When I hit submit on bottom of Jotform, email only recieves 3/4 of form

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    Asked on November 07, 2021 at 12:01 PM

    Jotform Logo    Return Telemed Visit with Dr L      NameJohn SmithEmailmedoffice728@gmail.comBPtextbox_sample3Weighttextbox_sample41st weighttextbox_sample5MEDS to send: ampmotherotherpropiontextbox_sample6textbox_sample7textbox_sample8textbox_sample9adipex


    textbox_sample10textbox_sample11textbox_sample12textbox_sample13adpex capsulestextbox_sample14textbox_sample15textbox_sample16textbox_sample17other phentextbox_sample18textbox_sample19textbox_sample20textbox_sample21MCTtextbox_sample22textbox_sample23textbox_sample24textbox_sample25othertextbox_sample26textbox_sample27textbox_sample28textbox_sample29Other informationtextbox_sample31Look at App for more informationtextbox_sample32Additional Information to send:

    this is what i see on my email, only about 3/4 of what i need, also

    logo shows up as "jotform"

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    Answered on November 07, 2021 at 01:14 PM


    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I've checked and tested the cloned version of your form and successfully received the email:

    1636308626_61881692a8b4a_Screenshot 2021

    However, it seems some of the form fields are missing from the email notification because the unique names for some of those fields have been updated that were not reflected on the email template.

    To fix that, you can simply remove the existing email notification, add it again and save, so it will include all the current form fields:

    1636308596_618816745f230_screencast 2021

    You can follow this guide below if you want to further customize the content of email notifications:

    How to Edit the Email Template for Notifications and Autoresponders

    Thank you!