Setting a maximum on appointment bookings

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    Asked on February 09, 2021 at 02:01 PM

    Hi there

    In my form I have created the ability for each person to book up to two appointments. I can only accept 3 people into these appointment times per interval. However, the form is allowing three people to book this time slot in the first appointment and three people to book it in the second appointment, giving me a total of up to six people per interval, where three is the max.

    Is there a way to get around this so only a total of three people can book that slot, whether that is their first or second appointment booking.

    The link to the form is below.



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    Answered on February 09, 2021 at 04:50 PM

    Hello Kate,

    To clarify, the user can book two appointments and you do not want any appointment slots to be booked more than 3 times regardless if it's first or second appointment.

    Are the requirements clearly identified? If not, please do not hesitate to tell us so that we could provide you a correct solution or workaround.

    We look forward to your reply.

    Thank you.