Is it possible for the progress bar to update the 'required fields' when certain fields become Unrequired or disabled?

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    Asked on December 21, 2016 at 02:45 PM

    So i have a progress bar saying how many required fields have been completed compared to how many there are still to do. What I would like to happen is when a user selects a particular option in a drop down another field becomes either disabled or Unrequired. As this form becomes disabled or Unrequired I would also like the progress bar to reflect this.


    For example, the progress bar says that the user has completed 5/23 required fields. However when the user chooses a particular option on the sixth field the required number of fields change to 22 instead of 23.


    How do i do this? Thank you in advance!

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    Answered on December 21, 2016 at 03:37 PM

    So if I understand you correctly you are wanting to have the progress bar reflect not only the field count but, also accurately reflect and control field requirements to update them it seems.

    As far as I know the progress bar only currently supports the field counts when used or not used to monitor the progress as the form's being filled in by users.

    Unfortunately the widget is fairly limited other than counting the field progress or requirements but, it doesn't have the capability to check and update the requirements for such. 

    The only way I can think of to potentially work around this problem would be to use conditions to switch based on a preset scenario that plays out in advance which would switch up the progress bar at that point to reflect a different set of requirements but, it's only a theoretical idea at the moment and would require more time to test it or possibly find an alternative to that if any.