How to delay the second approval email triggered after the edit submission?

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    Asked on June 16, 2021 at 12:59 AM
    how to delay the second approval email triggered after the edit submission/ add more information email to the responder. Ideally this needs to be delayed until after the responder has updated the form. Without a loopback option to restart the approval how can I achieve this?
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    Answered on June 16, 2021 at 07:10 AM

    Please elaborate on the 'loopback option'.

    Are you referring to the following path highlighted in pink?


    Also there is no 'after the edit submission/ add more information email' in your approval flow diagram.

    Could you elaborate on this further please?

    Looking forward to your reply.

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    Answered on June 16, 2021 at 07:19 AM

    Hi Yau,

    From the More Information Needed outcome it triggers an email to the responder (titled More Info Email) which then links to another approval task.

    When I tested this workflow as soon as the More Info Email was sent I also received the Approval task email (2nd approval in the workflow). It didn't wait until the submission was edited before sending this.

    So in real world usage the approver would get the second approval before the submission was edited which doesn't solve the issue.

    The loopback feature I mentioned has been raised separately as a feature request. To summarise, once a submission has been edited it should be possible to loop the workflow (from the More Info Email) to start the approval again once the submission has been edited.

    I need to find a way to delay sending the 2nd approval email until after the submission has been edited. Any ideas?

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    Answered on June 16, 2021 at 10:39 AM

    You both are correct.

    I did replicate the bug you described.


    Submission 3 moved straight to 'Approved' without waiting for editing nor 2nd approval from me.

    However, during my second test, which is 'Submission 4', I was not able to replicate the bug. Here is the result of submission 4:

    After clicking 'More information needed':


    We can clearly see 'Action required' and 'in progress', not 'approved'.

    It asked me for edit privilege.

    Send request to myself to grant me the edit privilege:


    Directed to my account to grant access:


    Received email to edit the form:


    Edited and resent the form:


    I received the email in my Pending Approvals:


    This is the second approval so to speak.

    After clicking 'Approve', I receive the confirmation email and status got updated to 'Approved':


    But, it definitely worth looking into by our backend team as I was able to replicate this bug at one stage.

    I will escalate this to our backend team to further investigate.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.