SaleForce Not Seeing Data from Form

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    Asked on April 05, 2014 at 05:40 PM

    I am on Salesforce Enterprise Edition and I have successfully mapped the fields between my Jotform questions and my fields in Salesforce, but the information from JotForm is not making it's way into Salesforce.  HELP!


    Also - and this is really important...I have 3 upload fields 1) a photo upload, 2) a resume upload, and 3) a multi-upload of cover letters.  I am unable to map this to a salesforce field which is very frustrating/troubling.  Can we figuire out how to fix this?

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    Answered on April 05, 2014 at 06:26 PM

    Is this happening to all fields or just to some fields on the form. Do all fields that you are trying to send to SalesForce exist identically on your SalesForce account?

    I ask as one possible reason for you to not see the fields on the integrations is that CRMs are very strict with fields and they look for the correct field type. For example, the field type should be an email field not a text box field labeled email. If you made your email field a regular text box field, it will not be able to match. 

    Please provide more details of what is going on so that we may assist you better. 

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    Answered on April 05, 2014 at 06:30 PM
    Nothing is showing up at all
    For example: I have filled out a "dummy" form - a complete the
    name Tamara Gold (you should look it up by looking up my account which is
    under the login
    Not a single field that is in Jotform has been mapped to Salesforce.
    Also, I am not given an opportunity to map the uploaded files to Salesforce.
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    Answered on April 05, 2014 at 06:54 PM

    Please remove your current integration ande retry adding an API Key to the integration. To map the fields taht you do get on the integration. Unfortunately the File UPload field cannot be integrated to SalesForce at this time. In any case I have escalated this ticket to the Dev Team so taht they can review the possibility of of having such featurea at this time. 

    I am unable to promise such function will be implemented as this could be beyond the limits of the API provided by SalesForce. I also am unable to provide an ETA for such implementation. In any case they once they do have any updates on this, they will let us know through this thread. Thank you