Conditions not working.

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    Asked on March 30, 2014 at 06:09 PM

    I think I may have broken the form.

    I have a very long form that has multiple conditions. Part of the form has been duplicated twice, for a total of three sets of data. Thank GOODNESS I didn't have to copy and move them individually! I have done that in the past. Thank you, developers!

    However, the form doesn't copy the conditions when being duplicated. And, I am having a devil of a time SCROLLING through the entire form to put in the conditions. It sure would be nice if conditions were a little more point and click than scrolling indefinitely and trying to discern one set of data from another within the form. (Hint, hint, developers!)

    Regardless, my conditions are acting screwy.


    I cloned and modified a previous form.
    I had some of the conditions in when I duplicated a large chunk of the form. (Not being a programmer, I would assume that to have the form copy with the conditions would be a bit tricky - although excel does it?! So, it must be possible!)

    I am now trying to put in the MANY conditions to have the form look the way I want it to. I'm currently at 15ish conditions.

    1) Upon trying to add the 12th(?) action it no longer allows me to scroll up to the top of the list?!

    2) I have a set of conditions that work in another form but I can't get it to work in this one, despite it was cloned and I have since tried deleting it and reentering. Changing the data field names so I was sure to be copying the correct fields. Basically, I have a question: Is your pet currently on medication? Condition: If yes then show Med name, indication, dosage, frequency and additional meds. If previous mentioned "additional meds" is marked yes then another set of Med name, indication, dosage, frequency and additional meds is shown for a total of 3 meds. The first set of meds data populates. But nothing happens when "additional meds" is checked yes? Now BOTH additional meds shows up?!

    Does anyone have any idea if there is a better way to go about this???

    Thank you,

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    Answered on March 30, 2014 at 11:10 PM

    Hello woofs,

    Did you clone your form? Cloning a form will copy all the fields along with the conditions. But if you duplicate form field within the same form, it will not duplicate the conditions as the conditions are specific to a field or set of fields. You will have to add conditions manually.

    1) Upon trying to add the 12th(?) action it no longer allows me to scroll up to the top of the list?!

    You can open your "Condition Wizard" window in fullscreen window. That should solve your this problem.

    2) There is a better way to show/hide multiple fields based on the user selection. The idea is to add a form collapse and then move all the form fields which you want to show when "Additional Meds" are clicked. Instead of adding multiple conditions to show hide multiple fields, you can just add one condition to show hide form collapse which will in turn show/hide all the form fields under that form collapse.

    The following guide should help you:

    Do try this and get back to us if you have any questions.

    Thank you!