Why is my account saying I need to upgrade?

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    Asked on January 25, 2017 at 02:46 PM

    I am a sub-user on an account that is upgraded to what used to be called the Economy package. Currently, I am not able to make new forms because it is saying that my account type is "FREE". I desperately need to use new forms, but am being denied when attempting to make one. Please fix this.

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    Answered on January 25, 2017 at 03:30 PM

    There seems to be a little misunderstanding about this as I see you're trying to make more forms and wondering why it is telling you to upgrade your account.

    You are a sub-account of "auwebadmin" which has the economy plan.

    Our subscription plans only work per account and do not carry over to sub-account users. 

    Your current account "jodybryant" as a sub-account is on the free plan on the other hand and already has several forms on it putting it above the 5 form limit as well as being almost to the total submissions storage limit so this is the reason it is asking you to upgrade.

    In order to make more forms for your sub-account you would either have to disable or delete existing forms until your sub-account is under the 5 form limit for free accounts at which point you could then make more.