Card forms: coupon code portion overlaps products

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    Asked on January 26, 2018 at 01:09 PM

    Hey guys, my name is Manuel Sánchez and represent the Chihuahuas Mining Cluster, we paid for your services because you gave us a real option to handle our web suscriptors into our courses. So we are using a form, created by us, with some conditions and stuff, but theres an issue with one of the payment widgets called Purchase order. We include there two different products, and quantity, and also a discount coupon.

    The thing is that when we display our form in our website, also through different laptops and desktop computers we get into the same problem, which is that the "apply discount coupon" splice over one of the products option there. 

    Im asking now for help to redesign the widget and let us display the products, the coupon  section and everything well. You can try it using this next link 

    I will be waiting for your answer and the way to fix or solve this issue. I apologyze because of my english, if theres any doubt i can clear it out

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    Answered on January 26, 2018 at 02:18 PM

    I was able to reproduce the issue in a Clone of your form, however, when I deleted the purchase order field and added it back, everything appeared correct once again:


    Trying doing the same in your copy.  Delete the purchase order field and add in a new one.  If that does not resolve the formatting issue, let us know and we will take another look.