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    Asked on January 22, 2020 at 05:39 AM

    Good Morning,

     I work for a company that uses Jotform and I am just inquiring about our options.

    We have several engineers and they are all required to put in their job reports daily which can be several per engineer.

     There are times however when they are working in areas, like underground, when they are unable to get a signal on their mobile devices meaning that when they try to send their report it obviously can't meaning that the form clears itself and they are forced to refill once a signal is received. This however means that they are at times unable to get a review and signature from the client.

     Is there a way for Jotform to save to their mobile device once completed so that they can send their report at a later time or date once they receive a signal to save this problem?



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    Answered on January 23, 2020 at 02:01 AM

    Hi Lee, First of all thank you for detailed explanation, I would like to suggest 2 different option;

    Option 1: Online Form - Enabling "Continue form later option" If you are using online form then enable “Continue Forms Later “ option then “save" button will be automatically visible on the form. When your user clicks on save then its data written into form will be kept on server and you can continue to complete it at later time.

    How to enable

    i. Navigate to settings tab then click on “Form Settings” from left pane

    ii. Click on “show more option”

    iii.Scroll down to navigate continue forms later section

    iv.Change it as “Enabled”

    v. Then you will see “Save” option at the bottom of the form


    Option 2: Fillable PDF Form:

    You can use fillable PDF form and export it as .pdf format then share it with your stakeholders. When created PDF document is opened from Adobe Reader and filled up , you will receive the results from your jotform account. This kind of form can be run without needing internet access and send its data to server once internet is up.

    How to use :

    Please follow the guide below to create

    “Fillable PDF Form "