When will my refund be sent to me?

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    Asked on December 08, 2020 at 03:40 PM

    I have reached out to two diffrent reps on your customer support team about my refund. The orginal ticket number is .... https://www.jotform.com/answers/2744263 I was charge a full year. This is what I have been told so far... ( See below) Every time I send a reply that I want to be downgraded to Bronze Month to Month and get the $370.77 refunded I get no reply. I see my account has been downgrade. Yet I have not recived a refund. Could you please look into why I am not getting a reply and why I have not gotten a refund conformation. Thanks for you help. I appreciate it.

    First reply from customer service..... Answered by roneet

    Your plan was auto-renewed since you did not cancelled the subscription.

    Do you want to cancel the subscription and get a refund for the payment? If yes, we can downgrade your account to a free account and then refund the payment.

    Looking forward to your response.


    second Repoly form another rep from customer service.... Answered by Bojan_J

    Greetings Kathy.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer phone support, but we would be happy to assist you here.

    Can you please let us know are referring to this ticket:


    Unfortunately, we did not receive a reply to it. I can see you have downgraded to a Silver Monthly subscription for $19. Our system calculated you have $389.77 left from the Yearly Silver. If you wish, we can refund you the $370.77, or you can use it for the next subscriptions.

    To reply to us, please click on the View this thread on browser » in the bottom right corner of the email, and post your reply here, so your reply is not lost again.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    I have answerd back to both that I want a refund and have not gotten a reply .... Thanks for your help.

    Kathy Newman

    KC Women's Events LLC

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    Answered on December 08, 2020 at 04:57 PM

    A refund has already been processed. We have also replied to your other ticket here https://www.jotform.com/answers/2744263. Kindly check.

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    Answered on December 08, 2020 at 05:01 PM

    Thanks for the help... Just needed to know it was being taken care of. I apprecate your reply.

    Kathy Newman