Stripe defaulting the expiration date to 2018 and it is declining credit cards

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    Asked on March 15, 2018 at 12:28 PM


    On our form with the payment processor Stripe, we have gotten a call that their card was declined multiple times because of the expiration date. The user said she put the expiration date as 2021, and the form keeps switching it back to 2018. Can you please help?


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    Answered on March 15, 2018 at 01:52 PM

    Never mind! User error. 

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    Answered on March 15, 2018 at 01:53 PM

    I tested your form with test credit card but I was not able to replicate the issue you reported. 

    The selected expiration year was not changed back to 2018 when I selected 2021.


    I was also not able to replicate the issue on my cloned form in Test Mode.


    Were you able to replicate the same issue?

    You can test my form - 

    If your form is embedded, please provide us the webpage URL, so that we can test the form there. 

    You can also suggest your user to try to submit your form in some other browser of with some other device. Or to use a different credit card.