Using pre-populated form and saving the form so users can come back

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    Asked on December 16, 2016 at 10:49 PM


    I hope you can help

    I have created a form here -

    I wish to pre-populate the form and have used the tool

    Below is the link that was created.[addr_line1]=564&1221[city]=654&1221[state]=564&1221[postal]=654&2Is50=Renewal&311=Test%201&513=Test%201&412=Test%201&617=6546&819=Company&1622[addr_line1]=564&1622[city]=546&1622[state]=654&1622[postal]=564&36President[first]=JP&36President[last]=JP&input105[addr_line1]=ret&input105[city]=tre&input105[state]=tre&input105[postal]=rte&$20%20Million%20in%20respect%20of%20any%20one%20occurrence%20(Gymnastics%20Australia%27s%20insurance%20product%20through%20JLT%20provides%20coverage%20of%20$20%20Million),I%20confirm%20that%20as%20part%20of%20my%20insurance%20coverage%20listed%20Gymnastics%20Australia%20and%20Gymnastics%20Victoria%20as%20an%20interested%20party%20or%20insured,I%20confirm%20that%20my%20insurance%20coverage%20ends%20before%20the%2031st%20December%202017%20that%20I%20will%20provide%20updated%20policy%20documentation%20upon%20renewal%20of%20my%20Club%27s%20insurance%20or%20contact%20Gymnastics%20Victoria%20if%20you%20would%20like%20to%20purchase%20liability%20insurance%20through%20the%20National%20Risk%20Protection%20Program.&2223=56454&,Team%20Gym,Rebound%20Therapy,Fusion%20FX&88Mens=National%20Levels,International%20Levels&89Womens=National%20Levels&96Cheerleading=Recreational,Competitive&97Name[first]=ret&97Name[last]=ytr&[first]=tyr&contactNumbers274[last]=ytr&doesThis276=Yes&doesThe=All%20KinderGym%20programs%20conducted%20by%20an%20accredited%20KinderGym%20Coach.&1Club=Test%201&9If=654&q546_input546[0][0]=54645&21What=Commercial%20Rental&accreditation599=WAG&level600=Intermediate%20Bronze&5b15=5434543&5a14=Gymnastics%20Victoria&    


    I would like users I send the link to, to be able to save as they go - and come back to the form if they can not complete it in one goas explained here


    Can I add the session code at the end of the link and allow the form to pre-populated and allow the user to save and come back.





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    Answered on December 17, 2016 at 11:15 AM

    Yes, you can use URL prepopulation in a combination with the session saving method.

    When your user first opens the form, the URL prepopulation values are those that will be loaded.

    As your user clicks on the Next button to navigate to another page of the form, all their answers are saved within a session, and from that moment on it doesn't matter what URL parameters say, the session parameter will always load what the user actually entered in their session.

    For example, lets see this form:

    When you load it for the first time, the prepopulated values are loaded as "test1" in the first field, and "test2" in the second field.

    However, once you use the Next or Back button, the session will get saved and you can change these values to anything you want. Whenever you access the same link again, the values that are loaded are the ones from your session.

    Please try it out, Jamie, and let us know should you need further clarifications or assistance.