Table: Lookup data from the table and use the data as an option for dropdown and select field in the form

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    Asked on December 21, 2020 at 08:48 AM

    "Tables" is good, but It's very bad that you cannot bring data from a table to form (dropdown or select option field). Something like:

    • Select proyect: (from table: projects)
    • ProjectA
    • ProjectB
    • ProjectH

    These 3 options would come from the table "projects", so you can have the options always update. It's calle Lookup field.

    It's more than 2 year users are asking for these features and no avance around here. We thinking in moving to AirTable, Cognito Forms or Google Tables.

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    Answered on December 21, 2020 at 09:06 AM

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, Jotform doesn't support that feature yet, the lookup function we currently have in the Jotform table doesn't work that way, it only retrieves data from another form submission.

    I have sent this to our developers as a feature request and see if this is something they can add as an improvement. However, we cannot give any timeframe on when this will be implemented and is not yet guaranteed. We'll keep you posted via this ticket for any updates.

    Thank you.