-Logic

    You can clone my demo form to your side. Please click for the guide: How-to-Clone-an-Existing-Form-from-a-URL

    If you need more assistance, please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you.